Panicking Alla Mambo

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Panicking Alla Mambo
Species Jelleton
Habitat Octoling-free spaces
Hair color
Eye color Red
Location Spire of Order
Maximum HP
Other forms
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Panicking Alla Mambos are Jelleton enemies in Splatoon 3: Side Order, reserved solely for Defeat the fleeing foe! levels. When the player comes near a Panicking Alla Mambo, it runs away from the player and leaves behind a thin trail of ink. It can also drop Splat Bombs after taking off.


The Panicking Alla Mambo is a mechanical fish mostly encased in black ink. While most Jelletons are a bony matte-white inside, Panicking Alla Mambos are internally silver, resembling mechanical parts, except their red eyes, which pop out of their sockets. Panicking Alla Mambos have a wheel on their underparts and three exhaust pipes behind their fins, which they use to rapidly flee and leave a trail of ink behind. They seem to be based on the ocean sunfish.


  • If a bomb is thrown in front of a Panicking Alla Mambo, it flees in the opposite direction. This can be used to lure them towards the player.
  • Panicking Alla Mambos' speed significantly reduces when they are on the player's ink, so inking their trail makes splatting them an easier task.
  • Chips such as Homing Shots, Shot-Spread Reduction, and Sticky Ink make it far easier to defeat a Panicking Alla Mambo.
  • The Panicking Alla Mambo will not react to the player's presence if they are swimming in ink slow enough as to not make waves.
  • Knocking a Panicking Alla Mambo off the ledge counts as defeating it. Players can use the Order Brella's shield, the Order Blaster's knockback damage, or any other attack with strong knockback to do this.
  • They will not react to a Whirling Accelerando's top moving towards them, making them good utilities to take out Panicking Alla Mambos.


The following text is quoted from the Jelleton Field Guide.

Habitat: Octoling-free spaces
These cowards run when Eight
gets close. But your ink slows
them down, so chase them onto
ground you've inked, and it's like
shooting fish in a barrel.
They'll run from your bombs
too. You can use that to your
advantage to flush them onto
your own turf.
You're never gonna outrun these
suckers, so you've gotta
outsmart them instead. Make
me proud, Eight!
They can't escape a good plan!


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  • Panicking Alla Mambos are very similar to the Tentakooks in Hero Mode, being a fleeing foe that spurts out bombs when cornered. However, they are less prone to inking turf on their own and are easily slowed by the player's ink.
  • They are also comparable to Goldies, being similarly shiny, having higher HP and being only seen in specific events (Goldies in Goldie Seeking and Glowflies, and Panicking Alla Mambos in its specific mission).
  • The Panicking Alla Mambo seems to be the only non-boss Jelleton that is partially made out of metal.


"Alla" is an Italian musical term meaning "in the style of". In this case, "Alla Mambo" is musical direction to perform in the style of mambo, a style of Cuban dance music. Mambo may also be a pun on "manbo", the Japanese word for ocean sunfish, which they resemble.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 疾走するアラマンボ
shissō suru ara manbo
Sprinting Alla Mambo
Netherlands Dutch Nerveuze Alla Mambo Nervous Alla Mambo
France French (NOE) Alla Mambo fuyard Fleeing Alla Mambo
Germany German Türmendes Alla Mambo Fleeing Alla Mambo
Italy Italian Mambo evasivo Evasive mambo
Russia Russian Пугливое паникамбо
Puglivoe panikambo
Skittish panicambo
SpainMexico Spanish Mambo en desbandada Mambo in disbandment