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Album art
Species Ikkan: Inkling
Warabi: Octoling
Hair color
Eye color
Relations Ikkan: Unknown
Warabi: Unknown parents
Location Inkopolis
Meet Diss-Pair, the odd-couple duo delivering discordant ditties that have turned the music scene upside down. The group is made up of Ikkan, former bassist of the world-renowned Squid Squad, and Warabi, the up-and-coming prodigy beatsmith. These two are a mismatch made in heaven. When crafting new songs in the studio, they avoid each other at all costs to ensure each track maintains its one-of-a-kind edge and tantalizing tension.

Diss-Pair is a music duo comprising of the former Squid Squad bassist Ikkan and the Octoling DJ Warabi. Their music was added to Splatoon 2 in Version 4.1.0.

Their songs mix elements of metal and EDM, and feature low, husky vocals reminiscent of those heard in Ink or Sink and Metalopod. It is not yet known if the band will return in Splatoon 3, but a voice that sounds somewhat like Ikkan's can be heard in one of Front Roe's songs.


Fictional Band Song Name Audio
S2 Band Diss-Pair.jpg



Ikkan is an Inkling and the band's bassist, formerly a member of the Squid Squad. He did not like how little tension there was during the song-writing process in Squid Squad, which is most likely why the band broke up. He is a fan of metal, utilizing deep riffs and husky vocals he occasionally used in the Squid Squad, and pairs himself with the younger Warabi, trusting that he will keep up the tension in their music.[1]


Warabi is an Octoling who is described as an up-and-coming prodigy beatsmith. He is a successful musician who regularly travels around the world, traveling to over 20 countries in a single year. His parents are famous actors, and as a result, he was exposed to many different types of music from around the world at a young age. He grew up with classical music education for gifted children, but got into electronic music in his teenage years, becoming famous by handling remixes of other popular artists. According to Ikkan, while his demands seem all over the place, he is actually quite clever and intelligent. He met Ikkan on a tour overseas, leading to the two joining together, although, from an outside perspective, it looked like they were fighting.[1] According to the Japanese Fam vs. Friend dialogue, he is friends with Marina.



  • Both of Diss-Pair's tracks have titles referring to types of illnesses, specifically seasickness and motion sickness.


"Diss-Pair" is most likely a combination of "dissonant" and "pair" (referencing the two members who sometimes do not get along), as well as a play on "despair".

Warabi's name comes from the Japanese word for bracken, "warabi", which is used to make various Japanese dishes.

Ikkan's name comes from the word "ikkan" (一貫), a unit used for sushi.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 合食禁(がっしょくきん)
Clashing tastes.
Gasshokukin is a concept which can be applied to any two types of food that should not be eaten together, whether due to mismatching taste or texture, due to health reasons, or due to beliefs or superstition (such as the prohibition on mixing meat and dairy in Judaism). The three kanji that compose this word are "meeting", "food" and "disallowed", respectively.