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Hi, im Randomnamehere...or Marie ig heres my signature: Ma-Ran-rieS3 Icon Marie.png

0, it's a number.

I stole...Octavio

I speak German, hit me up if you need translating actually don't

Randomnamehere Squid Girl the invader.jpg

Here's your ironic reminder to learn that there's a time to fool around, and there's a time not to. Specifically in Salmon Run and Anarchy/Ranked, it's not funny.


W/L ratio: 7/5
Splatfest Win or loss? Reason
Roller Coasters vs. Water Slides W Roller coasters give more thrill. After seeing this one movie where there were spikes in the water slide I don't think i'll ride water slides ever again.
Chaos vs. Order L What would the world be like without order? Even Splatsville, the city of chaos would be nothing without rules and order.
Rock vs. Paper vs. Scissors W With rock you can basically put a hole through everything. You could dent scissors and even put a dent in paper since it's so delicate.
Gear vs. Grub vs. Fun W You wouldn't survive without gear. Gear can give you protection, food, and fun at the same time. Sooner or later, you'll run out of grub, and those card games will get boring.
Grass vs. Fire vs. Water W #Showering; realistically though, water is the most superior because plants can drown from over watering... and fire, yea, you can just douse fire.
Spicy vs. Sweet vs. Sour L Sour is like sweet and spicy combined. You cant guess what flavor will come out, hence why it's the best choice here. I like the Sour because you can never have enough of it, unlike Spicy and Sweet which tire me out. Sour candy is delicious!
Dark Chocolate vs. Milk Chocolate vs. White Chocolate W My mom had chosen for me. I love all chocolate.
Nessie vs. Aliens vs. Bigfoot L Nessie has been debunked and revealed to just be sightings of the Giant Squid... Bigfoot's search has never been successful... however, aliens are most likely real. It just matters what we call them or what we see them as, whether metamorphic humans or not, there are most likely other worldly beings out there lol.
Power vs. Wisdom vs. Courage W Just picking Team Power bc it's winning so far, (also my original team). My original reason for picking Team Power was bc having Power means having wisdom and courage... anyways 😶 Wisdom might sweep bc Frye hasn't won a Splatfest in a while-
Vanilla vs. Strawberry vs. Mint Chip W Seriously? No Chocolate Ice Cream...? Eh, idc- Mint Choco is similar to Chocolate anyway so Team Mint Choco! Anyways... I may not even pick Team Mint Chip because of Team Vanilla-second best flavor, i'll probably do the same strategy as last Splatfest; definitely not picking Strawberry though... FOR THE LIFE OF ME!
Money vs. Fame vs. Love L I'm probably going to use the same strategy as I have for the past Splatfests. My family thinks I should go Team Love as well, if I don't choose Team Love, i'm going Team Money, Love for the famous isn't real love.
Shiver vs. Frye vs. Big Man L

So, detail... here's my reasons on why BIG MAN would be fit for leader, and the best option here. Ranked, the best options are Big Man, Shiver, and then Frye. 1. Big Man's optimistic attitude. Now, some may say a positive leader is one that can be used easily, but I say Big Man is smart enough to know when someone is trying to use him for his kindness. Now that THAT is out of the way, a good leader does not flaunt their strengths like Frye and Shiver, a good leader knows what they're capable of and knows how to control themselves, they don't need your approval because they know what they can do. A good leader is loving to all of those in their control, if someone were to tell Big Man that he was harsh in his leadership, he would of course be taken aback, but he would then try to fix himself, because if he were that bad that someone needed to bring it up to him, he must have done something wrong. Good leaders listen to their people, and reflect on what they've learned. 2. Big Man is not overly aggressive. The title says it all, Big Man is not aggressive. Good leaders don't get their people into unnecessary fights when they can be solved passively. When you throw yourself into battle all the time, you loose control, which isn't ideal for a leader. You lose lives and make mistakes when things could've went down differently had you thought things through. Big Man has shown on several occasions that he likes to think before he does, and he tends to find passive answers in arguments. 3. He puts others before himself. Again, the title says it all, a good leader is not selfish, but selfless. On several occasions, Big Man has favored others against himself, not a case of not being able to stand up for himself, but ACTUAL selflessness. The most prominent being, he tends to get left behind in scenes and songs, which of course is also bad, but Big Man WRITES all of the songs he sings in, so he CHOOSES to get left behind in favor for everyone else, so they could get the spotlight. Is that not pure selflessness? 4. He does not flaunt everything he has. Already touched, but Big Man does not show off, he is humble and kind, not flaunting what he has that no one else does. As a leader, he would be down to earth and honest with his people, as he already is on a daily basis. 5. He is hardworking. AGAIN, the title says it ALL. Big Man created Deep Cut, creating everything about them from scratch without the help of ANYONE. He refused help, which is stubborn, but another reason for bullet point 3. He did it all by himself, a good and bad trait for a leader. He works hard for his earnings and lets others get a cut of his profit, not because he cant speak up for himself, but because he wanted them to, he let them because he is a kind-hearted person. In conclusion, Big Man is best fit for a leader, his traits fit for this role helpfulness, optimism, passiveness, selflessness, charity, altruisticness, modesty, honesty, and hardworking. A good leader is not hostile towards their own kind, but humble, someone who can get the job done without wasting time, energy, or people, that leader is Big Man.

