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S3 render Judd.png
Judd in Splatoon 3
Species Cat
Hair color
Eye color Yellow
Age At least 2,000[1] (immortal,[2] cryoslept for 10,000 years)[3]
At least 2,002 (Splatoon 2)
At least 2,007 (Splatoon 3)
Gender Male
Relations The Professor (former owner)
Li'l Judd (younger clone)
Location Inkopolis, the Splatlands
Judd the cat will tell you who won at the end of each match. No kitten!
Splatoon official website[4]

Judd is a cat in the Splatoon series who plays the role of judge in multiplayer matches and gives advice to Inklings and Octolings outside of them.


Judd is a white cat with black accents. There is a mole-like spot to the left of his mouth, a small black patch just above the mole, and a larger one near his left eye, over his left ear. His forepaws and hindlegs are black, while the arrow-shaped tail is black and white-tipped. The black fur on his body may look like a snazzy tuxedo, but it is said that the pattern is naturally occurring. This could be a possible play on "Tuxedo Cat".

As depicted in the Sunken Scrolls, Judd's appearance has changed over time. Judd seems to resemble more of what he currently looks like in the present according to Sunken Scroll 25, but looks much younger and smaller in appearance. In Sunken Scrolls 4 and 15, Judd appears to be much smaller and thinner than his current form. Sunken Scroll 14, which was documented at the end of the Great Turf War, shows that between the time of scrolls 15 and 14, he has recaptured his much "heftier" appearance.

Personality and traits

Judd possesses the ability to judge turf area at a glance to separate the winners from the losers. Like real cats, he is seen sleeping most of the time but could be be seen dancing during Splatfest in the first two games. He uses cat puns in his speech, which is less sophisticated than his clone.

Judd is very intelligent, his intellect extending far beyond knowing all of history. He also has many connections with and holds an influential position with leaders across various nations.[2]

His Splatoon 2 relationship chart entry implies that Judd seems to view various individuals as food, or potential food. Amusingly, in some gag strips featured in The Art of Splatoon, he is shown hunting Inklings with the intention of consuming them.


During the apocalypse that would lead to the extinction of most land life, Judd's original human owner built a capsule designed to keep him cryogenically sealed for 10,000 years. He was injected with an immortality drug by his owner before being sealed in his capsule.

Judd was released from cryogenic stasis around 2,000 years before the events of Splatoon, as Sunken Scrolls depict Judd judging ancient Turf Wars and the Great Turf War, and seemingly participating in the Great Turf War on the Inklings' side. Three months prior to the events of Splatoon 2[5], the capsule Judd was cryogenically frozen in was reactivated and created a clone of him, a function his owner included in the capsule to ensure that Judd would not become lonely.


When he is not judging, he can be found sleeping on a blue crate on the Inkopolis Plaza, although he is said to live in Flounder Heights. The player can talk to Judd to get advice from him, as well as a potential cash bonus depending on the player's online battle vibe, which increases and decreases with wins and losses. He can only give one cash bonus per stage rotation.

Meter Level Flags Penalty Payout
Chill (NA)[a]
Lukewarm (EU/OC)[b]
0 0 Cash 0
Toasty 0.5-3 -0.5 Cash 100
Smokin' 3.5-6 -1 Cash 300
SO HAWT!! (NA)[a]
On Fire! (EU/OC)[b]
6.5+ -1.5 Cash 1,000

Judd also rewards the player with items when he is spoken to after the player reaches a certain level. Specifically, speaking to Judd every five levels starting at Level 25 will reward the player with a new item.

Level Reward Brand Primary Ability Rarity
25 S Gear Headgear Armor Helmet Replica.png Armor Helmet Replica Cuttlegear Cuttlegear S Ability Tenacity.png Tenacity Star-full.pngStar-full.pngStar-full.png
30 S Gear Clothing Armor Jacket Replica.png Armor Jacket Replica Cuttlegear Cuttlegear S Ability Special Charge Up.png Special Charge Up Star-full.pngStar-full.pngStar-full.png
35 S Gear Shoes Armor Boot Replicas.png Armor Boot Replicas Cuttlegear Cuttlegear S Ability Ink Saver (Main).png Ink Saver (Main) Star-full.pngStar-full.pngStar-full.png
40 S Weapon Main Octoshot Replica.png Octoshot Replica
45 S Gear Clothing Octo Tee.png Octo Tee Cuttlegear Cuttlegear S Ability Haunt.png Haunt Star-full.pngStar-full.pngStar-full.png
50 S Gear Headgear Legendary Cap.png Legendary Cap Cuttlegear Cuttlegear S Ability Damage Up.png Damage Up Star-full.pngStar-full.pngStar-full.png

