Escort the turbine tower!

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Promotional image showcasing the "Escort the turbine tower!" objective.

Escort the turbine tower! is one of the five main objectives in Splatoon 3: Side Order, alongside Destroy the portal!, Defeat the fleeing foe!, Protect the zone! and Sink the ∞-ball!


A turbine tower will have to be transported across a rail that extends practically over all the Floor, very similar to how Tower Control works, with the difference that instead of standing on top of the objective, the player must fire at it. Between the tower's starting point and its goal, one or more checkpoints can be found, in the form of special rail that makes the tower considerably slower, as well as consuming ink rapidly. Clearing the checkpoint, however, creates a massive shockwave to clear nearby enemies, as well as prevent the tower from ever backtracking past that point.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Netherlands Dutch Escorteer de turbinetoren! Escort the turbine tower!
Italy Italian Scorta la torretta a elica! Escort the turbine tower!
Russia Russian Кати вертокрас к цели
Kati vertokras k tseli
Wheel the turbine tower to the goal