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Mar 4 0:00 2023
2023/03/04 0:00|Salmonids are attacking!|
S3 Decoration base Horrorboros.png Bottom 50% Golden Eggs 89 or fewer
S3 Decoration bronze Horrorboros.png Top 50% Golden Eggs 90 & up
S3 Decoration silver Horrorboros.png Top 20% Golden Eggs 117 & up
S3 Decoration gold Horrorboros.png Top 5% Golden Eggs 141 & up
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20 March 2023

After our 3 months of Chill Season 2022, we are greeted with another one! Fresh Season 2023 includes two new special weapons (yes, the Kraken has awoken, now the Kraken Royale!) and two new maps, a new one, Um'ami Ruins, and a Splatoon 2 favorite, the Manta Maria! Also, with this update, players can now visit our hometown Inkopolis with the purchase of the Splatoon 3: Expansion Pass! Not only that, but fashion is getting an update with the new brand Z+F! Plus, a new catalog and more, as we await this summer's season, Sizzle Season 2023...

10 February 2023

In case you missed it, the Nintendo Direct from the other day unexpectedly announced Splatoon 3's DLC, in the form of Splatoon 3: Expansion Pass! This double-helping of goodies includes a return to Inkopolis Plaza in the spring, and a very mysterious new single-player campaign called Side Order launching this year or next... What could it be? We have no idea!

Our pages for these new discoveries are now up, and don't forget that news on Fresh Season 2023 should be right around the corner too!

Update (15 February 2023): The first wave of downloadable content will be released on 28 February 2023!

14 November 2022

Chill Season 2022 has been announced with a brand new YouTube trailer! This new season, starting on 1 December 2022, will bring a fresh catalog, new and returning weapons and stages, the return of X Rank in X Battles and an imminent Big Run!


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