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The current projects page serves to keep a tab on the tasks that still need to be done on the wiki, either in the brief future, or much farther ahead. If you are working on a project, please put your name in the Involved Users section.

Urgent projects should be marked with {{!!}}, which looks like Alert-icon.png.

Project Progress Description Discussion link Involved users
Quotes In progress The shopkeeper articles are currently missing quotes. Add quotes for Sheldon, Flow, Craymond, Jelfonzo, and Bisk. Judd and Li'l Judd are also missing quotes. Splatfest quotes are needed for some languages. Heddy, Destinithompson, Adamsquid
Singleplayer Walkthroughs Almost finished Add walkthrough videos for every stage and Deepsea Metro Station. - StanKraftYT
Commander Tartar In progress Needs information about character, creation in general, etc. - Puds, Splattersky
Can In progress Needs a complete overhaul to cover OE, OC and S2 weapons. Here! Jtlogo.pngJaredTamana Coberoni
Updated Octarians Page In progress The main Octarians page is need of some improvements to bring it more up to speed and to make it a better go-to hub for information. The goal is to add some new sections detailing the Octarians history, origins and development. We will also need relevant images and quotes. Octo-Wiki Expansion Octo-maker71 Splattersky
Document official tournaments and events In progress Add information about Nintendo’s official tournaments such as World Championship. - Shahar
Music Articles In progress Creating individual articles for every major song in the Splatoon series to replace the current media file links Here? KA467, ShinyCelesteela, Agent 13, SundaeSquid
Template Descriptions Just started-ish Describe and add wiki markup to templates There TBA