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Species Inkling
Hair color Sun yellow
Eye color Sun yellow
Gender Male
Relations Emperor (older brother)
Emperor is so amazing! Compared to him, I'm...the little brother.
— Prinz during match against Rider.


Prinz is a male Inkling who wears the Eminence Cuff, Milky Eminence Jacket, and Milky Enperrials. He has a hairstyle similar to the "Slick" style, only with one additional tentacle hanging over his face and two smaller tentacles on the back of his head. His hair and eye color is Sun Yellow. He is practically identical to his older brother, Emperor, although he is noticeably shorter and has a different hairstyle. Unique to him and his brother, he has red pupils.


Prinz was originally very introverted and would give in to his older brother, but after forming Team Newperor, he learned how to be a good leader. He is noticeably more thoughtful and kind than Emperor, encouraging Laceless to keep calm in their battle against X-Blood. He often gets lost in thought, and has gotten splatted because of it, as seen in Volume 5. He cares for his brother and looks up to him, as noticed in Vol. 5. He is said to have more potential than even his brother.



  • According to the Inkling Almanac, he takes care of his belongings.
  • He comes from a rich family.
  • Squidkid Jr gave him a pair of his favourite shoes, but he has never worn them.
  • He was on Team Chaos for the final Splatfest.