Off the Hook Concert at Polymanga 2018

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Off the Hook Concert at Polymanga 2018 was a virtual live concert that took place during the Splatoon European Championships at Polymanga in Montreux, Switzerland on 31 March 2018. It was the second concert to be held overseas, as well as the first to have dialogue in English, despite being held in a region primarily populated by native French speakers.



On 19 February 2018, Nintendo of Europe announced that an Off the Hook concert would be held at Polymanga 2018 alongside the finals of the Splatoon European Championships.[1] It was held before the start of the finals on 31 March 2018.

Unlike the previous overseas concert, Squid Sisters at Japan Expo 2016, this concert served as a localized version of Haicalive at Tokaigi 2018 instead of being treated as a unique concert. The only notable differences in this concert were Pearl greeting the audience in English at the start of Color Pulse and its overall presentation. The concert was live-streamed with audio sourced directly from the sound system, resulting in clearer audio. However, some elements of the concert were not synchronized correctly, including sound effects and the dialogue displayed on-stage.

After the live stream, the concert was uploaded separately by Nintendo of Europe with remastered audio that corrects the timing of the aforementioned sound effects, transcriptions of the omitted dialogue, and translations into other languages on 13 April 2018. Nintendo of America also uploaded a slightly different version that forgoes some of the added transcriptions.


  • An estimated 1,700 people were in attendance. This estimate is based on the seating capacity of the room.[2]
  • This was the first and only concert to be live-streamed in both 1080p and at 60fps. This was also the only concert to be live-streamed on Twitch in addition to YouTube. However, the later upload of this concert is at 30fps.

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