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The Squid Sisters' album art.
Off The Hook album art.
For the music minigame Squid Beatz, see Arcade Machine.

This page is a collection of the various pieces of music found in Splatoon and Splatoon 2. Though the series' music is composed by Toru Minegishi, Shiho Fujii, and Ryo Nagamatsu, the various tracks are considered to be produced by a number of in-universe musicians and bands.


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Area Fictional Band Song Name Audio
Splatoon Character Create.jpg
Player customization
N/A Character Creation
Tutorial 1.jpg
Squid Squad Splattack! (Jam Session)

SplatoonMusic {{{3}}} File:Tutorial.ogg

Visiting Inkopolis Plaza

SplatoonMusic {{{3}}} File:Visiting Inkopolis Plaza.mp3

Inkopolis Plaza Tutorial

SplatoonMusic {{{3}}} File:Inkopolis Plaza Tutorial.mp3

S Band DJ Lee Fish.jpg
Booyah Base
DJ Lee Fish Lookin' Fresh (S Icon Ammo Knights.png Ammo Knights variant)

SplatoonMusic {{{3}}} File:Shop - Ammo Knights.ogg

Lookin' Fresh (S Icon Cooler Heads.png Cooler Heads variant)

SplatoonMusic {{{3}}} File:Shop - Cooler Heads.ogg

Lookin' Fresh (S Icon Jelly Fresh.png Jelly Fresh variant)

SplatoonMusic {{{3}}} File:Shop - Jelly Fresh.ogg

Lookin' Fresh (S Icon Shrimp Kicks.png Shrimp Kicks variant)

SplatoonMusic {{{3}}} File:Shop - Shrimp Kicks.ogg

Inkopolis 2.jpg
Inkopolis Plaza
N/A Inkopolis Plaza

SplatoonMusic {{{3}}} File:Inkopolis Plaza.ogg

Inkopolis News

SplatoonMusic {{{3}}} File:Inkopolis News.ogg

Inkopolis Plaza Speakers A

SplatoonMusic {{{3}}} File:Plaza Speakers A.ogg

Inkopolis Plaza Speakers B

SplatoonMusic {{{3}}} File:Plaza Speakers B.ogg

Inkopolis Plaza Speakers C

SplatoonMusic {{{3}}} File:Plaza Speakers C.ogg

Inkopolis Plaza Speakers D

SplatoonMusic {{{3}}} File:Plaza Speakers D.ogg

Inkopolis Plaza Speakers E

SplatoonMusic {{{3}}} File:Plaza Speakers E.ogg

Inkopolis Plaza Speakers F

SplatoonMusic {{{3}}} File:Plaza Speakers F.ogg

Inkopolis Plaza Speakers G

SplatoonMusic {{{3}}} File:Plaza Speakers G.ogg

Inkopolis Plaza Speakers H

SplatoonMusic {{{3}}} File:Plaza Speakers H.ogg

Inkopolis Plaza Speakers I

SplatoonMusic {{{3}}} File:Plaza Speakers I.ogg

Inkopolis Plaza Speakers J

SplatoonMusic {{{3}}} File:Plaza Speakers J.ogg

Inkopolis Plaza Speakers K

SplatoonMusic {{{3}}} File:Plaza Speakers K.ogg

Inkopolis Plaza Speakers L

SplatoonMusic {{{3}}} File:Plaza Speakers L.ogg


Fictional Band Song Name Audio

SplatoonMusic {{{3}}} File:Multiplayer Lobby.ogg

Battle Victory

SplatoonMusic {{{3}}} File:Multiplayer - Victory.ogg

Battle Defeat

SplatoonMusic {{{3}}} File:Multiplayer - Defeat.ogg

S Band Bob Dub.jpg
Bob Dub
Dubble Bath
S Band Squid Squad.jpg
Squid Squad

SplatoonMusic {{{3}}} File:Splatoon match start.mp3


SplatoonMusic {{{3}}} File:Multiplayer Splattack.ogg

Ink or Sink

SplatoonMusic {{{3}}} File:Multiplayer Ink or Sink.ogg


SplatoonMusic {{{3}}} File:Multiplayer Seaskape.ogg

Kraken Up

SplatoonMusic {{{3}}} File:Multiplayer Kraken Up.ogg


SplatoonMusic {{{3}}} File:Multiplayer Metalopod.ogg

Now or Never!

