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Man-o'-Wardrobe is a clothing shop in Splatsville run by Jel La Fleur that appears in Splatoon 3.


Man-o-Wardrobe sells shirts, jackets, and other pieces of clothing that can be purchased with cash earned from multiplayer matches, Salmon Run shifts, and "simple" Mystery Boxes. Players can tilt to rotate their character and click to try on the highlighted item, and pressing purchases this item. Pressing displays further information about the selected item. Pressing zooms in on the character's torso, allowing for a closer look at the clothing. Pressing allows players to enter Naut Couture and pressing similarly allows them to enter Crush Station, while pressing takes players back to the square in Splatsville.


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For a list of all merchandise sold at Man-o'-Wardrobe, see List of clothing in Splatoon 3.


SRL Fashion Desk again - it's our time to shine! Today we're showing off Man-o'-Wardrobe, the clothing shop operated by Jel La Fleur. No need to be jelly of this jellyfish's style when you can shop an intensely curated selection of tees, jackets, shirts, and more!
— @SplatoonNA on Twitter[1]


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Spending enough money at Man-o'-Wardrobe will reward the player with special badges that they can use on their Splashtag.

Man-o'-Wardrobe Badges
S3 Badge Man-o'-Wardrobe 100K.png 100K Man-o'-Wardrobe Club
S3 Badge Man-o'-Wardrobe 1M.png 1M Man-o'-Wardrobe Club



  • Man-o'-Wardrobe's name was teased in the Splatoon 3 Release Date Reveal Trailer, seen on the Slosher player's Splashtag Title.


Man-o'-Wardrobe is a portmanteau of a sea animal "Portuguese man o' war" and "wardrobe".

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ワンス・ア・ボン
Wansu a Bon
A pun on "Once upon (a time)" in English
Netherlands Dutch Modusa From Mode (fashion) and medusa (jellyfish)
Canada and France French Vestarium From Veste (vest) and aquarium (aquarium)
Germany German Médusalon From Meduse (jellyfish) and salon
Italy Italian La Modusa From La Moda (fashion) and medusa (jellyfish)
Russia Russian Каравелла
Spain Spanish Prêt-à-Ventouse From Prêt-à-Porter (French for "ready-to-wear"), ventar (to sell) and medouse (French for "jellyfish")
China Chinese (Simplified) 昔日服装店
xīrì fúzhuāngdiàn
Former days clothing store
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 昔曰服裝店
xīrì fúzhuāngdiàn
Former days clothing store
South Korea Korean 원스 어 본
wonseu eo bon
Same as Japanese
Portugal Portuguese Man-o'-Wardrobe Same as English