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Promo image showing various designs for Splashtags
Residents of Splatsville won't step (or swim) outside with a Splashtag. They function like a business card does for us humans. In the midst of battle, on the job, or even just in the plaza, Inklings and Octolings will have their Splashtags at the ready.

Splashtags are a Player Settings option in Splatoon 3. They are used to display players' in-game nicknames and can be customized with different designs, badges, and title combinations. Players can unlock new options as they play through Splatoon 3. Banners additionally feature a four-digit ID number to identify players with the same nickname, which is changed whenever the player changes their nickname.

Players can edit their Splashtag's appearance through the Status tab of the menu. After playing their first battle, players can register their Splashtag and pick their nickname at the Lobby Terminal located in the Battle Lobby. Players may then pick another nickname at any time, but must wait at least 30 days between changes.


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Various banners

Banners are the pattern found on Splashtags, consisting of a background color, pattern, or image with text color. They can be obtained from the Catalog, the Shell-Out Machine, the Salmon Run Shop, or via QR code.


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Various Badges

A variety of Badges can be earned through achievements and playing the game, and up to three of them can be displayed at once on the bottom-right corner of a player's Splashtag.


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Various Titles

Titles are displayed in the top-left corner of the Splashtag. They consist of two words or phrases that can be mixed freely to best reflect the player's personality. The player can shuffle titles to obtain a random combination. Aside from some special titles, each player will unlock titles in a different order as they play the game. Titles can also be obtained from the Catalog and Shell-Out Machine.


Whew! So that's what battles are like! Hey, did you happen to notice how some of your opponents had cool-looking name displays? Those are called Splashtags, and they're fully customizable to show off your personality! Wait... You haven't even set up a nickname for your Splashtag yet! You gotta show up in style to your next battle! Hit the lobby terminal and set a nickname, OK?

Now that you've got a fresh Splashtag, it's time to get out there and make it famous!

— In-game description
Squid Research Lab here with another monumental discovery! It seems that inhabitants of the Splatlands utilize these colorful banners to show off their style. And not just in battles! They're visible in a variety of settings and fully customizable based on gameplay.

For example, you can register a so-called title that reflects your personality. The more Turf War battles you wage, the more words you'll unlock. We're consulting with our staff mathematician, but we estimate there are a "gazillion" possibilities, scientifically speaking.

— @SplatoonNA on Twitter[2][3]
Inhabitants of the Splatlands use these colourful banners to show off their style - and not just in battles! They're visible in a variety of settings and fully customisable based on gameplay.

Choose a title that reflects your personality. The more Turf War battles you wage, the more words you'll unlock.

— @NintendoEurope on Twitter[4][5]



"Splashtag" is a portmanteau of the words "splash" and "hashtag".

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ネームプレート
Name plate
Netherlands Dutch Profiel profile
Canada and France French Splatiquette Splattag
Germany German Splashtag Splashtag
Italy Italian Splattargetta Splatplate
Spain Spanish (NOE) Insignia Insignia
China Chinese (Simplified) 名牌
Name plate
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 名牌
Name plate
South Korea Korean 네임 플레이트
neim peulleiteu
Name plate