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S2 Band Diss-Pair.jpg
Performer Diss-Pair
Album Splatoon 2 Live in Makuhari -Tentalive-
Game Splatoon 2
Heard in Splatoon 2 Multiplayer
Squid Beatz 2
Vocals Ikkan (in-game)
Warabi (in-game)
Bass Ikkan (in-game)
Synth Warabi (in-game)
Length 2:42
BPM 160
Genre Heavy metal/EDM fusion
Key signature C minor
Track list no. 17 (Splatoon 2 Live in Makuhari -Tentalive-)
52 (Squid Beatz 2)
Audio file
And don't sleep on the latest track they've dropped, Kinetosis. This gem features Warabi's funk and dance-steeped programming, paired with a lively, bouncy bass beat that just won't quit. It's hard to know if these two are complementing or competing with one another, but whatever the case, the result is an overwhelming aural onslaught.

Kinetosis is a song performed by Diss-Pair.


Kinetosis is one of the four multiplayer songs released in Splatoon 2 Version 4.1.0. Like all battle songs, it has a random chance of being played during online matches. Kinetosis starts with a brief bass intro, leading into a series of punctuated synth beats while the bass plays strong in the background. The synth briefly alternates with an electric guitar, this alternation happening twice before moving into the verse, which features deep, husky vocals sung by Ikkan. The bass line briefly drops during this section, only to return halfway through alongside the electric guitar, building up to the chorus, which features distorted, electronic vocals by Warabi. After the chorus finishes, the intro plays again, and the song loops. It can also be heard in Squid Beatz 2, with scores of 186 and 304 in Normal and Hard modes, respectively.

The song was first revealed on the SplatoonJP Twitter[2] on October 1st, 2018 at 09:02 UTC. It was revealed on the Live from Squid Research Lab Tumblr later that day[1].


Kinetosis is a scientific term used to describe motion sickness.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
FlagJapan.svg Japanese Eazy Queazy