Octo Canyon (mode)

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Octo Canyon
Type Single-player campaign
Players 1
Weapons Hero weapons
Specific sub weapons (Splat Bomb, Curling Bomb, Autobomb)
Specific special weapons
Controllers Joy-Con, Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
Release Date Launch
This article is about the single-player mode of Splatoon 2. For the eponymous location, see Octo Canyon (location). For the song, see Octo Canyon (song).

Octo Canyon (also known as Hero Mode) is a single-player game mode in Splatoon 2. It involves the player donning a Hero Suit and venturing into a hidden underground canyon where the Octarians have relocated to since the events of Splatoon, to rescue Inkopolis Square's stolen Great Zapfish, as well as Callie of the Squid Sisters, and re-defeat the Octarian army.


After the Great Zapfish is stolen a second time by the Octarians, Marie recruits Agent 4 to find the Great Zapfish and her missing cousin Callie. Agent 4 travels to the underground lair known as Octo Canyon to recover the Great Zapfish. After completing all five sections of the Canyon, and beating each sections' boss, Agent 4 confronts DJ Octavio, who has brainwashed Callie. With Marie's help, Agent 4 frees Callie from Octavio's hypnoshades and defeats him once more.


Octo Canyon functions in mostly the same way as Octo Valley, with the addition of new enemies and new mechanics. The player is given many different weapon choices as the story progresses. They are given to Agent 4 from Sheldon, and they include the Hero Shot, Hero Roller, Hero Charger, Hero Dualies, Hero Brella, Hero Splatling, Hero Blaster, Hero Slosher, and Herobrush.


Many mechanics return in Octo Canyon that made their first appearance in Octo Valley, with the addition of various new ones. These include ride rails, Inkfurlers, and Bounce Pads.


Sector 1: Tentakeel Outpost

Sector 2: Suction-Cup Lookout

Sector 3: Beaker's Depot

Sector 4: Slimeskin Garrison

Sector 5: Cephalon HQ



Regular enemies

This list is organized by order of appearance. Enemies marked with * are newly introduced in Splatoon 2.

For enemy data, see Octo Canyon data.

