Bear with Me

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Bear with Me is a song by Grizzco. It plays in in Splatoon 3's Return of the Mammalians during the battle against Mr. Grizz on The Spirit Lifter.


Bear with Me is a climactic track which plays during the battle against Mr. Grizz on The Spirit Lifter. The main melody is derived from that of Happy Little Workers, another song associated with Mr. Grizz. The full song is divided into three phases like the boss battle itself, and transitions from one phase to the next by fading between them without restarting.

The first phase is polytempic, with the accompaniment track being slightly slower than the main melody by a ratio of 31:32 (which means every 31 beats on the accompaniment has the same time length as 32 beats on the main melody, making it 122.0625 BPM).

Part of the second phase contains the melody from a segment of Fishing Frenzy.

The music goes from softer to much more loud and aggressive.


  • When playing the track on the jukebox, instead of going through all three phases of the song and looping, only the first phase plays before looping back to after the intro of the first phase.


The title of this song is a pun on "bear", Mr. Grizz's species, and the phrase "bear with me", used to request that someone act patiently. Additionally, the title is three words long, and the mean number of letters per word is three and a third, potentially referencing the number three being a recurring theme in Splatoon 3.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese クマサンからのおねがい
Kumasan kara no onegai
A Request from Mr. Grizz
Netherlands Dutch Bear with Me Same as English
Germany German Bear with Me Same as English
Italy Italian Bear with Me Same as English
Spain Spanish (NOE) Bear with Me Same as English