Fierce Fishskull (character)

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Fierce Fishskull
Species Inkling
Hair color Cobalt Yellow
Eye color
Gender Male
You mustn't let your guard down.
— Fierce in Volume 12 of the manga.

Fierce Fishskull (usually just called Fierce,) is a character from the Splatoon manga who first appeared in Volume 12. He is on Team Chaos in the Final Splatfest, and is one of the three Guardians of Sheldon's grandfather's treasure.


Fierce is a male Inkling with the "Spiky-Haired" hairstyle. He wears the Fierce Fishskull, Octoking HK Jersey, and Friendship Bracelet. His weapon is the Aerospray PG and his eye color and hair color are both cobalt yellow, like the rest of the Guardians. His eyebrows are rather unique as well, with two points protruding out to form a check mark shape.


Fierce is wild, aggressive, and incredibly strong, as he can hold on to the ground to prevent himself from being lifted up by his Booyah Bomb. Once he gets to know Goggles and Sheldon, he shows himself to be kindhearted as well.



  • Fierce and Hivemind have been acquaintances since they were kids.
  • When he goes to town, he buys sweets for Jet and Justice.
  • In the VIZ translation of Volume 12, during Goggles' fight with Fierce, the Booyah Bomb is mistakenly translated to just "Bomb". Even Sheldon calls it "Bomb" to warn Goggles of Fierce's special.