Image Name Description Debut
Octotrooper The basic grunts of the Octarian army, Octotroopers stand on small machines that allow them to shoot single, very slow ink globules. They have very little health and mobility and so are easily defeated, but may pose a threat in numbers. #1 Return of the Octarians
Blobby Octotrooper* Octotroopers that ride a different machine resembling a gumball machine. They act and look almost identically to their regular versions but shoot a duo of shots that bounce along the ground. These can deal a lot of damage in numbers but are also susceptible to gravity. #1 Return of the Octarians
Shielded Octotrooper Octotroopers with shields in front of their machines. The shield can be destroyed after taking a lot of damage, but their exposed backsides are their weak spots, easily hit after being distracted. Also appears in Octodiver and Twintacle Octotrooper forms. #1 Return of the Octarians
Octobomber Large flying Octarians similar to improved Octocopters. They hover around and shoot Splat Bombs out of their helmets which detonate fatally one second after landing. However, they are large, slow, and unwieldy, making them obvious targets. #2 Welcome to Octopia
Octopod Small metallic creatures that run around in sneakers. Octopods jump to attention upon seeing the player. Upon reaching them, they explode in Octarian ink, dealing some damage. They can be attacked to be defused. They appear to be Octorpedoes on legs. #2 Welcome to Octopia
Squee-G Although incapable of dealing damage, these small robots serve as nuisances, attaching to walls and automatically sucking up Agent 4's ink. They can sometimes carry items and slow down upon being attacked. #2 Welcome to Octopia
Octocopter Flying enemies propelled by their helmets. They hover above the ground and shoot at Agent 4 on sight, but their projectiles and general flying speed are slow, like Octotroopers. #3 Sunset Octocopter
Twintacle Octotrooper Stronger Octotroopers with two tentacles. These enemies have better mobility than the normal Octotrooper and greater ink-firing capability, similar to a splatling, but are still easy targets. #3 Sunset Octocopter
Octohurler* Large, very rare Octarians with goggles that spit up bundles of Rolonium to attack the player. They are immobile and therefore vulnerable to attack, but the Rolonium can be deflected back at them to defeat them in one hit. #4 Enter the Octohurler
Octomissile* Little explosive missiles with a tentacle in the middle. They spawn infinitely and burst with ink on contact, but can be defeated simply by being attacked. #6 Octozeppelin Invasion
Octozeppelin* Giant airships themed after Octarians with a single tentacle sticking out the top. They spawn infinitely, using their propellers to spray ink behind them, and are invulnerable apart from their tentacle. #6 Octozeppelin Invasion
Industrial Squee-G* Enormous Squee-Gs that act very similarly to their small versions, except that they can deal fatal damage to both Agent 4 and Octarian enemies on touch. They carry important items on top of them and are often necessary to use as platforms, as they can be directed towards the player's shots. #7 Back-Alley Cleanup
Octoling Octarian variants of Inklings that protect Mini Zapfishes, given a new design and more weapons. They can attack with shooters, blasters, rollers and sloshers, as well as hide in their ink and Super Jump. Dark-haired Elite Octolings are much harder to defeat and act similar to player opponents in multiplayer modes. #9 Octoling Strike
Octoseeker* Extremely rare large flying machines piloted by Twintacle Octotroopers. They use their propellers to rain ink below them and use their searchlights to seek out Agent 4. If they do so, they will slam down fatally like the Octostomp they are modeled after, leaving ink behind and allowing Agent 4 to climb on their backs. #10 Octoseeker Shakedown
Tentakook* Rare little Octarians that hide important items and give chase on sight. They use their ink-powered rollerskates to cover their tracks and can drop Splat Bombs behind them. They are very fast and can only be caught by swimming in ink. #11 The Floating Garden
Flooder Huge machines on stilts that rain down Octarian ink from under them and move in set patterns. They charge at Agent 4 on sight and can defeat them instantly, but their tops also act as platforms that can hold items and other mechanics. Big Flooders are even taller and harder to scale. #12 Octo-Resort Spring
Octosniper Elite enemies that shoot long, thin, and very powerful shots of ink, similar to chargers, while stationed on unmoving platforms. Like charger users, they have an extremely long line of sight but are mostly incapable of close-quarters fighting, while their shots require some time to charge and are marked with a laser line. #12 Octo-Resort Spring
Octodiver Octotroopers wearing snorkels, which allow them to breathe under their ink. They pop out without warning to attack and can dive to hide like Agent 4. Also appears in Twintacle Octotrooper form. #13 Dancing Floors
Octoballer* Unrelated to Octoballs, these inky bowling balls populated by Octotroopers spawn infinitely and leave a trail of ink behind them. They can only be destroyed by attacking the Octotrooper. Can also appear in tall stacks that are harder to defeat, while enormous Kingpin Octoballers are near-indestructible except for when using an Ink Cannon. #16 Secret Bowling Alley
Octocommander* Large stationary enemies that are very similar to Octosnipers. They can only rotate in place and use giant splatlings to attack quickly over a large range. However, they take a while to recharge, leaving them wide open. #17 Octocommander Fortress
Octostamp Cuboid, machine-like creatures with inky faces. Although they are not fast, they can leap into the air and face-plant the ground, dealing fatal damage. They can only be defeated from behind, which is exposed by their method of attack. #17 Octocommander Fortress
Octostamp DX* Very rare tank-like robotic Octostamps that are indestructible, unlike their smaller counterparts. They are equally as dangerous and often need to be scaled to collect items. #17 Octocommander Fortress
Rocket Octocopter* Darker versions of Octocopters that have thrusters attached to their helmets. Although they are no stronger than normal, they can quickly dodge left and right, making them a nuisance to defeat. #18 Towering Heights
Octorpedo Missiles filled with Octarian ink fired by the Octo Shower. Acting like flying Octopods, they home in on Agent 4 and explode, but can be easily shot down. However, amongst the rest of the boss battle, they can serve as major distractions. #B4 Sanitizarium
Rocket Twintacle Octotrooper* Noticeably darker Twintacle Octotroopers. They have the same capabilities as normal Twintacle Octotroopers but with jet thrusters on their machines, making them capable of fast dodges. #22 Underground Expressway
Rocket Octobomber* Extremely rare darker variants of Octobombers that can use the rocket thrusters on their helmets to quickly dodge to the side when being attacked. Their attack pattern has not changed, however. #24 Transfer Junction


