Deca Tower

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Deca Tower at the back of Inkopolis Square.

Deca Tower is the central tower in Inkopolis Square. Similar to Inkopolis Tower in Splatoon, it serves as a way to access the lobby in Splatoon 2 and Splatoon 3: Expansion Pass.

Once inside the Deca Tower, players may enter Regular Battles and Private Battles. Players may enter Ranked Battles as soon as they reach level 10, as well as League Battles once they have reached the B- rank in any Ranked game mode.


Splatoon 2

Deca Tower is a skyscraper covered in large billboards, some of which are electronic. It highly resembles the real-life One Times Square building located in New York City. After the Great Zapfish is rescued, it can be seen resting atop the Tower.

The Tower's base features a lobby entrance similar to Inkopolis Tower's, featuring an elevator-like entrance surrounded by electronic screens showcasing the currently available stages. Above the lobby entrance, a total of 19 billboards are affixed to the Tower, two of which are electronic; one electronic billboard is rectangular and prominently placed at the front of the Tower, while the other electronic billboard is shaped like a massive version of the smartphones Inklings can be seen using, complete with an oversized charger connector plugged in.

Splatoon 3

Deca Tower returns as the centerpiece of Inkopolis Square. The Great Zapfish is once again visible curled around it. As with Inkopolis Tower, Deca Tower's lobby has been massively expanded and is now identical to the one in Splatsville, though with the songs Sinkopated and Drip Feed replaced in the song rotation with Without a Dop Doubt and Inkopolis News (Off the Hook) respectively.

During the events of Side Order, the mysterious Spire of Order replaces Deca Tower in the Order Sector. This virtual version of Deca Tower resembles its real-world counterpart, but with a more angular, geometric design and a flat white color scheme. The core gameplay of Side Order revolves around climbing the Spire of Order.



  • According to The Art of Splatoon 2, Deca Tower was built in 1904 Mollusc Era and served as the headquarters for the newspaper company ニューカラー タイムズ(JP)[a] (Nyūkarā Taimuzu / New-Color Times). Later on, fireworks and balloons were launched from the tower every New Year, which caused it to become a world-famous building.
    • This further shows Deca Tower's resemblance to the One Times Square building, as the One Times Square building was built in 1904 and originally served as the headquarters for The New York Times. It started to have a ball drop from its flagpole at midnight on New Year's Eve annually a few years later.
  • Deca Tower can be seen in Inkopolis Square within a map that appeared in a Splatoon 3 developer interview.


Deca is the Greek word for the number ten, likely used in reference to the number of tentacles a squid has.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese デカ・タワー
Deka Tawā
Huge Tower
Netherlands Dutch Deca-toren Deca tower
France French (NOE) Céphalotour Cephalo(pod) tower
Germany German Deka-Turm Deca Tower
Italy Italian Gran Torre Great Tower
Russia Russian Мидия-Центр
Mussel Center[b]
SpainMexico Spanish Torre Pulpo Octopus Tower
China Chinese (Simplified) 尚兴巨塔
Shàngxīng jù tǎ
Great tower of Inkopolis

Translation notes

  1. Japan
  2. A pun on медиа-центр media-tsentr ("media center")