Whirling Accelerando

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Whirling Accelerando
Species Jelleton
Habitat Walled-off areas
Hair color
Eye color Red
Location Spire of Order
Maximum HP
Other forms
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Whirling Accelerandos are Jelleton enemies in Splatoon 3: Side Order. When it sees the player, it charges up, hides its head, and rotates violently towards their direction, leaving a wide trail of ink behind.


The Whirling Accelerando's body consists of black ink housed by white exoskeletal plates forming a spinning top. The black ink bulges from the top in a heart shape, with two red eyes on each lump. This protrusion can withdraw into the exoskeleton underneath a white beak-like segment in the center, usually when the creature spins on the axis of its united conical legs. They could be based off wheel animalcules, judging by their mouthparts and association with spinning. Alternatively, their exoskeletal design and beak may be in reference to acorn barnacles.


  • Whirling Accelerandos can only be damaged when their weak spot, the head, sticks out. It is invulnerable while it is spinning.
    • When it stops spinning, it gets dizzy and stops moving for a few seconds with its head exposed.
  • After defeating one, it leaves behind its shell that the player can walk into to spin it forward. This then inks the ground and deals damage to enemies, bouncing off walls as it does so.
    • If the shell is not used after a certain amount of time, it vanishes. Regardless of whether or not it was used, the shell will also increase the Lucky Chain counter by 1.
  • While it is spinning, it cannot take damage from the player, but knocking a defeated Whirling Accelerando into it will turn it into a shell and immediately spin, inking in the player's favor.
    • Small Portals are almost one-shot by these shells. This can be used to quickly finish them off.
    • The damage dealt by shells spun by the player can be increased with the Rush Attack color chip.


The following text is quoted from the Jelleton Field Guide.

Habitat: Walled-off areas
Their heads are their weak spot.
Wait until it pokes out before you
shoot. Until then, while they're
spinning around...hope you're
light on your feet.
When you defeat one, it leaves
the shell behind. They make great
weapons! Just touch one, and it'll
slam into enemies and ink a path
for you as it goes!
So we can splat 'em to turn the
tables, huh? You know what to
do, Eight. Take these out, and
make its friends regret it ever
showed its sorry face!
Primo targets to use as weapons!



Accelerando is a musical term that indicates that a piece of music is to be played at an increasing speed. This references the Whirling Accelerando's speed when spinning.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 反射するコラパルテ
hansha suru koraparute
Reflecting Colla Parte
Netherlands Dutch Tollende Accelerando Spinning Accelerando
CanadaFrance French Accelerando toupie Spinning top Accelerando
Germany German Wirbelndes Accelerando Whirling Accelerando
Italy Italian Rapsodia sincopata Syncopated rhapsody
Russia Russian Вертящееся кружарте
Vertyashcheesya kruzharte
From вертеться vertet'sya ("to twirl"), кружиться kruzhit'sya ("to spin", "to circle"), and possibly кварте kvarte ("quarte")
SpainMexico Spanish Particella oscilante Oscillating particella
China Chinese (Simplified) 反弹的伴奏旋壳
fǎntán de bànzòu xuánké (Mandarin)
Rebounding Accompaniment Spinning Shell
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 反彈的伴奏旋殼
fǎntán de bànzòu xuánké (Mandarin)
Rebounding Accompaniment Spinning Shell
South Korea Korean 반사하는 콜라 파르테
bansahaneun kolla pareute
Reflecting Colla Parte
 Internal Sdodr_Enemy_Shell