...or in short, the conclusion: In conclusion, Big Man is best fit for a leader, his traits fit for this role helpfulness, optimism, passiveness, selflessness, charity, altruisticness, modesty, honesty, and hardworking. A good leader is not hostile towards their own kind, but humble, someone who can get the job done without wasting time, energy, or people, that leader is Big Man.

Splatfests I couldn't play but support (Splatoon)

W/L ratio: 8/7
Americas Win or loss?
Cats vs. Dogs W
Marshmallows vs. Hot Dogs W
Autobots vs. Decepticons W
Art vs. Science W
Cars vs. Planes L
Pirates vs. Ninjas L
Burgers vs. Pizza L
Naughty vs. Nice L
Past vs. Future L
Pokémon Red vs. Pokémon Blue W
Snowman vs. Sandcastle W
SpongeBob vs. Patrick L
Fancy Party vs. Costume Party L
Early Bird vs. Night Owl W
Callie vs. Marie W
W/L ratio: 5/7
Europe and Oceania Win or loss?
Rock vs. Pop L
Eating vs. Sleeping W
North Pole vs. South Pole W
Singing vs. Dancing L
Messy vs. Tidy L
Zombies vs. Ghosts W
Delicious vs. Disgusting L
Fit vs. Rich W
Barbarian vs. Ninja L
Hoverboard vs. Jet Pack L
Snowman vs. Sandcastle W
World Tour vs. Space Adventure L
W/L ratio: 9/5
Japan Win or loss?
Rice vs. Bread W
Red Fox vs. Green Tanuki L
Lemon Tea vs. Milk Tea L
Grasshopper vs. Ant L
Boke vs. Tsukkomi L
Squid vs. Octopus W
Love vs. Money W
Mountain Food vs. Sea Food L
Red Fox vs. Green Tanuki W
Perfect Body vs. Perfect Brain W
Pokémon Red vs. Pokémon Green W
Go all out! vs. Focus on healing W
Tuna Mayonnaise Onigiri vs. Red Salmon Onigiri W
Mushroom Mountain vs. Bamboo Shoot Village W

Splatfests I couldn't play but support (Splatoon 2)

W/L ratio: 14/15
Americas Win or loss?
Cake vs. Ice Cream W
Mayo vs. Ketchup (2017) L
Flight vs. Invisibility W
Vampire vs. Werewolf L
Sci-Fi vs. Fantasy W
Sweater vs. Sock W
Action vs. Comedy L
Money vs. Love W
Chicken vs. Egg L
Baseball vs. Soccer L
Raph vs. Leo L
Mikey vs. Donnie W
Raph vs. Donnie W
Pulp vs. No-Pulp L
Squid vs. Octopus L
Fork vs. Spoon W
Retro vs. Modern L
Trick vs. Treat L
Hero vs. Villain W
Fam vs. Friend L
Pancake vs. Waffle W
Knight vs. Wizard W
Hare vs. Tortoise L
Time Travel vs. Teleportation L
Unicorn vs. Narwhal W
Mayo vs. Ketchup (2020) W
Chicken vs. Egg (2020) L
Trick vs. Treat (2020) W
Super Mushroom vs. Super Star L
W/L ratio: 5/3
Europe Win or loss?
Front Roll vs. Back Roll W
Warm vs. Cold W
Film vs. Book L
Gherk-OUT vs. Gherk-IN L
Salty vs. Sweet W
Adventure vs. Relax W
Eat It vs. Save It L
Kid vs. Grown-Up W
W/L ratio: 10/7
Japan Win or loss?
Rock vs. Pop L
Fries vs. McNuggets W
Dexterity vs. Endurance L
Lemon vs. No Lemon L
Inner Wear vs. Outer Wear W
Champion vs. Challenger L
Hana vs. Dango L
Newest vs. Most Popular W
New Lifeform vs. Future Tech W
Hello Kitty vs. Cinnamoroll L
My Melody vs. Pompompurin W
Hello Kitty vs. My Melody W
Tsubuan vs. Koshian W
Pocky Chocolate vs. Pocky: Gokuboso W
Boke vs. Tsukkomi L
Ce vs. Pa W
No Pineapple vs. Pineapple W

