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Species Jellyfish
Hair Color
Eye Color
Gender Male
Location Galleria
Shop Ye Olde Cloth Shoppe
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This Jellyfish gentleman goes by the name Jelfonzo, and he runs Ye Olde Cloth Shoppe. And check out his origin story: one day he just split off of Jelonzo in Inkopolis Plaza, and there he was! I think that makes him Jelonzo's son? He apparently learned to speak Inkling from an ancient text of some sort, so his speech sounds a bit outdated (to say the least). But don't let that fool you. When it comes to fashion, this dapper dude is always up on the hottest trends.
— Squid Research Lab

Jelfonzo is a character in Splatoon 2. He is a jellyfish who operates Ye Olde Cloth Shoppe.


Jelfonzo apparently "split off of Jelonzo", the jellyfish responsible for running Jelly Fresh, Ye Olde Cloth Shoppe's equivalent in Inkopolis Plaza, and therefore could be considered Jelonzo's son. He studied the Inkling language through ancient texts, thus adapting fairly outdated terminology (as demonstrated in the name of Ye Olde Cloth Shoppe). Despite this, he is still up to date with the freshest trends.[1]

Similar to Jelonzo, Jelfonzo's appearance is not constant, as he wears different shirts each day. However, his bow tie and hat remain the same, though the latter changes color.


FlagUSA.svg North America (English)

  • "Welcome to Ye Olde Clo- Fie! Thou hast all the freshness of a piece of salted cod! Lo! A salted codpiece! Could I but help thee, I would... alas I must turn thee hence. Thou hast not the level required for my wares. Shouldst thou reach level 4, mine arms shall be open." - When a player below Level 4 enters the shop.
  • "Welcome to Ye Olde Cloth Shoppe. Shouldst thou here thy coin spend, unto me shall great profit be! Prithee listen, for my gear hath abilities which will grant unto thee victory, glory... and coin. Coin which, in turn, will allow thee fresh gear. (Fattening my pockets all the while...) Thou shouldst hitteth Button1 ZL.png for more information about abilities." - When a player at Level 4 or higher enters the shop for the first time.
  • "How dost thou, cousin?" - When the player enters the shop.
  • "Wouldst thou buy?" - When the player selects a piece of clothing.
  • "Wouldst thou equip?" - When the player purchases a piece of clothing.
  • "Thank thee kindly. Should thy wish to change thy robes, thou may hitteth Button1 Plus.png Equip." - After the player chooses whether to equip a new piece of clothing.
  • "Thank thee kindly. Alas, thou may not change thy robes in the midst of a Splatfest." - After the player buys a piece of clothing during a Splatfest.
  • "Alas, that item is sold out." - When the player attempts to purchase a piece of gear they already own.
  • "It appears thy purse is flat, cousin." - When the player is out of cash and attempts to purchase a piece of gear.

FlagNetherlands.svg Dutch

When the player enters the shop before reaching level 4.

  • "Wellekome in Kwallietijd, de wink… Schelm! U heeft de versheid van een ingemaakte moot haring! Ik zou u gaarne bijstaan, maar uw competentie moet eerst het niveau 4 bestrijken… Begeef u naar de standaardgevechten, en keer niet weder voor u een acceptabel niveau heeft!"

(Welcome to Ye Olde Cloth Shoppe, the sho... Rascal! Thee has the freshness of a pickled piece of herring! I would gladly assist thee, but thy competence has to range level 4 first... betake thee to the regular battles, and do not return before thee has an acceptable level!)

When the player at level 4 or higher enters the shop for the first time.

  • "Wellekome in Kwallietijd, mijn bescheiden stulpje der kledijwaren. Uw munten leiden tot mijn welvaart! De effecten van mijn uitrusting leiden u tot victorie, glorie en… meer munten! En die munten laten u op hun beurt uw plunje verversen! In mijn nederige etablissement uiteraard… Beroer eenvoudigweg Button1 ZL.png voor nadere kennisgeving over effecten."

(Welcome to Ye Olde Cloth Shoppe, my modest residence of the cloth wares. Thy coins lead to my welfare! The abilities of my equipment leed thee to victory, and glory and... more coins! And those coins let thee at their turn refresh thy tog! In my humble establishment naturally... Simply concern Button1 ZL.png for further notice about abilities.)

When the player enters the shop for the first time after reaching level 4.

  • "Gegroet, waarde vrind! Ik ben opgetogen om kond te mogen doen van een noviteit! Gerei uit de curieus genaamde 'Tentashop' biedt een ander hoofdeffect, dan dezelfde uitrusting die ik alhier in de winkel etaleer. Enigerlei voorwerp dat met het *-pictogram is gemarkeerd, kan worden uitgewisseld. Is het niet heuglijk?"

