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SO Acht.png
3D art of Acht
Species Octoling (Sanitized)
Hair color Indigo with red tips
Eye color Yellow
Pronouns They/them[a]
Location Deepsea Metro, Order Sector
Maximum HP
Other forms
Cool it. I'm not your enemy.
Just another bystander who got sucked in.
First things first: I'm Acht.
— Acht introducing themself in Side Order[3]

Acht, also known by their stage name Dedf1sh, is a musician in Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion whose songs can be heard around the facilities of the Deepsea Metro. Once a normal Octoling, they entered the Deepsea Metro's underground test facility and became sanitized, losing their free will.[4] They make their first physical in-game appearance within Splatoon 3's DLC campaign, Side Order, in which they assist Agent 8, Pearl, and Marina as they climb the Spire of Order.


Fictional Band Song Name Audio File
S2 Band Dedf1sh.jpg
#0 shell
#1 progress
#2 ripped
#4 dunno
#5 thirsty
#6 frisk
#8 regret
#9 party
#11 above
#12 awake
#13 shade
#14 crush
#16 salty
#19 bless
Splattack! (Octo)
#0.1 style
#12.2 awakened
S2 Band Off the Hook.jpg
Off the Hook feat. Dedf1sh
Spectrum Obligato ~ Ebb & Flow (Out of Order)
S2 Band Dedf1sh.jpg
Dedf1sh feat. Off the Hook
#47 onward

Before the release of the Octo Expansion, a video titled "Catalog Mix" featuring short sections of some of Acht's songs was uploaded.[5] The only Dedf1sh song that was named prior to Octotune's release was Splattack! (Octo).


3D artwork of Acht in Side Order

Though Acht never makes a physical appearance in the Octo Expansion, they can be seen using a turntable in their album artwork. They are a sanitized Octoling with a pale green skin tone; unlike other sanitized Octolings, their hair color is a gradient of indigo to red. The tips of their fingers are tinted bright red to black in a manner similar to Marina and Shiver. Shown only over the waist, they appear to wear a loose black shirt or dress that hangs over their left shoulder by a thin strap. They wear a pair of Octoling Shades as well as large, silver headphones atop a monochrome black and white baseball cap that features the same logo seen on Paul's hat. They additionally wear a cuff bracelet featuring a black to red halftone gradient on their right wrist.

In Side Order, Acht makes their first physical appearance in the Splatoon series. Their appearance in this mode highly resembles their previous artwork-exclusive appearance; they are revealed to wear a thigh-length dress with a slit on the left side with red lace-up stitching, as well as high-heeled knee-length laced black boots. The back of their hair is mostly shaved and features a tentacle in the center back, while the two sides have shaved portions resembling the katakana "ミ" and "ズ" from top to bottom on the left side and "タ" on the right side, spelling out their Japanese last name "ミズタ" (Mizuta). They additionally keep heavy bandaging on their left arm, which they explain as having originated in a Jelleton attack, until the second part of the first boss battle with Overlorder, and wear a red-tinted visor loosely resembling Octoling Shades. The tips of their tentacles, as well as the red part of their bracelet, appear to glow in the dark. During the Overlorder battle, they slightly move their headphones away from the right ear, revealing a set of four metal earrings, two hoops and two barbells.

Before becoming Sanitized, Acht had a peach skin tone, yellow eyes, a worried look on their face, and reddish-brown hair that faded to blue at the tips (similar to an inversion of their Sanitized appearance). Their eyes had a triangular shape, three eyelashes, and black and yellow pupils shaped like an infinity symbol, just like Marina and Shiver's. Acht also wore five piercings on each ear (six in the last page of Marina's Dev Diaries), and their back tentacles were not yet shaved. As revealed in the second-to-last page of the Dev Diaries, they used to wear the Octarian soldier uniform in a different fashion than the others, with their undershirt having a mid-length sleeve on the left arm and their shorts having a long right leg; additionally, they did not wear a glove on their left hand and instead wore a silver bracelet.


Early life

Acht previously worked in the Octarian army. Unlike how Octarians are expected to behave, Acht often skipped lectures and slacked off, which often landed them in the instructor's office. They express relief not having to work in the front lines, as they describe it as being too much work, having instead being assigned to do some behind-the-scenes security. They used to be friends with Marina, having borrowed records from each other. Acht was pondering if Marina, being an assigned an elite position and a diligent worker, would get into trouble with hanging out with a slacker like them. After Marina's desertion caused chaos in the army, Acht mentions that they weren't left with much else to do other than making music. They mentioned that there was a "club way down in the lowest levels of the base", that was the only place they could perform their music without being caught by their officers and high-ranking officials.

Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion

Unseen during the Octo Expansion, Acht (Only known as Dedf1sh before the Side Order trailer) is the producer of the music heard throughout Kamabo Co.'s facilities. Before their disappearance, Acht was a promising DJ who spent most of their days making and mixing songs.[6] They had learned every genre of music, causing their music to be described as "mimetic".[6] They are diligent and hardworking,[6] but it is said that they had "doubts and conflicts about production" so they let themselves be sanitized to devote themselves to nothing but music.[7] Due to their sanitization, they do not make music considering others, instead letting what comes out of their "inner self" take form.[8]

Splatoon 3: Side Order

Acht holding a color chip.

