Turbine tower

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Agent 8 encountering a turbine tower

The turbine tower[1] is a mechanism in Splatoon 3: Side Order.

Guiding a turbine tower through a floor is one of the possible randomized objectives to choose from during a Spire of Order run.


The turbine tower highly resembles an oversized syringe filled with ink with a Sprinkler at its top and a propeller at its base. When its propeller component is shot at it moves forward upon a fixed path similar to how the Tower Control Tower operates, dispensing ink as it moves. It also fills up with ink when it is shot and loses ink after not being shot for a while. Like in Tower Control, there are multiple checkpoints. The turbine tower moves slower at these checkpoints and requires more ink to progress onward. A shockwave that launches nearby Jelletons occurs after clearing a checkpoint. The damage dealt by this shockwave will increase with the sound-wave damage chip.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese プロペラヤグラ
Puropera Yagura
Propeller tower
Netherlands Dutch Turbinetoren Turbine tower
CanadaFrance French Tourbine Portmanteau of tour ("tower") and turbine
Italy Italian Torretta a elica Propeller turret
Russia Russian Вертокрас
From вертеть vertet' ("to spin"), possibly вертолёт vertolyot ("helicopter"), and красить krasit' ("to paint")
South Korea Korean 프로펠러 타워 Propeller tower