(Greetings, valued friend! I am elated to may do a proclamation of a novelty! Gear from the curiously named 'SplatNet Gear Shop' offers another main ability than the same equipment that I display hither in the shop. Items of any kind that are marked with the *-pictograph, can be exchanged. Is it not joyful?)

When the player at level 7 or higher enters the shop for the first time.

  • "Wat aanschouwen mijn ogen? Een bezoeker van vers niveau! Ik ben eindeloos vereerd door uw bezoek, mijn waarde."

(What gaze my eyes on? A visitor of fresh level! I am endlessly honored by thy visit, my valued one.)

When the player at level 10 or higher enters the shop for the first time.

  • "Treed nader en vind het juiste gerei voor iemand met uw klasse! Met prijzen waar de gelukstranen me van in de ogen springen…"

(Tread nearer and find the true gear for someone with thy class! With prices that bring me the tears of happiness in my eyes...)

When the player at level 13 or higher enters the shop for the first time.

  • "Voorwaar, de eer u te mogen begroeten is overweldigend. Sta mij toe mijn schoonste waren met u te delen… in ruil voor een schamele bijdrage uwerzijds."

(Verily, the honor to may greet thy is overwhelming. Allow me to share my fairest wares with thee... in exchange for a meager contribution on thy part.)

When the player at level 16 or higher enters the shop for the first time.

  • "Uw versheid wordt enkel en alleen overtroffen door uw uitmuntende smaak voor kledinghandelaren. Tijdens uw queeste naar de beste dracht zal ik u ter zijde staan."

(Thy freshness is surpassed solely and only by thy eminently taste for clothing merchants. During thy quest to the best wear will I stand by thee side.)

When the player at level 20 or higher enters the shop for the first time.

  • "De inkt op uw wapenrusting is nog vers. Uw heldendom is echter duizendmaal verser. U te mogen verwelkomen laat mij overlopen van geluk… en kapitaal."

(The ink on thy suit of armor is still fresh. However, thy heroism is a thousand times fresher. To may bid welcome to thee overflows me with happiness... and capital.)

When a player enters the shop the second time after any of previous instances.

  • "Weest wellekome!"

(Be welcome!)

When the player selects an item.

  • "U schaft dit aan?"

(Thee purchase this?)

When the player purchased an item.

  • "Wilt u dit dragen?"

(Would thee wear this?)

After the player chooses whether to equip a new item.

  • "Mijn dank reikt ten hemel. Indien u wenst uw nieuw verworven dracht thans in te wijden, besluit u dan voor Button1 Plus.png UITRUSTING."

(My thanks reaches to the heavens. In case thee wishes to devote thyself to thy newly acquired wear, decide thee then for Button1 Plus.png GEAR.)

When the player has not enough cash to purchase an item.

  • "De huidige toestand van uw beurs laat deze aanschaf niet toe, mijn waarde."

(The current state of thy purse does not allow this purchase, my valued one.)

When the player selects an item they already own.

  • "Och wee, dit voorwerp is helaas niet langer verkrijgbaar."

(Oh woe, this item is unfortunately no longer available.)


  • Jelfonzo's Japanese name is "Bizen" and S Icon Jelly Fresh.png Jelonzo's Japanese name is "Echizen"; both are names of historic provinces of Japan.
  • It is said in Sunken Scroll 8 that Jelfonzo, a first time contestant, "decimated the competition" and won first prize in the Inkopolis annual card game tournament.
  • In a developer interview, it was revealed that Jelfonzo is Jelonzo's child by asexual reproduction.[2]
  • According to a post by the Squid Research Lab, Jelfonzo has "watery eyes".


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
FlagJapan.svg Japanese ビゼン
From "Bizen kurage" (Flame jellyfish)
FlagNetherlands.svg Dutch Kwalfons Pun on "Alfons" (a given male name) and "kwal" (jellyfish)
FlagFrance.svg French Gégé Latineux From "gelatineux" (gelatinous) and "latin", also similar to "G. Latineux" (Jelonzo)
FlagGermany.svg German Johann-Quallhelm (Jo-Q) From "Qualle" (jellyfish), also similar to "Jean-Qualle" (Jelonzo), with even the same initials (J.Q)
FlagItaly.svg Italian Cnidario Cnidaria is the scientific term for the jellyfish group
FlagRussia.svg Russian Денди
FlagSpain.svg Spanish M. Duardo From "medusa" (jellyfish) and "Eduardo" (a given male name), also similar to "M. Duso" (Jelonzo)


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