SplatoonMusic {{{3}}} File:Multiplayer Now or Never.ogg

S Band Chirpy Chips.jpg
Chirpy Chips

SplatoonMusic {{{3}}} File:Multiplayer Shellfie.ogg

Split & Splat

SplatoonMusic {{{3}}} File:Multiplayer Split and Splat.ogg

S Band Hightide Era.png
Hightide Era

SplatoonMusic {{{3}}} File:Multiplayer Hooked.ogg

Sucker Punch

SplatoonMusic {{{3}}} File:Multiplayer Sucker Punch.ogg


Event Fictional Band Song Name Audio
Splatfest Plaza 6.jpg
Squid Sisters Splatfest News

SplatoonMusic {{{3}}} File:Splatfest News.ogg

City of Color

SplatoonMusic {{{3}}} File:Splatfest Plaza.ogg

Splatfest Match Start

SplatoonMusic {{{3}}} File:S1 Splatfest Match Start.mp3

Ink Me Up
Calamari Inkantation (Final Splatfest Battle variant)
Now or Never!

Octo Valley

Image Fictional Band Song Name Audio
S Icon Cap'n Cuttlefish.png
N/A Cap'n Cuttlefish's Theme

SplatoonMusic {{{3}}} File:Cap'n Cuttlefish's Theme.ogg

S Icon Sunken Scroll.png
Sunken Scroll

SplatoonMusic {{{3}}} File:Sunken Scrolls.ogg

S Band Turquoise October.jpg
Turquoise October Eight-Legged Advance

SplatoonMusic {{{3}}} File:Octo Valley Cephaloparade.ogg

Tentacular Circus
Inkstrike Shuffle
Octoling Rendezvous
S Band DJ Octavio.jpg
DJ Octavio I am Octavio

SplatoonMusic {{{3}}} File:Octo Valley I am Octavio.ogg

I am Octavio (variant during missile fire)
S Band Squid Sisters.jpg
Squid Sisters Calamari Inkantation
Maritime Memory

SplatoonMusic {{{3}}} File:Octo Valley Maritime Memory.ogg


Image Singer Song Name Audio
Squid Sisters Amiibo announced Japanese.jpg Callie Bomb Rush Blush

SplatoonMusic {{{3}}} File:amiibo Bomb Rush Blush.ogg

Marie Tide Goes Out

SplatoonMusic {{{3}}} File:amiibo Tide Goes Out.ogg

Splatoon 2


Area Fictional Band Song Name Audio
Octolings Player Settings Customization.png
Player customization
Pearl Fest Zest (Player customization version)
Splatoon 2 Tutorial promo image.jpg
Wet Floor Inkoming! (Cloud Demo)

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Inkoming! Cloud Demo.ogg

Visiting Inkopolis Square

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Visiting Inkopolis Square.mp3

Inkopolis Square Tutorial

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Inkopolis Square Tutorial.mp3

S2 Band DJ Real Sole.jpg
DJ Real Sole New You (S2 Icon Ammo Knights.png Ammo Knights Variant)

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:New You Ammo Knights.ogg

New You (S2 Icon Headspace.png Headspace Variant)

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:New You Headspace.ogg

New You (S2 Icon Ye Olde Cloth Shoppe.png Ye Olde Cloth Shoppe Variant)

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:New You Ye Olde Cloth Shoppe.ogg

New You (S2 Icon Shella Fresh.png Shella Fresh Variant)

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:New You Shella Fresh.ogg

S Band DJ Lee Fish.jpg
Crust Bucket
DJ Lee Fish Lookin' Fresh

Splatoon2Music a File:Shop - Shrimp Kicks.ogg

Off the Hook Intro.jpg
Inkopolis Square News Studio
Off the Hook Inkopolis News
Inkopolis Square 3.jpg
Inkopolis Square
N/A Inkopolis Square

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Inkopolis Square.ogg

Inkopolis Square Speakers A

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Inkopolis Square Speakers A.ogg

DJ Lee Fish Inkopolis Square Speakers B

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Inkopolis Square Speakers B.ogg

