Octo Canyon (location)

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Octo Canyon.
This article is about the location. For the mode by the same name, also known as Hero Mode, see Octo Canyon (mode). For the similar location in Splatoon, see Octo Valley (location). For the song that plays in this area, see Octo Canyon (song)

Octo Canyon is a hidden location near Inkopolis Square, which serves as the setting of the single-player mode of the same name in Splatoon 2.[1]


There are five sectors in Octo Canyon: Tentakeel Outpost, Suction-Cup Lookout, Beaker's Depot, Slimeskin Garrison, and Cephalon HQ. Each sector has a boss kettle and several invisible kettles for normal levels. Each level contains a Zapfish that the player must retrieve at the end of each level. In certain levels, there are eight Mini Zapfish scattered across the level. In this circumstance, the player must capture all eight Mini Zapfish in order to earn the Zapfish. After defeating the final level, Callie appears and tells the player statistics about their weapons, splats, assists, accuracy, and more.


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Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese タコツボキャニオン
Takotsubo Kyanion
Octopus Pot Canyon
Netherlands Dutch Octocanyon Octo canyon
CanadaFrance French Octacanyon Octo canyon
Germany German Okto-Canyon Octo Canyon
Italy Italian Valle Polpo Octopus Valley
Russia Russian Осьмо-дол
Octo dale
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Cañón Pulpo Octo Canyon
Spain Spanish (NOE) Valle Pulpo Octo Valley