Double Egg

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Double Egg
Species Inkling
Hair color Aqua blue, with a shade of red
Eye color Unknown
Gender Male
Maximum HP
Other forms
They're no match for us, the X-Blood.
— Double Egg in Volume 8 of the manga.

Double Egg is a character in the Splatoon manga. He first appeared in Volume 8 and is a member of Team X-Blood.


Double Egg is an Inkling boy who wears Double Egg Shades, a Custom Painted F-3, and Amber Sea Slug Hi-Tops. He has the "Spiky-Haired" hairstyle, and he wields the Light Tetra Dualies. His hair color is aqua blue with a small amount of red at the tips of his tentacles, which is unique to him and his team. It is unknown what his eye color is, as he has never taken off his shades before, but it is very likely that his eyes are red like the rest of his team.


He is cocky, reckless and takes great pride in his skill and rank. He is often spiteful towards other players, saying how they will never beat his team, and usually has a large grin on his face when doing so. Ironically, he does not seem to have a good relationship with his teammates, as during Team X-Blood's battle with Team Gloves, Double Egg and Red-Soled have an argument after they get splatted. Additionally, in several battles, Vintage nitpicks Double Egg's tactics, which distracts him before getting splatted again.



  • Vintage invited Double Egg to one of his favorite restaurants, but the food was too spicy for him.