New You

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New You
S2 Band DJ Real Sole.jpg
Performer DJ Real Sole
Album Splatune 2
Game Splatoon 2
Heard in Splatoon 2 Squid Beatz 2
Ye Olde Cloth Shoppe
Shella Fresh
Ammo Knights
Length -
Genre -
Key signature -
Track list no. 28 (Squid Beatz 2)
24 (Splatune 2)

New You is a song performed by DJ Real Sole.


New You heavily samples Lookin' Fresh, and replaces Lookin' Fresh as the shopkeepers' themes in the Galleria. There are four different versions which loop in the shops, and unlike Lookin' Fresh, there is no "original version", as the track cycles through the different versions.

  • As S2 Icon Shella Fresh.png Shella Fresh focuses on items on the lower part of the body (shoes), its version focuses on the "lower" parts of the song, with an emphasis on percussion and bass. It is somewhat faded, composed almost entirely on the electric guitar, corresponding with Bisk's laid-back personality. Notably, this is also a reference to his interest in music, as an electric guitar sits on a stand in the back of his shop.
  • As S2 Icon Ye Olde Cloth Shoppe.png Ye Olde Cloth Shoppe focuses on gear worn on the middle of the body (clothing), its version emphasizes the melody or "middle" of the song. It features synthesized sounds and is rendered louder than the other versions, reflecting Jelfonzo's charismatic and energetic personality.
  • As S2 Icon Headspace.png Headspace focuses on gear worn on the head, its version reflects a contemplative or mindful tone, linking it to the head. It is simpler and more soothing, matching Flow's calm yet spacey personality.
  • The S2 Icon Ammo Knights.png Ammo Knights version is near-identical in theming to Ammo Knight's rendition of Lookin' Fresh, as it is heavily inspired by Sheldon's military background. It uses orchestra hits and features a rigid tempo meant to match the pace of marching soldiers. At the end of the song, a trumpet solo is played to replicate a Reveille (a military "wake-up call").

It can also be heard in Squid Beatz 2 and is one of the default songs unlocked from the start, with a maximum score of 143 and 326 in Normal and Hard modes, respectively.