Grizzco Industries Inkopolis Square Speakers C

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Inkopolis Square Speakers C.ogg

N/A Inkopolis Square Speakers D

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Inkopolis Square Speakers D.ogg

Inkopolis Square Speakers E

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Inkopolis Square Speakers E.ogg

Inkopolis Square Speakers F

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Inkopolis Square Speakers F.ogg

Inkopolis Square Speakers G

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Inkopolis Square Speakers G.ogg

Inkopolis Square Speakers H

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Inkopolis Square Speakers H.ogg

Inkopolis Square Speakers I

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Inkopolis Square Speakers I.ogg

Inkopolis Square Speakers J

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Inkopolis Square Speakers J.ogg

Inkopolis Square Speakers K

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Inkopolis Square Speakers K.ogg

The Shoal The Shoal (NA/EU/OC)[a] / イカッチャ (JP)[b]

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:The Shoal.ogg


Fictional Band Song Name Audio
Without a Dop Doubt
S Band Bob Dub.jpg
Bob Dub
Dubble Bath (DIY Remix)
S2 Band Wet Floor.jpg
Wet Floor

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Multiplayer Match Start.mp3


Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Multiplayer Inkoming!.ogg

Rip Entry

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Multiplayer Rip Entry.ogg


Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Multiplayer Undertow.ogg

Don't Slip

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Multiplayer Don't Slip.ogg

Endolphin Surge

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Multiplayer Endolphin Surge.ogg

Now or Never!
Turf Master

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Multiplayer Turf Master.ogg

Ink Another Day

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Multiplayer Ink Another Day.ogg

S2 Band Bottom Feeders.jpg
Bottom Feeders

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Multiplayer Shipwreckin'.ogg

Fins & Fiddles

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Multiplayer Fins & Fiddles.ogg

Seafoam Shanty

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Multiplayer Seafoam Shanty.ogg

S2 Band Ink Theory.jpg
Ink Theory
Broken Coral

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Multiplayer Broken Coral.ogg

Riptide Rupture

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Multiplayer Riptide Rupture.ogg

S2 Band Chirpy Chips.jpg
Chirpy Chips
Blitz It!

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Multiplayer Blitz It!.ogg

Wave Prism

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Multiplayer Wave Prism.ogg

S2 Band Diss-Pair.jpg

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Multiplayer Seasick.ogg


Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Multiplayer Kinetosis.ogg

S2 Band SashiMori.jpg

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Multiplayer Chopscrewey.ogg


Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Multiplayer Entropical.ogg


Area Fictional Band Song Name Audio
Logo Screen N/A Splatfest Logo Screen Background
News Off the Hook The Plan (Final Fest Announcement Version)
S2 Film vs. Book Colors.jpg
Inkopolis Square Stage
Splatfest News
Color Pulse

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Splatfest Color Pulse.ogg

S2 Band Off the Hook.jpg
Splatfest Battle
Ebb & Flow

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Splatfest Ebb & Flow.ogg

Acid Hues

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Splatfest Acid Hues.ogg

Acid Hues (In-game variant)

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Splatfest Acid Hues In-Game.ogg

Muck Warfare

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Splatfest Muck Warfare.ogg

Now or Never!
Fest Zest

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Splatfest Fest Zest.ogg

Shark Bytes (Final Fest Version)
Fly Octo Fly (Final Fest Version)
Squid Sisters Ink Me Up (Final Fest Version)
Spicy Calamari Inkantation (Final Fest Version)
Off The Hook ft. Squid Sisters Now Or Never (Final Fest)
N/A Party's Over

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Splatfest Party's Over.ogg

Match Start (Splatfest)

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Splatfest Match Start.mp3

Match Start (FrostyFest)

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Frosty Fest Intro Music.mp3

Match Start (Final Fest)

Salmon Run

Fictional Band Song Name Audio
S2 Band Grizzco Industries.jpg
Grizzco Industries
Happy Little Workers
Ever Further

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Salmon Run Even Further.ogg

S2 Band ω-3.jpg

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Salmon Run Tutorial.ogg

Deluge Dirge

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Salmon Run Deluge Dirge.ogg

Fishing Frenzy

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Salmon Run Fishing Frenzy.ogg

