Triple Dip

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Triple Dip
S3 Band C-Side.jpg
Artist C-Side
Game Splatoon 3
Heard in Splatoon 3 Multiplayer
Length 2:53
BPM 180
Key Signature D minor
Audio file
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Triple Dip is a song performed by C-Side.


Triple Dip is a hard punk rock song. The song begins with the drums and the electric guitar starting the melody. After two hits of a cowbell, a shout is heard. A snare-heavy drum beat follows, accompanied by a deep electric guitar and bass. A short fill of toms cue from the drums before the higher-pitched vocalist starts singing, backed up by the deep guitar from the beginning. The higher-pitched vocalist is given a line to themselves, before the instruments join back in, accompanied by the lower-pitched vocalist. Shortly after an instrumental break, the two vocalists sing together, the higher-pitched one doing the majority of the singing during the verse. After the higher-pitched vocalist finishes singing, the drums play a fill of snares and kick drums, before the lower-pitched vocalist shouts and cues the instruments back in. The lower-pitched vocalist has a few lines to themselves, before the higher-pitched vocalist returns to sing like they did in the beginning verse, accompanied with chants of "Hey!" from the lower-pitched vocalist. The lower-pitched vocalist seems to laugh as the guitar and drums play the opening notes, and the song loops from there, albeit the loop starts with slightly different notes played by the guitar and drums, and the higher-pitched vocalist sings slightly different lines in the looped opening verse.

In Splatoon 3, it has a random chance of playing in a multiplayer battle.