#35 caught

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#35 caught
Artist Octoplush
Game Splatoon 3
Heard in
Splatoon 3
0109 The String's the Thing
0307 Rail Pass
0407 Charge Now, Splat Later
0505 A Compulsive Collector's Paradise
0605 The Enemy Ink Is Lava!
0607 That Sinking Feeling
Album Splatune 3
Track list no. 24 (Splatune 3 Disc 2)
Genre Electronic
BPM 145
Key signature E minor
Length 3:53
Audio file
The correct title of this article is #35 caught. The substitution of the # symbol with the "fullwidth" # symbol is due to technical restrictions.

#35 caught is a song by Octoplush. It plays in certain missions in Alterna in Return of the Mammalians.


  • The name of the song is similar to the names of the songs made by Dedf1sh, which consist of a number and a word in all lowercase.
    • The structure is similar to Dedf1sh's songs as well, including a looping melody (like #14 crush), several traditional instruments that play mostly melody (also like #14 crush), and sounding more like ambiance with the darker tones in between (like, for example, #13 shade).


The use of the word "caught" could be referring to the feeling that the song seems to invoke, to be careful; don't be caught.