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S2 Diss-Pair Album Art.jpg
Album art
Species Inkling (Ikkan)
Octoling (Warabi)
Hair Color
Eye Color
Location Inkopolis

Meet Diss-Pair, the odd-couple duo delivering discordant ditties that have turned the music scene upside down. The group is made up of Ikkan, former bassist of the world-renowned Squid Squad, and Warabi, the up-and-coming prodigy beatsmith. These two are a mismatch made in heaven. When crafting new songs in the studio, they avoid each other at all costs to ensure each track maintains its one-of-a-kind edge and tantalizing tension.

Diss-Pair is a music duo comprising of the former Squid Squad bassist Ikkan and the Octoling DJ, Warabi. Their music was added to Splatoon 2 in the Version 4.1.0 update.

Their songs have an edgy feel, a mix of heavy metal and EDM. They also often feature low, husky vocals, similar to those of the Bottom Feeders.


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Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
FlagJapan.svg Japanese 合食禁(がっしょくきん)
Clashing tastes.
Gasshokukin is a concept which can be applied to any two types of food that should not be eaten together, whether due to mismatching taste or texture, due to health reasons, or due to beliefs or superstition (such as the prohibition on mixing meat and dairy in Judaism). The three kanji that compose this word are "meeting", "food" and "disallowed", respectively.


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  2. Japan

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