Image Name Description Debut
Octo Oven* A massive bread oven on wheels full of Octarian loaves. It rotates around a puddle of ink, attempting to use its loaves to damage Agent 4. After missing a few times, it shoots all its loaves out at once and rests, allowing time to scale its sides and attack the weak tentacle on top. Later rounds include it using an ink shower attack and uninkable armor to its bread. #B1 Industrial Toast
Octo Samurai* A large humanoid Octarian who rides on a motorcycle-like roller. He attacks with the Octocycle both traditionally and by driving it at Agent 4, meaning he simply needs to be inked like a normal enemy to be weakened. After taking enough damage, he gets splatted, revealing his Octocycle's tentacle. Upon respawning, he begins adding new attacks to his Octocycle move set. #B2 The Showdown
Neo Octostomp A giant robot with an ink-covered face. Like the first game, he attempts to attack Agent 4 by face-slamming them, leaving ink behind but revealing his weak tentacle on his back in the process. His sides are inkable and must be climbed to reach the tentacle. After the first round, he gains an uninkable coat held by a weak buckle and a splatling attack, while later growing two extra faces to increase his attack range. #B3 Lips for Days
Octo Shower* A robotic creature kept aloft by a fleet of Octocopters that attacks with showers of ink. It is usually invincible and far out of range, forcing Agent 4 to use the battlefield to shoot down its Octocopters while avoiding its ink attacks and Octorpedoes. When all the Octocopters are splatted, it falls to the ground with its tentacle exposed. Its Octocopters become smarter and better at dodging as the battle progresses. #B4 Sanitizarium
DJ Octavio, Callie, and the Octobot King II The leader of the Octarians who has stolen the Great Zapfish again and brainwashed Callie. He attacks with a large variety of weapons from the Octobot King II in a static arena, some of which can only be avoided. After returning his giant fist attacks, Octavio falls out and can be attacked, at which point he increases the variety and speed of his attacks. Eventually, Marie and Sheldon help rescue Callie so Agent 4 can finish off Octavio with the Rainmaker on ride rails. #B5 Bomb Rush Blush


Similar to Octo Valley, players wear the Hero Suit and use a wide variety of weapons.

For equipment data, see Octo Canyon data.

Hero Suit

A new Hero Suit is worn by Agent 4. It is primarily neon-yellow and has headphones similarly shaped to that of the first Hero Suit. This suit acts as an armor collectible in that it allows the player to take damage that would normally splat them once - then it needs to regenerate. While regenerating the suit, the player is slowed down. While in certain missions, Agent 4 can find armor. It comes in cases found in various parts of the level. The player can have up to two sets of armor on at a time and it allows them to take damage that would normally splat them. If a mission is finished with any amount of armor on, ten extra Power Eggs are rewarded.

Hero weapons

Each hero weapon can be unlocked by completing the level Sheldon has requested them to use it (excluding the Hero Shot which is the default weapon) and upgraded by using 1500 Power Eggs and 3 Sardinium.

  • Hero Shot - The default weapon and a P90-esque shooter-type weapon. It is similar to the Splattershot but fires slower than it when not upgraded. It can be upgraded twice using Power Eggs and Sardinium, increasing the fire rate.
  • Hero Roller - A modified Splat Roller similar to the Carbon Roller. Can be upgraded once with Power Eggs and Sardinium to increase its damage and fling speed.
  • Hero Charger - A modified Splat Charger. Can be upgraded once with Power Eggs and Sardinium to increase its charge speed.
  • Hero Dualies - Modified Splat Dualies. Can be upgraded once with Power Eggs and Sardinium to increase its firing rate.
  • Hero Slosher - A modified Slosher. Can be upgraded once with Power Eggs and Sardinium to increase its firing speed and damage.
  • Hero Splatling - A modified Heavy Splatling. Can be upgraded once with Power Eggs and Sardinium to increase its charge speed.
  • Hero Blaster - A modified Blaster. Can be upgraded once with Power Eggs and Sardinium to increase its firing rate.
  • Hero Brella - A modified Splat Brella. Can be upgraded once with Power Eggs and Sardinium to increase its durability and brella recovery time.
  • Herobrush - A modified Octobrush. Can be upgraded once with Power Eggs and Sardinium to increase its flick speed, damage, and mobility.

Ink tank

The ink tank contains the ink consumed when using main weapons or sub weapons. Its ink supply can be replenished quickly by swimming in ink, or more slowly out of ink. It can be upgraded twice with Power Eggs and Sardinium, increasing its capacity.

Splat Bombs

Splat Bombs function like those found in Inkopolis. They are four-sided and look almost identical to those in Octo Valley. They explode a short while after hitting the ground.

Curling Bombs

Curling Bombs work similarly to the ones before Version 3.0.0. They travel across the ground, bouncing off walls, and explode after a set amount of time. Holding down makes them travel for a shorter distance before exploding, though unlike the current Curling Bombs, it does not increase the blast radius. They can be unlocked with Sardinium and Power Eggs.


