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S3 Band H2Whoa.jpg
Artist H2Whoa
Game Splatoon 3
Heard in
Splatoon 3
BPM 185
Key signature E Major, G Major
Time signature 4/4
Length 1:19 (first loop)
Audio file

Aquasonic is a song in Splatoon 3 by H2Whoa, added in Version 5.0.0. It was first heard in a video demonstrating the Dread Wringer.


Aquasonic is a combination of aqua ("of water") and sonic ("of sound"), forming a coined word coordinate with adjectives related to audio (e.g. "ultrasonic") and speed (e.g. "supersonic"), hence suggesting imagery along the lines of "the sound of water" or "the speed of water". The word Aquaponic[1] is also a close reference, where fish and plants mutually benefit by giving nutrients by essentially feeding one another.