Marina Agitando

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Marina Agitando
Species Octoling
Hair color
Eye color
Gender Female
Location Spire of Order
Maximum HP
Other forms
The Administrator of Order
Marina Agitando
— Marina Agitando's boss introduction

Marina Agitando is the imprisoned form of Marina and the boss of the first climb in Splatoon 3: Side Order. She is first met on 10F of the Spire of Order in the Control Room.

This form is shown to be controlled by a machine that is later shown as Order.


Marina Agitando wears the Controller VM and Marina's outfit from the Chaos vs. Order Splatfest, including the two diamond shapes on her left cheek. The tips of her tentacles are brown like the rest of the tentacles instead of blue with a galaxy pattern. Marina Agitando is visibly larger than Marina normally appears: Marina's height is 178 cm (5'10")[1], while her Agitando form is approximately six times larger. This is most likely for visibility purposes, as it would otherwise be difficult to see Marina from underneath during the fight, and she reverts to her regular size and remains at a consistent height after being rescued.

The base of the machine controlling Marina resembles an unusually long octopus tentacle covered by dark teal inky goop, with its tip curled around Marina's waist. During the fight, it gains a red hue and beats in a similar fashion as a human heart. On all four sides of this tentacle mound are speakers with a design resembling Overlorder's eyes, covered by a diamond-shaped frame. Black wires are plugged into and out of several suction cups. Gray wires are dangling from an open vent and going through several grates that are part of a square frame, then connected to the battery on Marina's back. Lastly, six spotlights and four cameras can be seen dangling from the frame.


Marina Agitando is protected by a barrier, which is maintained by four nearby portals. In addition to the Jelletons spawned by the portals, she will attack with a barrage of ink blobs and Super Chumps. Once her barrier is down, she can be attacked directly.


The following text is quoted from the Jelleton Field Guide.

Habitat: The top floor
I'm just glad Marina's OK. We have
Eight and Pearl to thank for that.
Thanks for getting me out of
there, everyone! I'll try to repay
the favor with my hacking skills.
We can stop Order if we all work
How DARE Order put Marina
through the wringer like that!
That thing's on my LIST!
We're gonna make Order pay!



  • Much like with Commander Tartar in Octo Expansion and Mr. Grizz in Return of the Mammalians, players can re-experience their first climb up the Spire of Order and the battle with Marina Agitando by interacting with the Controller VM preserved in two glass cases to the left of the elevator entrance in the foyer. Both of these options will set the player's Palette to be Pearl's if it isn't already.
  • Marina Agitando bears some similarities to Bomb Rush Blush, the final mission of Splatoon 2's Octo Canyon:
    • In both missions, the idol whose team lost the final Splatfest of the previous game is brainwashed with similar mind-controlling headgear, therefore becoming part of a boss fight in the next game.
    • Neither of the idols are directly attacked during the fight. Players must attack the machine responsible for Marina's mind control in order to free her, while Callie cannot be interacted with and is freed from her brainwashing once her hypnoshades are destroyed by Marie.
    • However, while the Octobot King II is the final boss of Octo Canyon, Marina Agitando is the first boss of Side Order; this in itself mirrors how DJ Octavio was the final boss of Octo Valley and Octo Canyon, but only the boss of The Crater in Return of the Mammalians.
  • The orange color the player is required to fight Marina Agitando with due to the structure of the tutorial run resembles that of the gold color used for Team Chaos in Chaos vs. Order. Whether or not this was intentional is unknown, although Marina wearing her outfit from the aforementioned Splatfest would imply that it is.


Agitando means agitated or restless. In musical composition, an "agitato" is a qualifying that means it has to be played with force and accuracy.

Names in other languages

Marina Agitando
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese イイダ・エジタンド
Iida Ejitando
Marina Esitando[a]
Netherlands Dutch Mariana-Agitando Marina Agitando
CanadaFrance French Coralie Agitando Marina Agitando
Germany German Marina Agitando Marina Agitando
Italy Italian Nori sconcertata Bewildered Marina[b]
Russia Russian Мариша фуриоза
Marisha furioza
Marina furiosa[c]
SpainMexico Spanish Agitazione marínica Marinic agitazione[d]
China Chinese (Simplified) 饭田·踌躇
Fàntián Chóuchú
Marina · Hesitating
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 飯田‧躊躇
Fàntián Chóuchú (Mandarin)
faan6 tin4 cau4 cyu4 (Cantonese)
Marina · Hesitating
South Korea Korean 이이다 에지탄도
iida ejitando
Marina Esitando
 Internal BarrierKingIida
The Administrator of Order
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 秩序の使い
chitsujo no tsukai
Emissary of Order
Netherlands Dutch De administrator der Orde The administrator of Order
CanadaFrance French L'ordonnatrice de l'Ordre The Organizer of Order
Germany German Administratorin der Ordnung The Administrator of Order
Italy Italian L'amministratrice dell'Ordine The administrator of the Order
Russia Russian Администратор порядка
Administrator poryadka
Administrator of order
SpainMexico Spanish Orden en aplicación Order in application
China Chinese 秩序的使徒
zhìxù de shǐtú (Mandarin)
Apostle of Order
South Korea Korean 질서의 사자
jilseo-ui saja
Emissary of Order

Translation notes

  1. "Esitando" is Italian for "hesitating"
  2. A pun on concerto (Italian for "concert")
  3. Фуриоза furioza ("furiosa") is an Italian word for "furious"
  4. Agitazione is an Italian word for "agitation"