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S3 Frye Render.png
Frye in Splatoon 3
Species Inkling
Hair color   Yellow/Purple
Eye color Golden/Orange/Purple
Gender Female
Location Splatsville, Alterna
Say it with sizzle... I'm Frye!
— Frye introducing herself in Return of the Mammalians

Frye is a character in Splatoon 3 and one of the three members of the band Deep Cut, alongside Shiver and Big Man, with whom she co-hosts both Anarchy Splatcast, the news show of Splatsville, and Splatfests. She is also the second reachable boss of Return of the Mammalians. Her signature color is yellow.

She is voiced by Laura Yokozawa.[1]


Frye is an Inkling with medium brown skin and a round face, with darker brown lips and large eyes under round yellow triangle eyebrows. Her irises are golden, with yellow pupils in the shape of a plus, similar to that of the Squid Sisters and Pearl. Her Inkling eye mask is fairly large and exaggerated, and ends with points that lift off the sides of her face. On top of her eye mask are thick yellow eyelashes with an orange gradient at the ends. Her top teeth are sharper and more prominent than other Inklings, and sometimes peek out of her closed lips like fangs.

Frye's yellow tentacles are thin and wavy, and reach about shoulder length. She styles them in two parts: one lock tied with an off-white cord framing the left side of her face, and the other tucked behind her right ear, baring most of her forehead. Her tentacles end in a light purple gradient. Frye's ears are longer and pointier than those of other Inklings, with a slight orange blush at the tips. Her right ear is pierced with three moray eel tooth-shaped earrings.

Frye has a fun, yet rebellious sense of fashion, with a possible root in traditional Indian culture. Her outfit consists of a sleeveless yellow turtleneck crop top under a small yellow shawl made from a shiny translucent material. She wears off-white pants that are extremely baggy, pulling inspiration from the traditional costume of certain Indian dances. Three holes on the left side of her pants reveal she wears black leggings underneath. Around her waist is a thin tan rope belt; hanging from it on the left side is a large golden squid charm with two purple tassels tied through holes in the ornament. On the top left of her head is a golden-colored hat resembling chunks of fried squid.[2] Her feet are partially covered by off-white toe-less socks.

In Alterna, she also wears a tan and white eel mask, with possible inspiration taken from Japanese tanuki masks.

During Splatfests, any part of Frye's appearance that is normally yellow changes to match the color of her Splatfest team, while any part that is normally purple changes to a color directly opposite of her Splatfest team: including her fingertips, toes, mouth, squid charm tassels, and pant hole edges. In addition, her fingertips and toes glow in the dark while her shawl lights up with the music.

Personality and traits

Frye is peppy and reckless, often wearing her emotions on her sleeve. She is known for her fearlessness and audacity, often rushing headfirst into dangerous situations without fear or hesitation. This tends to get her into trouble, which Big Man and Shiver have to save her from. Though she can sometimes appear menacing or brag about her abilities, it is all in good fun, and at her core, she is a kind and fun-loving individual.

She possesses a deep love for singing and dancing, being trained in both at a young age and becoming very physically fit as a result. She likens the different forms of her eel attacks to dances, and often dances when excited. Because of this, she is also extremely gluttonous, as evidenced by her Splatfest dialogue, where she frequently talks about food and chooses food-related teams. She has stated that she is not picky and will eat anything.

Frye can also be slightly airheaded, noted for consistently breaking into dance in the middle of Salmon Runs instead of focusing on the enemy, as well as only focusing on the "big boss" rather than the lessers. She also prefers to use a head-on approach rather than a nuanced strategy, completely ignoring the Grizzco employee handbook and stating that her winning strategy for Turf War is to "splat your enemies...then splat them again! And again!" She can also be quite the prankster, as she has a habit of stealing her bandmates' snacks, and once gave Big Man a chocolate-covered onion on Valentine's Day.


Frye's Boss Introduction.

Early life

Frye was born into the Onaga clan, a family of eel charmers[3] well-known for representing the Splatlands. She was raised by her grandfather, as her parents have been travelling the world since she was a child, and grew up alongside a younger brother and younger twin sisters.[4] Due to being busy with dance lessons and eel training, Frye notes not having had the time to make "real friends" as a child, although she used to sneak out quite a bit. She met Shiver and Big Man through their familial ties during their childhoods, but remained nothing but acquaintances with them at the time. In middle school, Frye was noted as "a little bit wild, a little bit reckless" student; in school, Frye was classmates with Shiver, and the two began looking out for each other, then started to bond over their shared love of singing. They would often go to the school rooftop and sing together, before deciding they wanted accompaniment, which lead to them seeking out Big Man, a pianist. This led to the formation of Deep Cut as it is known today.[5]

After this, an older classmate asked the trio to make a cheering song for a school competition. Big Man and Frye agreed, but Shiver demanded 30,000G payment, which led to the creation of Hide and Sleek, Deep Cut's very first song. A local bowling alley commissioned a song for a commercial, to which Shiver hiked their price up to 300,000G, and what resulted was their second song, Smeared Canvas, with lyrics inspired by Frye's observation that "the world is a big bowling ball". The success of the commercial, and the song along with it, made Deep Cut relatively well known in the Splatlands.[6]

Several years later, Deep Cut was made the hosts of the Anarchy Splatcast.

