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Icon for Membux.

Membux are a type of collectible currency in Splatoon 3: Side Order. They are awarded as a reward for completing a floor.


The icon for Membux appears to be a stylized infinity sign with two vertical strokes through it, making it appear as a currency symbol.


Membux are the main currency Agent 8 can obtain and use while traversing the Spire of Order. While their most prominent usage is to purchase various goods at the Vending Machine Corner floors, they can also be used to escape an uncleared floor, gain another chance when all lives are exhausted, or reroll the available floors or items available in the vending machine as long as the respective hack is active. At the end of every run, Membux are converted to points with a 1:1 ratio, or 1:100 rounded up to Prlz.


Mem likely comes from "memory", with bux coming from "bucks", a colloquial term for money. The English name and names in other languages suggest an association with mem cakes.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ネリコイン
neri ("dough") + coin
Netherlands Dutch Neuri From neur(o)- (prefix relating to nerves, nervous tissue or the nervous system), and euri (hypercorrect and humorous term for "euros")
France French (NOE) Poulpèzes poulpe ("octopus") + pèze (colloquial term for "money")
Germany German Memoneten Memo + Moneten (colloquial term for "money")
Italy Italian Norilir From Nori ("Marina") + lire (currency of use in Italy before the euro)
Russia Russian Вспомбаксы
SpainMexico Spanish Pastimonedas "Dough-coins". Pasta + Monedas
China Chinese (Simplified) 忆界硬币
Yì jiè yìngbì
From 忆界宇宙 (the Chinese name of "Memverse") and 硬币 ("Coin")
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