Jetflame Crest (character)

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Jetflame Crest
Species Inkling
Hair color Cobalt Yellow
Eye color
Gender Female
Ha. I'm looking forward to seeing how good you are.
— Jet in Volume 12 of the manga.

Jetflame Crest (usually just called Jet,) is a character from the Splatoon manga who first appeared in Volume 12. She is on Team Chaos in the Final Splatfest, and is one of the three Guardians of Sheldon’s grandfather's treasure.


Jet is a female Inkling with the "Haircut" hairstyle. She wears the Jetflame Crest, Annaki Evolution Tee, and Sunny Climbing Shoes. She wields the Dark Tetra Dualies and her eye color and hair color are both cobalt yellow, like the rest of the Guardians.


Jet is more serious and well-mannered than Fierce, another one of the Guardians, and she likes a good challenging battle. During her fight with Goggles, when Goggles spontaneously becomes buff in the middle of the battle, Jet is awestruck at his new physique and tells him to "Bring it on!!". Jet can also jump higher than the average player, and when she uses her Splashdown, she ends up shattering the ground upon impact.



  • She treats her Autobombs like little chickens.
  • She wakes up early every morning to train.
  • She likes festivities and celebrations.