Splatoon 3

By the time of Splatoon 3, Deep Cut had become relatively well known within the Splatlands for both their music and the Anarchy Splatcast. As part of Deep Cut, Frye announces Big Runs, reports stage rotations, and hosts Splatfest events, performing her solo song, Anarchy Poisons (Snake Mix), and Anarchy Rainbow for the entire event. They are also the ones who initially report the news of the Great Zapfish's third disappearance.

Return of the Mammalians

Frye and the rest of Deep Cut are initially hostile to Agent 3 and the New Squidbeak Splatoon, declaring that all treasure in Alterna is theirs to plunder and that they will not let anyone else have it. Later, when the New Squidbeak Splatoon agrees to give Deep Cut the treasure (after using it to remove Fuzzy Ooze), they explain that their bandit activities were to give back to the people of the Splatlands, and never meant harm to the New Squidbeak Splatoon. They decide to become Marie's employees and the player's allies, and help them in defeating Mr. Grizz. Frye uses her eel charming abilities to create a whirlpool that arcs high into the air, helping boost Agent 3 into outer space.


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Frye is the second boss of the single-player campaign, Return of the Mammalians, and the first Deep Cut boss. Her boss kettle is found on the Cozy & Safe Factory site.


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Fictional Band Song Name Audio
S3 Band Deep Cut.png
Anarchy Poisons (Snake Mix)


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  • In the Japanese version, she speaks with the personal pronoun washi (most commonly used by old men), adding "ja", "zo", and/or "na" at the end of her sentences, and addresses people she isn't close with as omae-san. While this is associated with being old-fashioned, this pattern is also close to the Chūgoku dialect, particularly that of Hiroshima, and has a "jolly" association with the tone. The connotation of speaking like an old person is lampshaded in the Japanese version, as she makes the comment:「最近の若いもんはつまらんのう」or "The Youth of today are so dull," during her first meeting with the New Squidbeak Splatoon.
    • The habit of using the pronoun washi was picked up from her grandfather, who raised her.[4]
    • Also in the Japanese version, the phrasing Frye uses to describe herself ("dancing gangster"), also used as a subtitle in her boss fight, refers to moray eels being nicknamed "gangsters of the sea" (海のギャング) in Japan, hinting at her eel association.
  • Splatoon 3's Sunken Scroll 11 reveals that Frye is a descendant of the Onaga Clan, as her appearance and dress greatly matches the Inklings depicted, especially her eel mask. Additionally, there seems to be a genealogy on the left side of the page, marking where Frye falls in the family tree.
  • Frye is described to "sing with a melody that makes you feel as if a desert is in sight". However unlike Shiver, her voice actress (Laura Yokozawa) has a musical background that is different from her singing style, being that of jazz.[7]
  • During her boss battle, Frye uses the Indian pungi flute to summon her eels. This type of flute is used for a variety of practices, but is most commonly associated with snake-charming.
  • Frye's family crest depicts a pitcher plant, as in Japanese the word for pitcher plant, 靫葛; romanji: utsubokazura, and moray eel, 鱓; romanji: utsubo, are very similar.
  • If the player has Color Lock toggled, Frye's ink color in her boss fight changes from yellow to blue. Her design also changes with the yellow and the blue swapping places, and the face of the Octostomp's remains change color to blue.
  • Frye is the first Inkling to be explicitly shown to have a tongue in-game. The only time an Inkling's tongue had been shown previously was in the artwork for Splatoon's Naughty vs. Nice Splatfest.
  • In her dialogue in both the Rock vs. Paper vs. Scissors and Gear vs. Grub vs. Fun Splatfests, Frye is shown to be very indecisive.
  • One of Frye's speech soundbites bears a strong resemblance to a common English expletive. This is likely to be a coincidence.
  • The reason for Frye's noticeably large forehead may be due to large foreheads being a sign of beauty in Indian culture.[Citation needed]
  • When Frye introduces herself in Return of the Mammalians, her mask can be heard hitting Smallfry.
  • Frye has a brother two years younger than her who is going through his rebellious phase, as well as a pair of very young twin sisters.[8][9]
  • Frye's Tableturf Battle Deck implies that she prefers Splatanas, as it has both the Splatana Wiper and the Splatana Stamper.
  • Frye was 22 years old in early concept art in The Art of Splatoon 3.


"Frye" comes from the verb "to fry", the action of cooking food over heat, contrasting with Shiver's name, as the verb "shiver" usually happens when one is cold. A "fry" is also one of the collective terms for a group of eels.

