Daybreaker Anthem

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Daybreaker Anthem
S3 Band Deep Cut.png
Artist Deep Cut
Vocals Anna Sato
Laura Yokozawa
Shiver (in-game)
Frye (in-game)
Big Man (in-game)
Game Splatoon 3
Heard in
Splatoon 3
Splatsville (after a Splatfest, before the results, since Version 5.0.0)
Battle Lobby in Splatsville (for 24 hours after a Splatfest, since Version 5.0.0)
Genre Electronic / Mixed
BPM 100
Key signature F major
Length 5:22
3:13 (music video)
Audio file

Daybreaker Anthem is a song performed by Deep Cut.


Daybreaker Anthem is a slow sentimental song similar to several credits songs throughout the series that starts with a soft introduction with familiar sounding instruments to other Deep Cut songs. The song opens with Frye singing solo with a duet between her and Shiver halfway. The second verse is sung by Shiver herself with the second half of the verse leading to a second duet between the two in a round with a group of vocalists singing in a shima-uta style much like how Shiver herself sings. Then a bridge between the second verse and the chorus is performed by Big Man. The chorus of the song has all three members singing once in unison to the tune of the song's introduction, and then again with Frye and Big Man singing together while Shiver sings backup vocals. Another verse begins with Frye, Shiver, and Big Man each singing a line in said order, then together they sing a motif of Anarchy Rainbow. This then leads into a repeat of the chorus with Shiver singing the first line and Frye singing the second, the chorus is then sung by Frye and Big Man, with Shiver providing backup vocals like earlier. The song ends with one final verse with all three members singing at once. One last instrumental plays to close out the song.

This song plays in Splatsville during the two-hour period between a Splatfest ending, and the results for said Splatfest being announced, starting in the Drizzle Season 2023 with the Shiver vs. Frye vs. Big Man Splatfest. This also plays as the default song in the Battle Lobby for 24 hours after a Splatfest ends.

Music video

The music video for Daybreaker Anthem was released on 11 September 2023. It features the first half of the song and fades out at around 3:00.


SRL New-Hotness Division here to hype Deep Cut's new song, Daybreaker Anthem! We got this note from Shiver and Frye: "There's nothing like the dawn of a fresh day after a Splatfest. This jam is for all the Splatlands real ones!" Give it a listen in the lobby.
— @SplatoonNA on Twitter[1]
To give appreciation for a #Splatoon3 Splatfest that will forever be inked into their memories, Deep Cut present to you their fresh single, Daybreaker Anthem!
— @NintendoEurope on Twitter[2]



  • In-universe, according to Shiver and Frye, Daybreaker Anthem was written to show Deep Cut's appreciation to the people of Splatsville for fighting to the end of a Splatfest. It is meant to capture the festive feelings that remain after a Splatfest ends.[3]

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 再見オネノネノン
Tsaichen Onenonenon[a]
"Tsaichen" is the Japanese pronunciation of the Chinese word 再見 zàijiàn "see you later"; "onenonenon" may come from the English "on and on and on".


  1. The announcement tweet specifies the reading of 再見 is ツァイチェン (tsaichen) rather than the expected saiken.