X Battle

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X Battle
"X Battles will be the true testing ground for the highest-ranking players around."
Type Online multiplayer mode
Players 8 (4v4)
Ranked Yes
Weapons All
Controllers Nintendo Switch Joy-Con with grip.png Joy-Con
Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.png Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
Release Date TBD (via a post-launch update)

X Battle will be one of the multiplayer mode categories in Splatoon 3. It will be made available post-launch in a free update to the game, along with League Battle.


X Battles are similar to Splatoon 2's X Rank Ranked Battles and use many of the same mechanics. However, in Splatoon 3, this system operates alongside Anarchy Battles, rather than one of its ranks. In X Battles, players will have three-month sessions to play matches against other skilled players to increase their X Power. Unlike Splatoon 2, players will have five placement matches at the start of the season to determine their starting X Power (rather than ten). Players in the top 500 will also be recognized. Even if X Battles are unlocked, Anarchy Battles (both Series and Open) will still be available. Winning matches will grant X Power points while losing will take some away.


To play X Battles, one must have a rank in Anarchy Battle of S+0 or higher. Players will need to keep this in mind with the rank reset mechanic. If a player wants to play X Battles at the beginning of the new season, they must have an Anarchy Battle Rank of S+10 or higher before the old season ends.

List of modes

Mode Description Games
Splatoon 3 "3" icon.svg
Mode Icon Splat Zones.png
Splat Zones
Plays similarly to the King of the Hill mode from other video games. It revolves around a central "zone" or "zones", which players must attempt to cover in ink. Whoever retains the zone for a certain amount of time wins.
Mode Icon Tower Control.png
Tower Control
A player must take control of a tower located in the center of a map and ride it towards the enemy base. The first team to get the tower to their enemy's base wins.
Mode Icon Rainmaker.png
A player must grab and take the Rainmaker weapon to a pedestal near the enemy team's spawn point, stopping at checkpoints along the way. The team who carries the Rainmaker furthest towards their respective pedestal wins.
Mode Icon Clam Blitz.png
Clam Blitz
Players pick up clams scattered around the stage and try to score as many points as they can by throwing the clams in their respective goals.


Don't forget about X Battles, coming in a future update! Not only do you have to reach an elite rank to join an X Battle but you'll have to risk X Power as you fight your way up the leaderboard. Our Tactical Research team is still investigating the details - stay tuned for more.
— @SplatoonNA on Twitter[1]

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese X マッチ
X Matchi
X Match
Netherlands Dutch X-gevecht X Battle
France French Match X X Match
Germany German X Kampf X Fight
Italy Italian Partita X X Match
Spain Spanish Combate X X Combat