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This article lists characters in the Splatoon series.

Playable Characters

Important Characters

  • Squid Sisters
    • Callie - Inkling - One of the duo that comprise the Squid Sisters pop idol group and a host of Inkopolis News, along with her cousin Marie.
    • Marie - Inkling - One of the duo that comprise the Squid Sisters pop idol group and a host of Inkopolis News, along with her cousin Callie.
  • Off the Hook
  • Cap'n Cuttlefish - Inkling - He is a decorated hero who fought in the Great Turf Wars of legend between the Inklings and Octarians. He now keeps solemn vigil over Octo Valley, watching for any fishy behavior. Though his clothes may be tattered, his heart is pure and nothing escapes his razor-sharp gaze. He also TOTALLY didn’t write this post.
  • C.Q. Cumber - Sea Cucumber - He is a translucent blue sea cucumber wearing a train conductor's hat. He appears to be the conductor of the Deepsea Metro.
  • Judd - Cat - A cat preserved in time, long after the extinction of humans. He plays the role of referee in Multiplayer matches.
  • Li'l Judd - Cat - A clone of Judd. He plays the role of co-referee alongside Judd.
  • Mr. Grizz - Unknown - The boss of Grizzco Industries. He speaks through a fishing bear statue with a radio antenna attached to it. His true appearance remains unknown.
  • Iso Padre - Giant Isopod - He is a giant isopod wearing sunglasses, a golden neck chain and a black leisure suit and carries a briefcase filled with toys. He also carries several childish accessories to further emphasize his playful side.



Main article: Octarian
Some Octarians, ready to battle Inklings and protect the Zapfish.

The Octarians are the main antagonistic species of the story mode in Splatoon. They reside in Octo Valley, and are responsible for stealing Zapfish from Inkopolis. Their main ink color is dark fuchsia. The Octarians fought against the Inklings for territory in the Great Turf War and lost. Unlike Inklings, the species includes a great amount of sub-species that act differently from each other.

Main article: Salmonid

Salmonids are a family of Salmon and Trout introduced in Splatoon 2's Salmon Run. They reside far off the coast from Inkopolis on man-made islands called "Spawning Areas". Like the Octarians, they have many different varieties.

Notable Species

Main article: Inkling

Inklings are a sentient race of squid-like humanoids who are the main playable species in the Splatoon universe.

Main article: Octoling

Octolings are the Octarian equivalent to Inkling, being octopus-like humanoids.

Main article: Jellyfish

Jellyfish can be seen scattered in Inkopolis Plaza and across various Stages.

Main article: Super Sea Snail

A species and type of currency in Splatoon and Splatoon 2. Their sole use is to increase the number of slots on gear or reroll all gear abilities on a select piece of gear.

Main article: Zapfish

creatures that appear in Splatoon's Octo Valley and Splatoon 2's Octo Canyon modes. The player must rescue one at the end of every level in order to proceed in the story. To take the Zapfish, the player must burst its shield with ink, like the Rainmaker's shield. Then they must touch it and the screen and music will change to say that they have passed the level.


  • Squid Squad
    • Syn. - Inkling
    • Vo. & Gt. - Inkling
    • Ba. - Inkling
    • Dr. - Sea Urchin
  • Chirpy Chips
    • Vo. - Sea Anemone
    • Gt. - Inkling
    • Ba. - Octoling
    • Dr. - Crab
  • Hightide Era
    • All members - Fish
  • DJ Lee Fish - Jellyfish (assumed)
  • Bob Dub - Inkling (assumed)
  • Turquoise October - Octarian (assumed)
  • Wet Floor
    • Syn. - Inkling
    • Male Vo. & Gt. - Inkling
    • Female Vo. & Gt. - Inkling
    • Ba. - Ruby Shark
    • Dr. - Crab
  • Bottom Feeders
    • Dr. - Puffer Fish
    • Ba. - Clam
    • Vio. - Beta Fish
    • Vo. - Seaweed
    • Gr. - Shark
  • Ink Theory
    • Exotic Dr. - Sea Pig
    • Gr. - Octoling (assumed)
    • Tr. - Cuttlefish
    • Pia. - Nautilus
    • Kaz. - Inkling
    • Dr. - Sea Urchin
  • DJ Real Sole
  • ω-3
    • Cellist - Salmonid
    • Timpani - Salmonid
    • DJ - Salmonid
  • Dedf1sh - Octoling (Sanitized)


A bowing mole construction worker.
  • Moles[1] too.
  • Marie mentions having a friend who is a Blackbelly Skate.
  • Marina mentions that a one of her friends is a Sea Sponge.
  • A handful of animals are seen and/or heard at various locations, including seagulls, sparrows, cicadas, and crickets. Unlike other creatures in Splatoon, many of which have evolved into more human-like forms, these animals seem to have changed very little over time.


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