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S3 Icon Big Run.png Big Run Alert

⚠️ Big Run alert issued! Beware of approaching Salmonids! ⚠️

Jun 10 0:00 2023
2023/06/12 0:00|Salmonids are attacking!|
S3 Stage Undertow Spillway.png

Undertow Spillway
Supplied weapons:
S3 Decoration gold Lesser Salmonid swarm.png Top 5%
S3 Decoration silver Lesser Salmonid swarm.png Top 20%
S3 Decoration bronze Lesser Salmonid swarm.png Top 50%
S3 Decoration base Lesser Salmonid swarm.png Bottom 50%
S3 Splatfest Logo.png Splatfest Schedule
Previous (Winner in bold blue)
S3 Splatfest Power vs Wisdom vs Courage.png

Power vs. Wisdom vs. Courage
Last fetched: Jun 02 09:02 UTC
16 May 2023

Staying fresh is so last month - it's time to say it with sizzle, as Sizzle Season 2023 is on its way! Launching on 1 June 2023, we so far know that this new heaping of content will include brand-new weapon types (the S-BLAST '92 and Painbrush), new stages (Barnacle & Dime for battles and Jammin' Salmon Junction for Salmon Run), new music (from the excellently-named Yoko & the Gold Bazookas), plus new gear and Tableturf Battle cards and loads of returning favorites to boot! Not to mention the brand-new Challenge mode that's sure to shake up online play!

More information will no doubt be revealed very soon, so look forward to it!

23 March 2023

It seems just yesterday we were enjoying the Dark Chocolate vs. Milk Chocolate vs. White Chocolate Splatfest... Yet, here we are, ready to splat again! This one's theme is Nessie vs. Aliens vs. Bigfoot! With this question in mind, what kind of believer are you? Another exciting factor is that with the purchase of Splatoon 3: Expansion Pass, you can enjoy the Splatfest with a Squid Sisters performance!

...Which brings us to another subject. If you are dwelling in Inkopolis at the time of this Splatfest, you will hear one of two songs. During the first half, you will hear a remix of the old favorite City of Color. But after the halftime report, you will hear a new song playing: Tomorrow's Nostalgia Today!

Whatever team you chose, have fun and stay fresh!

20 March 2023

After our 3 months of Chill Season 2022, we are greeted with another one! Fresh Season 2023 includes two new special weapons (yes, the Kraken has awoken, now the Kraken Royale!) and two new maps, a new one, Um'ami Ruins, and a Splatoon 2 favorite, the Manta Maria! Also, with this update, players can now visit our hometown Inkopolis with the purchase of the Splatoon 3: Expansion Pass! Not only that, but fashion is getting an update with the new brand Z+F! Plus, a new catalog and more, as we await this summer's season, Sizzle Season 2023...


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