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Artwork of Prlz.

Prlz (pronounced pearls)[1] are a type of currency in Splatoon 3: Side Order.


Prlz are a special condensed energy that are formed within and around the Spire of Order.

The main way Prlz are earned is through converting the total score into Prlz after an attempt to ascend the Spire of Order (a "run"), regardless of it being successful or not.

At the end of a run, the player's color chips and Membux will be converted into points, which are then converted into Prlz at a rate of 100p to Prlz 1, rounded up. Color chips are exchanged at a rate of 500p/Prlzs 5 per chip, while Membux are exchanged at 1p/Prlzs .01 per unit. Collecting multiple color chips of the same tone in a row will add an incrementing Tone Chain Bonus in the endscreen, starting at 100p/Prlz 1 for the second chip and increasing by 100p/Prlz 1 for each consecutive chip, while collecting six color chips of different tones in a row will add a Prism Bonus worth 500p/Prlzs 5. If the run is successful, any remaining lives are converted into 400p/Prlzs 4 per life remaining, and if Risky Rewards is activated, the final score is multiplied by the Risky Rewards modifier with regards to determining the number of Prlz obtained - however, a failed run with Risky Rewards causes the Prlz collected to get a 0.0x multiplier instead.

Outside of runs, players can earn Prlz in a variety of ways:

  • Purchasing them in vending machines with Membux. (x25)
  • Defeating a boss floor with a Palette that has already beaten that floor. (x20 at Floor 10, x10 at Floor 20)
  • Clearing specifically marked floors, indicated by the Prlz on the left side of the tower. (x25 at Floor 5, x15 at Floor 15, x5 at Floor 25)
  • Collecting color chips for the first time, then opening the color chip collection. (x3)
  • Opening lockers. (Varies)


Prlz can be exchanged for hacks (permanent upgrades) outside the Spire of Order or locker decorations, locker stickers, banners, and gear in Cipher's shop.

Permanent upgrades shop

Main article: Marina's Hacks

Cipher's Siftings

Item Cost
Locker Decorations Marching Andante Prlzs 10
Swarming Languendo Prlzs 10
Battering Lento Prlzs 10
celebratory pancake Prlzs 10
Panicking Alla Mambo Prlzs 20
Drizzling Capriccioso Prlzs 20
puzzle with missing piece Prlzs 20
memorable picture book Prlzs 20
Whirling Accelerando Prlzs 30
Springing Spiccato Prlzs 30
dead-C toy piano Prlzs 30
nostalgic mobile Prlzs 30
Spawning Accordo Prlzs 50
Homing Arpeggio Prlzs 50
inseparable anglerfish Prlzs 50
Towering Nobilmente Prlzs 100
Gushing Trionfale Prlzs 100
beloved toy Prlzs 100
Stickers dream tapestry 01 Prlzs 15
dream tapestry 02 Prlzs 15
dream tapestry 03 Prlzs 15
dream tapestry 04 Prlzs 15
dream tapestry 05 Prlzs 15
Marina Order graffiti Prlzs 20
Pearl Order graffiti Prlzs 20
Callie Order graffiti Prlzs 20
Marie Order graffiti Prlzs 20
pixel Big Man Prlzs 30
pixel Frye Prlzs 30
pixel Shiver Prlzs 30
pixel Marie Prlzs 30
pixel Callie Prlzs 30
pixel Sheldon Prlzs 30
pixel Pearl Prlzs 30
pixel Marina Prlzs 30
pixel Eight Prlzs 30
pixel Agent 4 Prlzs 30
pixel DJ Octavio Prlzs 30
pixel Murch Prlzs 30
Jelleton sticker Prlzs 50
Pearl wallpaper Prlzs 100
Banners Memverse Inkopolis Square Banner Prlzs 200
Pearl Drone Banner Prlzs 200
Graffiti Banner Prlzs 200
Pixel Characters Banner Prlzs 200
Gear Order Regulator Replica Prlzs 333
Controller VM Prlzs 333
Parallel Mask Prlzs 333
Pearl Plushie Prlzs 888


Prlz is a leetspeak style abbreviation of pearls, possibly in reference to Pearl.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese シンジュ
From 真珠 shinju, pearls
Netherlands Dutch Parels Pearls
CanadaFrance French Péperles[a] Pepearls
Germany German PRLN From Perlen ("pearls")
Italy Italian Perle Pearls
Russia Russian Жемкойны
Pearl coins
SpainMexico Spanish Perlas Pearls
China Chinese 珍珠
South Korea Korean 진주
 Internal Sdodr_Jem[2] Gem

Translation notes

  1. The name of the currency is inconsistent. In the French trailer, gameplay footage calls them "perlettes" (pearlies) while the voice-over refers to them as "péperles". Additionally, the name may be a pun on the word pépettes, an informal way to refer to money.