Pinging Marciale

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Pinging Marciale
Species Jelleton
Habitat Boss floors
Hair color
Eye color Red
Location 10F and 20F (Elusive-Bounder.Floor)
Maximum HP
Other forms
The Elusive Bounder
Pinging Marciale
— Pinging Marciale's boss introduction

Pinging Marciale is a Jelleton boss in Splatoon 3: Side Order.


The Pinging Marciale is a spherical echinoid Jelleton encased in a globular metal shell. The shell consists of three layers, each assembled with two bowl-shaped halves interlocked by metallic teeth. These teeth form a jagged crease that wraps around the Marciale between two facial ports on opposite ends of the shell. The exposed faces each consist of two lopsided red eyes and a circular mouth of five teeth, forming a star shape like the mouths of sea urchins.

When closed, the shell has 6 small holes across its crease that combine with the Pinging Marciale's two faces to form eight equidistant holes for firing Killer Wail 5.1 beams. After withstanding impact the shell's axis will crack apart, exposing more of the Marciale's internal mass and scattered red eyes.

In its first form, the shell is metallic in color and is surrounded by multiple protrusions shaped like custard pudding. The shells are connected by interlocking trapezoidal teeth.

In its second form, it becomes smaller. Its protrusions remain, although they now resemble wooden lids. Under certain circumstances, these lids can come free from the main body, revealing what appears to be rice underneath.

The third and smallest form of the Pinging Marciale resembles a sea urchin shell. The protrusions are almost completely gone and now resemble small bumps. Instead of interlocking teeth, the two halves are simply connected with a straight line along its axis.


The Pinging Marciale is only vulnerable on its exposed faces most of the time; however, certain attacks force it to open its shell and expose itself. It can attack by ramming (which also drops Suction Bombs if it is fought on 20F), dropping Splat Bombs (one at a time on 10F and three at a time on 20F), launching Homing Arpeggios, and firing Killer Wail beams along an axis. Attacking it makes it roll away from the direction it was hit in, possibly causing it to move out of reach.

The arena contains several bumpers, which cause the Pinging Marciale to bounce around on contact (as do the edges of the arena); if it hits a bumper, it receives damage and opens its shell (stopping the current attack if one was in progress) but produces a shock wave and summons Jelleton reinforcements. It should be noted that Battering Lentos try to push the Pinging Marciale around, making its subsequent rolling difficult to predict.

As it receives damage, the boss grows smaller and more bumpers appear in the arena. It also fires more Killer Wail beams at once and rolls more quickly. It becomes more difficult to hit as it gets smaller.


The following text is quoted from the Jelleton Field Guide.

Habitat: Boss floors
When it's rolling around, aim for
its exposed parts. If it hits a
bumper, it'll bounce off and leave
behind a swarm of fish. Not ideal,
but a chance for a Lucky Chain.
The other thing that happens
when it bounces is the shell opens
a little, making the insides easier
to hit. Go with whatever tactic is
best for your weapon.
Nobody's gonna talk about how it
suddenly charges you full steam,
huh? Better lay down some ink
and scram when that happens!
Think ahead and fight smart!



  • The Pinging Marciale shares its shape and an attack pattern with the Octowhirl.
  • When the Pinging Marciale's voice clips are stitched together, they make up the chorus of Fly Octo Fly.[1]
  • According to an interview in Famitsu, several features of Pinging Marciale are intended to mimic food-related items[2]:
    • The bumpers found on the ground are shaped like soy sauce dispensers, and when bumped into, soy sauce is spilled.
    • In its first form, the protrusions that Pinging Marciale has are puddings, and by colliding with the soy sauce from the bumpers, they become sea-urchin-flavored.
    • In its second form, the protrusions that Pinging Marciale has, become rice bins which contain sushi rice inside.


Pinging may refer to a short, high-pitched sound or an electronic message sent requesting a reply. It may also refer to how long it takes for digital data to be sent from one device to another over a network. It also might refer to the sound a pinball makes when it hits a bumper.

Marciale is a type of march tempo.[Citation needed]

Names in other languages

Translation needed
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Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ゴロゴロマルチャーレ
Gorogoro Maruchāre
Rolling Marciale
Netherlands Dutch Rollende Marciale Rolling Marciale
France French (NOE) Marciale erratique Erratic Marciale
Germany German Rollendes Marciale Rolling Marciale
Italy Italian Carcassa Rullante Rolling Carcass[a]
Russia Russian Катящееся орбитрале
Katyashcheesya orbitrale
From катящийся katyashchiysya ("rolling"), орбита orbita ("orbit"), and марциале martsiale ("marciale")
SpainMexico Spanish Marzia rodante Rolling Marzia[b]
China Chinese (Simplified) 翻滚行进
Fāngǔn xíngjìn
Rolling March
 Internal BallKing

The Elusive Bounder
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 閉じこもリ反発する
Toji komori hanpatsu suru
The Secluded and Rebounding
Netherlands Dutch De ongrijpbare stuiteraar The ungraspable bouncer
Germany German Davonkugelnder Koloss Rolling colossus
Italy Italian Il rimbalzatore elusivo The elusive rebounder
Russia Russian Неуловимый мегашар
Neulovimyy megashar
Elusive megaball

Translation notes

  1. Cass also means "resonance chamber". Cassa rullante is Italian for snare drum.
  2. Marzia is an Italian name, etymologically related to the god Mars and the term "martial".