No Plan Survives

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No Plan Survives
S3 Band Riot Act.jpg
Artist Riot Act
Game Splatoon 3
Heard in
Splatoon 3
Genre Rock
Audio file

No Plan Survives is a song by Riot Act. It was first heard in a weapon demonstration video released on 14 February 2024[1] before being officially announced and having its name revealed on 21 February 2024.[2] It released on 1 March 2024 as part of Fresh Season 2024. Despite the artist only being credited as "Riot Act", this song also features Finn Feeder as a guest performer.


The name No Plan Survives comes from the paraphrased quote "No plan survives contact with the enemy", a shortening of a longer quote by Helmuth von Moltke the Elder concerning military engagements.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese No Plan Survives