Acht makes their first physical appearance in Side Order, first encountered in the elevator inside Spire of Order as Agent 8 and Pearl board it for the first time. Though unsure of how they came to arrive in the Order Sector, they heard Marina's cries for help at the top of the Spire of Order; recognizing her as one of their old schoolmates, they went in to rescue her. However, Acht was swarmed by Jelletons upon entering the Spire, and their left arm was injured in the attack, forcing them to seek refuge inside the elevator. They have a laid-back, somewhat sarcastic personality and tend to speak in a cool, emotionally distant manner, even though not completely emotionless, as they frequently cheer for Agent 8's success.

Acht mentions that they also have skills in hacking, but that they're not as good as Marina.

During the initial battle against Overlorder, just before it can grayscale the minds of everyone on Earth, Acht suddenly appears. Pearl and Marina begin to perform Spectrum Obligato ~ Ebb & Flow (Out of Order) with them, resuscitating Agent 8 and setting the stage for them and Pearl to turn the tides and ultimately triumph.

Following the Overlorder's defeat, Off the Hook invites Acht to join them and Eight on their world tour. Together the four enter the final elevator, leaving the Memverse and returning to the real world.


Splatoon 2

Everyone, meet Dedf1sh. Previously a promising, up and coming DJ, her pursuit of breakbeat perfection eventually led her to a subterranean test facility, where she was "sanitized." Though little of her former self remains, she continues crafting DJ delicacies, and the halls of the test facility echo with her bumping tracks to this very day.

Splatoon 3

You know them as Dedf1sh, underground DJ extraordinaire, but get ready to meet them as Acht, an Octoling pulled into this world like Agent 8. They've been here a while, so they have the deets on things even we at the SRL don't know about the Spire of Order, color chips, and more.
— @SplatoonNA on Twitter[9]

Nintendo Magazine 2023 winter

Acht, a mysterious Octoling formerly known as the musician "Dedf1sh" seems to have wandered into this world, just like Agent 8. Despite having unclear objectives, this ally will provide support to climb the Tower.
— Nintendo Magazine 2023 Winter Edition[10]

Splatoon Base

A diligent DJ who spent most of her days producing and mixing tracks. She studied all genres of music and was proficient enough to borrow whatever she wanted from any of them, drawing praise from critics and fans alike! Ultimately, she was such a perfectionist that she allowed herself to become sanitized in a subterranean test facility.
— Splatoon Base[11]



  • In their album art, Acht uses a series of turntables each with the number 8 on them and eight buttons, corresponding to an octopus' number of arms and the overall recurring number 8 through the Octo Expansion.
  • The background of Acht's album art features the Kamabo Corporation logo, also seen in places such as the CQ card and C.Q. Cumber's hat.
  • Acht's numbered catalog of songs in the Octo Expansion appears to be missing select numbers: 3, 7, 10, 15, 17, and 18. When adding the numbers from the title of each song and then dividing the total by the number of songs Acht has composed, the result is 8, a recurring number in the Octo Expansion.
  • Originally, the music in the Octo Expansion's stations was planned to only be background music without a musician or any sort of backstory. After Seita Inoue ended up liking the music a lot, he created Acht to bring more attention to it.[8]
  • The Octoplush song #35 caught follows the same naming convention as Acht's numbered songs.
  • In the Japanese script for Side Order, Acht uses ボク (boku) as their personal pronoun, which is typically considered masculine but is also used by tomboys and people who are non-gender conforming.[12]


Acht is German and Dutch for "eight", referring to an octopus's number of limbs. Acht also means "attention, heed".

Dedf1sh is a portmanteau of "dead" (possibly in reference to their sanitization and no longer showing vital signs) and "fish". The name is likely mimicry of the DJ and musician deadmau5 as both are stylized in leetspeak, which is a nod to computer hacking evidenced by the purposeful misspelling of "dead" and their song titles.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ミズタ アハト[13][note 1]
Mizuta Ahato
Last name: Derived from mizudako, Japanese for Giant Pacific octopus
First name: Japanese rendering of "Acht" (German/Dutch for "eight")
Netherlands Dutch Smarachne (in-game)
Acht (promotional)[14]
From smaragd ("emerald"), acht ("eight"), male and female given name Agne, and possibly Arachne
France French (NOE) Eyte (in-game)
Acht (promotional)[15]
Warped version of "eight"
Same as English
Germany German Ahato From the Japanese rendering of "Acht"
Italy Italian Acht Same as English
Russia Russian Окта
From окто okto ("octo") and possibly октава oktava ("octave")
SpainMexico Spanish Acht -
China Chinese 水田
Shuǐ tián

Translation notes

  1. In the Japanese version of the Side Order trailer, Acht introduces themself with their surname ミズタ (Mizuta) rather than their given name


  1. Despite being referred to using she/her pronouns in promotional material for Splatoon 2,[1][2] Acht is consistently referred to with they/them pronouns in Side Order and its promotional material.