"Utsuho" is a rare Japanese female given name usually spelled with the kanji 空 (sky/void) or 空穂 (sky/void-ear), which may also be read Utsubo. It is a pun on 鱓; romanji: utsubo, the Japanese word for "moray eel". This is in reference to Frye descending from a lineage of moray eel trainers.[10]

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 翁長 空帆(オナガ ウツホ)[4]
Onaga Utsuho
First name: From 鱓 utsubo (Japanese for moray eel).
Netherlands Dutch Muriël A female given name, which resembles part of murene and moeraal ("moray eel")
Canada and France French Angie Derived from anguille ("eel")
Germany German Muri Derived from Muräne ("moray eel")
Italy Italian Morena A female given name, which resembles murena ("moray eel")
Russia Russian Мурия
From мурена murena ("moray eel") and Мария Mariya ("Maria")
Spain Spanish Angie Derived from anguila ("eel")
China Chinese (Simplified) 曼曼
From 海鳗; pinyin: hǎi mán, Chinese for "moray eel". While her name uses a different character and tone, it sounds similar to the second character of the Chinese word for "moray eel".
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 曼曼
From 海鰻; pinyin: hǎi mán, Chinese for "moray eel". While her name uses a different character and tone, it sounds similar to the second character of the Chinese word for "moray eel".
South Korea Korean 우츠호
Transcription of Japanese name.
Portugal Portuguese Frye Same as English.
Translate logo.svg Internal IdolB[11] Being the second of the 3 idols and representing Team Bravo during Splatfest.

Introduction in other languages

Inkling Full 2.jpg
Translation needed
Add the Eel Deal in Portuguese. edit
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 三度のメシより オタカラ・ハント!

Sando no meshi yori otakara hanto!
Odoru gyangusutā, Utsuho![12]
Treasure hunts are more important than food to me!
I'm the dancing gangster, Frye!
Netherlands Dutch Maar voorstellen zal ik ons zeker!
Muriël, de moedige misdadiger![13]
But I will introduce ourselves for sure!
Frye, the valiant criminal!
Canada and France French Et on va te dire qui on est.
C'est moi, la reine des murènes... Angie ![14]
And we'll tell you who we are.
It's me, the queen of the moray eels... Frye!
Germany German Wir sind die Schatzjäger, die nie genug kriegen!
Gleich fließen die Muränen... Hier kommt Muri![15]
We are the treasure hunters who never get enough!
Soon the morays flow... Here comes Frye!
Italy Italian Ma ti dirò chi "siamo".
M'insinuo prima io... Sono Morena![16]
But I'll tell you who "we are".
I sneak in first ... I'm Frye!
Russia Russian Мы расскажем вам о нас!
Звать Мурия... Танцующая фурия!

My rasskazhem vam o nas!
Zvat' Muriya... Tantsuyushchaya furiya!
We'll tell you about us!
The name's Frye... The dancing fury!
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Lo vamos a dejar bien clarito.
Empiezo yo. Soy Angie... ¡coreógrafa marina!
We will explain it very clearly!
I'll start. I'm Frye... marine choreographer!
Spain Spanish (NOE) ¡Os lo explicaremos bien clarito!
Empezaré presentándome yo. Soy Angie... ¡coreógrafa marina![17]
We will explain it very clearly!
I'll start by introducing myself. I'm Frye... marine choreographer!
China Chinese (Simplified) 比起一日三餐更重视宝物!

Bǐqǐ yī rì sāncān gèng zhòngshì bǎowù!
Wǒshì hēibāng wǔzhě màn màn
The one who loves treasure even more than food!
I am dancing gangster Frye!
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 廢寢忘食的奪寶獵人!

Fèiqǐnwàngshí de duóbǎo lièrén!
Dàhǎizhōng de hēibāng wǔzhě, màn màn shì yě!
The treasure hunter who doesn't eat or sleep!
I am the dancing gangster from the sea, Frye!
South Korea Korean 탐욕스러운 보물 사냥꾼!
춤추는 갱스터 우츠호!

Tamyokseureoun bomul sanyangkkun!
Chumchuneun gaengseuteo Ucheuho!
The greedy treasure huntress!
(As well as) the dancing gangster, Frye!
Portugal Portuguese Mas vou explicar-vos para que fique claro.
Começarei por apresentar-me.
Sou a Frye![18]
Let me explain it to you so it's clear.
I'll start by introducing myself.
I'm Frye!

The Eel Deal

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 踊るギャングスター
Odoru gyangusutā
Dancing Gangster
Netherlands Dutch Eén voor alen, alen voor één One for eels, eels for one
a pun on "één voor allen, allen voor één" (one for all, all for one)
Canada and France French L'anguille de l'angoisse The eel of anguish
Germany German Muränen im Gesicht Moray eels on the face
Italy Italian Allarme murene Moray eels alarm
Russia Russian Мурена-горгона
Moray eel gorgon
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Te aniquila con sus anguilas She'll annihilate you with her eels
Spain Spanish (NOE) Te condena con sus morenas She'll punish you with her moray eels
China Chinese (Simplified) 黑帮舞者
Hēibāng wǔ zhě
Gangster Dancer
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 黑幫舞者
Hēibāng wǔ zhě
Gangster Dancer
South Korea Korean 춤추는 갱스터
Chumchuneun Gaengseuteo
Dancing Gangster