Autobombs work just like the ones in Inkopolis. After hitting the ground, they run towards any target they find in a certain radius, then start to explode. If they do not find a target, they start exploding right away. They can be unlocked using Sardinium and Power Eggs. When thrown on a dash track, they start their countdown, so they cannot be used to search out enemies on the other side of dash tracks.

Special weapons

A variety of special weapons can be found throughout Octo Canyon in the form of canned specials. Upon collecting a canned special, its respective special weapon is immediately fully charged.

Specials that can be found are the Tenta Missiles, Sting Ray, Splashdown, Ink Storm, and Bomb Launcher.


Unlike Octo Valley, there are three types of collectibles.

Power Eggs

Power Eggs appear to be small, orange fish eggs that can be found throughout Octo Canyon. They can be collected by killing enemies, destroying crates, and shooting or running near individual ones scattered around the environment. They are used for upgrading equipment and weapons.

Sunken Scrolls

Sunken Scrolls are rolled up pieces of paper that can be found in Octo Canyon. They are long-lost drawings and other pieces of information that depict the history and lore of Inkopolis. One Sunken Scroll can be found in each level of Octo Canyon. If the player has already found the sunken scroll in a mission and finds it again, it will be gray in appearance and instead of acquiring it again, the player will receive 10 Power Eggs.


Sardinium is a new form of collectible in Octo Canyon. One can be found in each level, after each boss, and in each hub area. They are used to upgrade equipment and weapons with the Ammo Knights Enhancifier alongside Power Eggs. If the player has already found the Sardinium in a mission and finds it again, it will be gray in appearance and instead of acquiring it again, the player will receive 5 Power Eggs.


After watching the credits, the player unlocks the full set of Hero Suit replica gear pieces - the Hero Headphones Replica, Hero Hoodie Replica, and Hero Snowboots Replicas - for use in online play. After completing all levels with a certain weapon, the player unlocks a replica of that weapon for use online. Once all the weapons and the ink tank are fully upgraded, 1500 Power Eggs can be traded for a random Crusty Sean ticket.

As of Version 3.0.0, Callie also appears within Octo Canyon following the credits; when spoken to, she and Marie share a variety of statistics relating to the player's most recent multiplayer matches, weapon statistics, and Salmon Run jobs as well as a random weapon.


Image Fictional Band Song Name Audio
N/A Low Tide
Turquoise October Octo Canyon - Tentakeel Outpost
Octo Canyon - Suction-Cup Lookout
Octo Canyon - Beaker's Depot
Octo Canyon - Slimeskin Garrison
Octo Canyon - Cephalon HQ
Octo Eight-Step
The Girl from Inkopolis
Buoyant Boogie
Shooting Starfish
DJ Octavio feat. Callie Bomb Rush Blush
DJ Octavio feat. Callie vs. Marie Tidal Rush
Squid Sisters Spicy Calamari Inkantation
Fresh Start



  • If the player enters Octo Canyon as an Octoling, they revert to their latest customization of Inkling they used, and switch back to an Octoling once they return to Inkopolis with the ink color they had in Octo Canyon.
  • The Hero Suit replica gear is not unlocked unless the credits are watched all the way through. Skipping the credits does not unlock the gear, forcing the player to re-watch them to unlock it.
  • The "Mission Failed" jingle that plays when Agent 4 fails a mission has high-pitched vocals resembling an Octoling laughing.
  • Despite not showing it during the mission, the timer in Octo Canyon records in milliseconds. Because of this, it is possible for two weapons to share the record time on a level.
  • If the player completes every level (including bosses) with one weapon of choice, Sheldon will make a replica of it for purchase in his shop.

Names in other languages

Octo Canyon
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese タコツボキャニオン
Takotsubo Kyanion
Octopus Pot Canyon
Netherlands Dutch Octocanyon Octo canyon
Germany German Okto-Canyon Octo canyon
Italy Italian Valle Polpo Octo Valley[note 1]
Russia Russian Осьмо-дол
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Cañón Pulpo Octopus Canyon
Spain Spanish (NOE) Valle Pulpo Octo Valley
Hero Mode
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ヒーローモード
Hīrō Mōdo
Hero Mode
Netherlands Dutch Verhaalstand Story mode
Germany German Heldenmodus Hero mode
Italy Italian Modalità Storia Story Mode
Russia Russian Режим "Агент"
Rezhim "Agent"
Agent Mode
SpainMexico Spanish Modo Historia Story Mode

Translation notes

  1. While this is the English name of Splatoon's story mode, it is also the Italian name of Splatoon 2's.

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