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The Crab-N-Go stall is a concession stand inside of the lobby in Splatsville, run by Staff. It is located to the right of the lobby's entrance.


The Crab-N-Go is a concession stand that replaces the Crust Bucket from Splatoon 2. The player can buy a food or drink that will give them bonuses for the next twenty battles. Each food and drink requires a different ticket.

Foods from the Crab-N-Go boost the amount of cash or level experience earned from multiplayer matches, while drinks increase both the amount of experience gear receives per battle and the chances of rolling a certain ability on gear when it attains enough experience.

List of items


Foods increase the amount of cash or level experience gained after every online battle (except Private Battles) for twenty battles.

  • Crab Trap Sandwich — "Increases battle cash by 50%!"
  • Commercial Crab Trap Sandwich — "Doubles battle cash!"
  • The Pescatariat — "Increases battle XP by 50%!"
  • The Pescatariat Royale — "Doubles battle XP!"
  • Mega Mountain a la Marigold — "Doubles battle cash for all teammates!"
  • Marigold'en Garden Greens — "Doubles battle XP for all teammates!"


All drinks increase the number of gear experience awarded after an online battle by 50% for twenty battles. In addition, drinks increase the chance that a gear's secondary ability slots will be filled with the drink's corresponding ability.


Speaking of surveying, be sure to survey the Crab-N-Go snack stand in the lobby. The food and drink you purchase here with tickets can help you and your teammates in battle, or even help you earn more experience or cash. Plus, I mean... it's delicious. Look at this stuff!
— @SplatoonNA on Twitter[1]



Crab-N-Go is a pun on the word crab and the phrase grab-and-go, a term for pre-packaged, ready-to-eat food.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese サンカクス
River Delta
Netherlands Dutch Goudelieves Bikbalie Marigold's Munchcounter[note 1]
Russia Russian Кусь да Крась
Kus' da Kras'
Bite and paint

Food and drinks

English Japanese Dutch French
German Italian Russian Spanish
Korean Portuguese
Crab Trap Sandwich アゲバサミサンド
(Fried claw sandwich)
(Crab sandwich)
Sandwich au crabe mini-jackpot
(Mini-jackpot crab sandwich)

(Krill-claw sandwich)

Commercial Crab Trap Sandwich アゲアゲバサミサンド
(Fried-fried claw sandwich)
Krabbenbroodje speciaal
(Special-served crab sandwich)
Sandwich au crabe jackpot
(Jackpot crab sandwich)
Криль-клешнеброт «ДелиКусь»

Kril'-kleshnebrot «DeliKus'»

(Krill-claw sandwich «DeliBite»)

The Pescatariat マキアミロール360°
(Fishnet roll 360°)
(Kelp wrap)
Tortilla au poisson Exp +
(XP+ fish tortilla)
Тортилья «Флотилия»

Tortil'ya «Flotiliya»

(Tortilla «Flotilla»)

The Pescatariat Royale マキアミロール720°
(Fishnet roll 720°)
Zeewierwrap deluxe
(Kelp wrap deluxe)
Tortilla au poisson Exp ++
(XP++ fish tortilla)
Тортилья «Армада Люкс»

Tortil'ya «Armada Lyuks»

(Tortilla «Armada Lux»)

Mega Mountain a la Marigold ビッグマザーマウンテン
(Big mother mountain)
Goudelieves bunkerberg
(Marigold's devour mountain)
Montagne jackpot à la Carpucine
(Jackpot mountain à la Marigold)
Калорийная куш-бомба «Крася»

Kaloriynaya kush-bomba «Krasya»

(High-calorie jackpot-bomb «Marigold»)

Marigold'en Garden Greens ビッグマザーガーデン
(Big mother garden)
Groenvoer à la Goudelieve
(Greenfodder a la Marigold)
Salade à la Carpucine Exp ++
(XP++ Salad à la Carpucine)
Красина капустка

Krasina kapustka

(Marigold's cabbage)

Main Mega Pucker-Up メインセーブレモン
(Main-saver lemon)
(Main orangeade)
Jus de citron éco-principale
(Main-saver lemon juice)
Цитрусовый Основец

Tsitrusovyy Osnovets

(Citrus Base)

Sub Berry Blaster Blitz サブセーブベリー
(Sub-saver berry)
(Sub save cassis)
Jus de myrtille éco-secondaire
(Sub-saver blueberry juice)
Ягодный Запасун

Yagodnyy Zapasun

(Berry Reserve)

Ink-Well Chiller インクチャージメロン
(Ink-charger melon)
(Refill melonade)
Jus de melon réservoir plein
(Full ink tank melon juice)
Арбузный Быструх

Arbuznyy Bystrukh

(Watermelon Speed)

Speedy Gazpacho ヒトダッシュトマト
(Kid-dash tomato)
(Run sweetened drink)
Jus de tomate sprint
(Sprint tomato juice)
Томатная Спринта

Tomatnaya Sprinta

(Sprint tomato)

Cherry Apple Fizz イカダッシュトマト
(Squid-dash apple)
(Swim smoothie)
Jus de pomme natation
(Swimming apple juice)
Вишневый Плавун

Vishnevyy Plavun

(Cherry floater)

Ma's Special Blend スペシャルチャージラムネ
(Special-charge ramune)
Vitamineshake speciaal
(Vitamin shake special)
Smoothie recharge spéciale
(Special refill smoothie)
Насосная Шипучка

Nasosnaya Shipuchka

(Pumping pop)

Salty Melon Special スペシャルセーブラテ
(Special-saver latte)
(Special slushie)
Jus de kiwi baisse minime
(Minimal depletion kiwi juice)
Резервный Киви-микс

Rezervnyy Kivi-miks

(Reserve Kiwi mix)

Smoothie Especial スペシャルアップサイダー
(Special-up cider)
(Specialist soda)
Limonade spéciale +
(Special+ lemon soda)
Смузи «Особый»

Smuzi «Osobyy»

(Smoothie «Special»)

Matcha Reviver ショートリスタートモカ
(Short-restart mocha)
(Quick Respawn ice tea)
Thé matcha retour rapide
(Quick comeback matcha tea)
Маття «Феникс»

Mattya «Feniks»

(Matcha «Phoenix»)

Citrus Hip-Hopper ショートジャンプオレンジ
(Short-jump orange)
(Turbo tonic water)
Jus d'orange saut éclair
(Lightning-speed jump orange juice)
Апельсиновый Прыг

Apel'sinovyy Pryg

(Orange Jump)

Super Sub Juicer サブアップウォーター
(Sub-up water)
(Sub top fizzy drink)
Citronnade secondaire +
(Sub+ lemonade)
Лимонный Про-Запас

Limonnyy Pro-Zapas

(Lemon Pro-Reserve)

Stompin' Grape カンジキグレープ
(Snowshoe grape)
(Ink mixer)
Jus de raisin semelles-buvard
(Blotting soles grape juice)
Виноградный Краскостой

Vinogradnyy Kraskostoy

(Grape Paintproof)

Sub Lime サブライトライム
(Sub-light lime)
(Sub squash)
Jus de citron anti-secondaire
(Anti-sub lemon juice)
Лаймовый Антизапасник

Laymovyy Antizapasnik

(Lime Anti-reserve)

Actionberry Twist アクションストロングベリー
(Action-strong berry)
(Action fruit juice)
Jus multivitaminé action
(Action multivitamin juice)
Морс «Плюс-Эффект»

Mors «Plyus-Effekt»

(Fruit-drink «Plus Effect»)

Translation notes

  1. Goudelieve seems to be Marigold's Dutch name. Bikbalie comes from bikken ("to munch") and balie ("counter")


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