After the final Splatfest, Callie vs. Marie, Judd began to give out one Super Sea Snail per thirty completed online matches when spoken to. Note that these matches can be either Turf Wars or Ranked Battles.[6]

Splatoon 2

Judd returns in Splatoon 2 and once again plays the role of the referee, now joined by his clone Li'l Judd. Judd represents the player's team, called "Good Guys", and Li'l Judd represents the enemy team, called "Bad Guys". When the Good Guys win, Judd brandishes a flag in their ink color and Li'l Judd falls in defeat; the opposite happens when the Bad Guys win. He once again takes naps when not judging battles, and can be seen sleeping in Inkopolis Square with Li'l Judd sitting on top of him. Judd and Li'l Judd can be spoken to like in the first game, with both cats giving advice, and the player can also earn a Super Sea Snail from Judd by talking to him each time they level up starting at Level 30.

Splatoon 3

Judd returns once again in Splatoon 3, fulfilling the same role as in Splatoon 2. He now naps in the Battle Lobby though without Li'l Judd. He still gives advice, but now he can also give tutorials to the player about sub weapons and special weapons. He also is an opponent in Tableturf Battle.




In the manga series

Judd, like in the game, judges Turf War rounds. His appearance is the same.


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  • Judd's name is derived from the word "judge," as he is the referee for all the battles in Splatoon.
  • In the North American version of Splatoon, Judd makes many cat puns in his advice. In Splatoon 2, these cat puns are present in all English localisations.
  • Along with a handful of birds and insects, Judd is one of the few non-aquatic creatures to appear in the games. As stated in a developers' interview, this is because the main characters of Splatoon were originally going to be rabbits; Judd is a leftover from that stage of the game's development.[7]
    • Also explained in the interview is the source of Judd's name; apparently, the pattern of his fur came first, and it caused some developers to nickname him ジャッジ, or "Judge", which is his final name in the Japanese version of Splatoon.
  • Judd seems to have possessed his talent for judgment even before the supposed extinction of humanity, as in The Art of Splatoon, his abilities are demonstrated as part of an arms deal.
  • The Art of Splatoon 2 shows that Judd transmits the Battle Lobby's rules into the minds of Inklings using thought waves.[2]
    • This could explain how the player is able to understand the dialogue shown in parenthesis when talking to Judd, who verbally is only shown to say "Meow".
  • Splatoon Base mentions that the textbox explaining the different areas when the player first arrives at Inkopolis Square/Plaza is Judd communicating telepathically with the player.


  • There was a glitch in which the player could get their money back after purchasing a slot, reroll, or ordered gear from Spyke by talking with Judd after the purchase. It was fixed with Version 1.2.0.[8]
  • During Splatfests, Judd could be seen dancing around happily on his pillow in Inkopolis Plaza. Instead of the usual "Zzz," he said "Meow!"
  • According to Callie and Marie, Judd lives in Flounder Heights and can be seen commuting to and from Inkopolis.
  • Cash could not be given by Judd during a Splatfest, as there was no Vibe, being replaced by Splatfest Power.
  • Judd had a noticeably different animation while declaring results in the E3 2014 Splatoon demo. In that version, he twisted his entire body toward the winning team before the final results were shown, while in the final version, he simply tucks his hands behind his back before showing the results.
  • When announcing Mahi-Mahi Resort, Marie mentions Judd is actually very slender but has very overgrown fur.

Splatoon 2

  • Li'l Judd appears to be noticeably larger while judging matches in comparison to Judd than while he is sitting on Judd in Inkopolis Square.
  • Marina states in Inkopolis News dialogue that Judd poses for an online art class at Inkblot Art Academy. Japanese dialogue adds that he does this because fluffy creatures like him are so rare.[9]
    • Also at Inkblot Art Academy, Marina implies that Judd and Li'l Judd's eyes glow in the dark.[9]

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ジャッジくん
Mr. Judge
Netherlands Dutch Justus Male given name derived from latin iustus (just)
Canada and France French Charbitre Pun on chat (cat) and arbitre (referee)
Germany German Miezrichter Pun on Schiedsrichter (referee) and Miez (kitty)
Italy Italian Giudigatto Pun on giudice (judge) and gatto (cat)
Russia Russian Судокот

Transcription of English name
Spain Spanish Justino Male name resembling justo (just)
China Chinese (Simplified) 财判[10]
Pun on 财 (Money) and 裁判 (Judge)

"Judd" transliteration
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 評審
píngshěn (Mandarin)
South Korea Korean 심판


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