Frantic Aspic

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Frantic Aspic (ω-3).ogg

Octo Canyon

Image Fictional Band Song Name Audio
S2 Icon Marie.png
N/A Low Tide

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Octo Canyon Low Tide.ogg

S2 Band Turquoise October.jpg
Turquoise October Octo Canyon - World 1

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Splatoon 2 - Story - World 1.wav

Octo Canyon - World 2

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Splatoon 2 - Story - World 2.wav

Octo Canyon - World 3

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Splatoon 2 - Story - World 3.wav

Octo Canyon - World 4

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Splatoon 2 - Story - World 4.wav

Octo Canyon (NA/EU/OC)[a] / タコツボキャニオン (JP)[b]

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Splatoon 2 - Story - World 5.wav

Octo Eight-Step

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Octo Canyon Octo Eight-Step.ogg

The Girl from Inkopolis
Buoyant Boogie

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Octo Canyon Buoyant Boogie.ogg

Shooting Starfish

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Octo Canyon Octarmaments.ogg

S Band DJ Octavio.jpg
DJ Octavio feat. Callie Bomb Rush Blush
DJ Octavio feat. Callie vs. Marie Tidal Rush

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Octo Canyon Tidal Rush.ogg

S2 Band Squid Sisters.jpg
Squid Sisters Spicy Calamari Inkantation
Fresh Start

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Octo Canyon Fresh Start.ogg

Octo Expansion

Image Fictional Band Song Name Audio
S2 Icon Cap'n Cuttlefish.png
N/A Cap'n Cuttlefish's Theme (Octo)
Player Make (Octo)
S Band Squid Sisters.jpg
Squid Sisters Introduction
Kamabo Corporation Logo.png
N/A Abandoned Station

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Departure 1-2.mp3

Deepsea Metro Central Station

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Departure 2-3.mp3

Telephone's Theme

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Telephone.mp3

Inside the Deepsea Metro Car

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Inside Deepsea Metro Car).mp3


Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Test Passed.mp3

Thang Jingle

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Thang Obtained.mp3

Blender Complete

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Blender Complete S2 Octo.mp3


Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Escape!.mp3

The Plan

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:The Plan - Off The Hook.mp3

S2 Band Off the Hook.jpg
Off the Hook Nasty Majesty

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Octo Expansion Nasty Majesty.ogg

Shark Bytes

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Octo Expansion Shark Bytes.ogg

Last Boss Intro
Fly Octo Fly ~ Ebb & Flow (Octo)
Into the Light
S2 Band Dedf1sh.jpg
Dedf1sh Splattack! (Octo)
#0 shell

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Octo Expansion -0 shell.ogg

#1 progress

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Octo Expansion -1 progress.ogg

#2 ripped

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Octo Expansion -2 ripped.ogg

#4 dunno

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Octo Expansion -4 dunno.ogg

#5 thirsty

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Octo Expansion -5 thirsty.ogg

#6 frisk

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Octo Expansion -6 frisk.ogg

#8 regret

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Octo Expansion -8 regret.ogg

#9 party

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Octo Expansion -9 party.ogg

#11 above

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Octo Expansion -11 above.ogg

#12 awake

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Octo Expansion -12 awake.ogg

#13 shade

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Octo Expansion -13 shade.ogg

#14 crush

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Octo Expansion -14 crush.ogg

#16 salty

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Octo Expansion -16 salty.ogg

#19 bless

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Octo Expansion -19 bless.ogg


Fictional Band Song Name Audio
Splatoon2 Global Testfire HOME Menu Icon JP.jpg
Wet Floor
Inkoming! (Splatoon 2 Global Testfire Tutorial)
Inkoming! (Splatoon 2 Global Testfire)

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Testfire Inkoming!.ogg

Rip Entry (Testfire Version)

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Testfire Rip Entry.ogg

Undertow (Testfire Version)

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Testfire Undertow.ogg

Now or Never! (Testfire Version)

Final Splatfest

Area Fictional Band Song Name Audio
N/A N/A SPLATOCALYPSE (Final Splatfest Announcement – Background Music)

Splatoon2Music {{{3}}} File:Final Splatfest Announcement.mp3

DJ Octavio (ft. Various artists) Inkopolis Memorial Mixtape
Battle music

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