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About Me!!!

Hi! I have a lot of interests including, doing art {I plan on being an animator when I'm older.}, playing pretty much anything by Nintendo {Like Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Hyrule Warriors, Splatoon 2 & 3 and much, much more.}, and reading comics/manga.


I like...

The color cyan!

Watching horror comedies, romantic comedies, Owl House {which I am waiting for Season 3 so whoop whoop!!!}, and action/adventure comedy. Also before you ask, yes, I was on Team Comedy....

Frye! {Shes cute even when she's a bandit, and the power of eels!?!?! Awesome :D}

Reading Comics/Manga {Like Chi's Sweet Home and Teen Titans Academy}

Making cute relationships with characters from shows and manga {Luz and Amity forever :D}

Doing Salmon Run!!


Damps Socks ft. Off the Hook!

Yoko and the Gold Bazookas!

Splatfests that I was a part of!

Team I was on : Winner : Why I chose my team

Splatoon 1

Cats! : Dogs : Cats are so cute, and I prefer them in general!!!

Water Slides : Rollercoasters : I have never actually been on a rollercoaster so.....

Marshmallows : Marshmallows : I mean I loveee hot dogs, but have you ever had extra chocolate and marshmallow on a smore? I rest my case.

Art! : Art! : This one is kind of a given...

{I got busy for a while :D}

Night Owl : Night Owl : I like staying up but DESPISE getting up early

Callie : Marie : Callie is more like me and she has the inner animal {I think thats what it is called?} of a fox, and they are my favorite animal.

Splatoon 2

Ice Cream : Ice Cream : A difficult choice, but cookies and cream ice cream is amazing :D

Mayo : Mayo : Because mayo is similar to kewpi, something I really like on noodles.... yummy :)

Fantasy : Fantasy : Because I am a BIG dungeons and dragons fan and I like reading fantasy way too much.

Comedy : Comedy : you could probably tell from my what I like above..... I don't really watch much that isn't comedy...

Soccer : Baseball : I don't really know what baseball is about but I play a bit of soccer and I love it :D

Both : Squid : Fern considers herself both a squid and an octopus

Chaos : Chaos : I want everyday to be different and exciting!

Splatoon 3

Team : Winner : Reason

Paper : Rock : I use paper ALL of the time and also because Frye is awesome :D

Grub : Gear : Once you have food, then you have enough energy to make your tools and activities.

Grass: Water: The new grass type is the cutest!!!!!!!

Sweet : Sweet : I love spice too. but I have a big sweet tooth.

Dark Chocolate : White Chocolate : Difficult decision between that and Milk Chocolate, but I chose it for its rich flavor ^v^

Nessie : Nessie : A bunch of my friends were going for Nessie as well. Also, who can just ignore the Nessies ADORABLE logo!!! :)

Wisdom : Power : Wisdom is the ultimate ability. Also Zelda is awesome. And the color blue :)

Vanilla: Vanilla : Its sooo goood.... But I prefer Cookies and Cream and Chocolate with Peanut butter chunks. 😋