Defeat the fleeing foe!

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Defeat the fleeing foe! or Defeat the fleeing foes! is one of the five main objectives in Splatoon 3: Side Order, alongside Destroy the portal!, Escort the turbine tower!, Protect the zone! and Sink the ∞-ball!


The objective of this Floor is to splat the Panicking Alla Mambos spreaded over the Floor, there are normally two or three of them. Panicking Alla Mambos will flee once they see the player or the player shoots at them. When they run they leave a thin trail of ink behind, and they will drop Splat Bombs if the player gets too close. A good strategy against them is to predict the path they will take and ink that path in advance, since their velocity slows down considerably when they run into the player's ink.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Netherlands Dutch Versla de vluchtende vijand!
Versla de vluchtende vijanden!
Defeat the fleeing enemy!
Defeat the fleeing enemies!
Italy Italian Sconfiggi il nemico sfuggente!
Sconfiggi i nemici sfuggenti!
Defeat the elusive enemy!
Defeat the elusive enemies!
Russia Russian Плюхни убегающих!
Plyukhni ubegayushchikh!
Splat the fleeing ones!