Salmon Run

Overall amount: 282 Eggs
Big Run Egg Count
Cohozuna Big Run 0
Horrorboros Big Run 97
Salmonid Big Run 86
Second Salmonid?? Big Run 99
Eggstra Work Egg Count
April Eggstra Work 130
July Eggstra Work 0
Splashtag :
S3 Banner 11035.png
S3 Badge Tableturf Cards 120.pngS3 Badge Turf War 250.pngS3 Badge Aerospray MG 4.png
Title : Beefy Inkling
Main Weapons : S3 Weapon Main Classic Squiffer Flat.png S3 Weapon Main Splatana Wiper Flat.png S3 Weapon Main Tri-Slosher Nouveau Flat.png S3 Weapon Main Luna Blaster Flat.png
Gear : S3 Gear Headgear Annaki Charms.pngS3 Gear Clothing Annaki Anchored Coat.png S3 Gear Shoes Annaki Habaneros.png
Gender : Male
Skintone : S3 Customization Skin 7.png
Eyecolor : S3 Customization Eye 6.png
Hairstyle : S3 Icon Pony.png
Eyebrows : S3 Icon mo thick.png
Legwear : S3 Icon Legwear 5.png
Anarchy Rank : A-
Salmon Run Next Wave Rank : Professional +1
Favorite Modes (ranked, first = best) : Mode Icon Private Battle 2.png S3 Splatfest Logo.svg S2 Icon Regular Battle.svg S3 icon Splat Zones.png S3 icon Rainmaker.png SplatNet 3 icon Salmon Run.svg S3 icon Tricolor Turf War.png S3 icon Clam Blitz.png S3 icon Tower Control.png
Favorite Maps (Regular) : S2 Stage New Albacore Hotel Promo Image2.jpg S3 Stage Brinewater Springs.png S3 Stage Um'ami Ruins.png S3 Stage Crableg Capital.png
Favorite Maps (Salmon) : S3 Salmonid Smokeyard.jpg S3 Stage Jammin' Salmon Junction.png
💚🩷💙S3 Icon Marie.pngIlyS2 Icon Pearl.pngguysS2 Icon Marina.png💚🩷💙
💙💛S3 Icon Shiver.pngThey love eachother very muchS3 Icon Frye.png💙💛
❤️🤍S3 Icon DJ Octavio.pngOld men do the squiggle squiggleS3 Icon Cuttlefish Dry.png❤️🤍
🖤🩷S3 Icon Callie.pngWhen being single kicks in and you become desperate lolS3 Icon Hotlantis.png🖤🩷
🖤💜S3 Icon Big Man.pngTiktok go BRRRRS3 Icon Mr Grizz 2.png🖤💜
S3 Icon Callie.pngBest FriendsS3 Icon Big Man.png
S3 Icon Shiver.pngShe just doesn't understand my vibe!S2 Icon Pearl.png
S3 Icon Shiver.pngIt's so nice to see another Octoling - Marina onlyS2 Icon Marina.png
S3 Icon Frye.pngDon't diss S3 Icon Shiver.png/S2 Icon Marina.png and we wont have any problemsS2 Icon Pearl.png
❤️💙S2 Icon Headspace.pngFlow-One-sided crush Marina-she's so... eccentricS2 Icon Marina.png❤️💙
S3 Badge Cooler Heads 100K.pngAnnie-Heh heh AAAAAAS3 Badge Spyke 10.png
BarnsquidCoaster.png Team Roller Coasters Barnsquid
This Barnsquid was awarded to Randomnamehere
on 00:05, 5 July 2015 (UTC) for supporting Team Roller Coaster during the second North American Splatfest.
Barnsquid10 Edits.png 10 Edits Barnsquid
This Barnsquid was awarded to Randomnamehere
on 6 February 2023 for making 10 mainspace edits on Inkipedia.
Barnsquid50 Edits.png 50 Edits Barnsquid
This Barnsquid was awarded to Randomnamehere
on 14 February 2023 for making 50 mainspace edits on Inkipedia.
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on 14 April 2023 for making 500 mainspace edits on Inkipedia.
Barnsquid1000 Edits.png 1,000 Edits Barnsquid
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on 27 April 2023 for making 1,000 mainspace edits on Inkipedia. Wow!
Barnsquid50 Files.png File Fiend Barnsquid
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on 29 April 2023 for uploading 50 files to Inkipedia.
Barnsquid2000 Edits.png 2,000 Edits Barnsquid
This Barnsquid was awarded to Randomnamehere
on 16 June 2023 for making 2,000 mainspace edits on Inkipedia. No way!
Barnsquidsunset.png Sunset Barnsquid
This Barnsquid was awarded to Randomnamehere
on a sunset for working tirelessly, day and night, to make Inkipedia the best it can be.

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