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Characters in Splatoon are the people of the world. Characters interact with players whilst progressing through the game, and range from selling gear in Inkopolis to engaging with the plot in Octo Valley.

A list of characters can be found in its category page.


Species is the classification of an organism, or character in this case. With the exception of Judd and birds, all characters are sea-creatures or derivatives of.


A team of male and female Inklings
Main article: Inkling


Main article: Jellyfish
A jellyfish sitting on a bench

Jellyfish can be seen scattered in Inkopolis Plaza and across various Stages.


Main article: Octarian
Some Octarians, ready to battle Inklings and protect the Zapfish.

The Octarians are the main antagonistic species of the story mode in Splatoon. They reside in Octo Valley, and are responsible for stealing Zapfish from Inkopolis. Their main ink color is


Dark Fuchsia. The Octarians fought against the Inklings for territory in the Great Turf War and lost. Unlike Inklings, the species includes a great amount of sub-species that act differently from each other.


Crusty Sean, a prawn.

Horseshoe Crab

Sheldon, a horseshoe crab.

Some horseshoe crabs are seen lying on the poolside in Mahi-Mahi Resort.

Sea Anemone

Annie, a sea anemone.

Sea Urchin

Spyke, a sea urchin

Sea Slug

Flow, a sea snail

Spider Crab

Bisk, a spider crab
  • Bisk
  • Bisk's presumed wife


Chums, a type of Salmonid
Main article: Salmonid

Salmonid are a species introduced in the new Salmon Run. They reside far off the coast from Inkopolis on man-made islands called "Spawning Areas". There main ink color is


Green. Like the Octarians, they have many different variaties.


The only known lobster, shown in the Chirpy Chips' album art.


The lead member of Hightide Era, a fish.

Clown Fish

Moe, a clown fish.


Super Sea Snail

Main article: Super Sea Snail
A Super Sea Snail.
  • Unnamed Super Sea Snails in the player's possession
  • Spyke's Super Sea Snails, also unnamed
  • Murch's Super Sea Snails, unnamed aswell


Main article: Zapfish
A Zapfish.


Judd, the only known mammal in Splatoon.


A bowing eel construction worker.
A blobfish in Splatoon 2.
  • Perhaps Eels[1] too.
  • A blobfish can be seen after a battle in Splatoon 2.
  • A handful of animals are seen and/or heard at various locations, including seagulls, sparrows, cicadas, and crickets. Unlike other creatures in Splatoon, many of which have evolved into more human-like forms, these animals seem to have changed very little over time.


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