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Octostriker Artwork.jpg
An Octostriker
Species Octarian
Hair color
Eye color Unknown
Gender Unknown
Location Octo Valley
That's an Octostriker! Beware the Inkstrike. Get out of the way when you see it coming!

The Octostriker is an Octarian, and a variation of the Octobomber. It appears in the missions Unidentified Flying Object, Undeniable Flying Object, Unwelcome Flying Object, and Unavoidable Flying Object in Octo Valley.


In each level, an Octostriker rests in a pool of purple ink atop a flying saucer over the stage. When Agent 3 arrives, a short cutscene shows it awakening and beginning to fire Inkstrikes from a cannon on its head. Agent 3 must then navigate the level and its various enemies while evading these attacks. However, a large purple marker on the ground allows Agent 3 to anticipate them, and the Octostriker cannot target them at all if they are hiding in their own ink. At the end of the mission, they will be able to Super Jump up to the Octostriker's flying saucer and engage the creature directly, making it something of a mini-boss.

When Agent 3 arrives on the saucer, the Octostriker will float out of its pool and begin flying around, though rather slowly and awkwardly. It can still launch Inkstrikes, but its main defense is the group of other Octarians it summons, which must be splatted or evaded by Agent 3. Either way, the Octostriker takes priority; defeating it ends the mission, splatting all other Octarians aboard the saucer. It also drains the pool of ink, revealing the Zapfish powering the saucer.

The other Octarians summoned by the Octostriker vary depending on the mission; Unidentified Flying Object and Undeniable Flying Object have Octocopters, Unwelcome Flying Object contains Octotroopers, and Unavoidable Flying Object has Octobombers. The layout of the saucer also varies, with Unidentified Flying Object having a plain, uncluttered surface, Undeniable Flying Object with Gushers, Unwelcome Flying Object with three walls and an Ink Rail, and Unavoidable Flying Object with Balloon Fish.




Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese トルネードタコプター
Torunēdo Takoputā
Tornado (Japanese name for Inkstrike) Octopus-copter
Germany German Tintferno-Bomber Inkstrike-bomber
Italy Italian Polpottero tornado Polpo (octopus) and Elicottero (Helicopter) plus Tornado