Oversized Octopod

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Oversized Octopod
S3 Tableturf Card Oversized Octopod.png
An Oversized Octopod
Species Octarian
Hair color
Eye color Purple
Location Alterna

Oversized Octopods are Octarian enemies that appear in Return of the Mammalians. They are a variant of Octopods.


Oversized Octopods are similar to regular Octopods, but they are much larger and have red, puffy faces with smaller facial features. They wear brown lace-up shoes.

Oversized Octopods like regular Octopods, but in addition to being larger, they are also stronger, slower, and take more damage to splat. They also have a higher blast radius when they explode, both when attacking and when splatted.

They also have more differences to their normal counterparts, such as needing to stop in place before they explode. They also can explode while charging towards you as a result of being too far away.


Return of the Mammalians

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Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 大容量タコポッド
dai yōryō tako poddo
High-capacity Octopus pod
Netherlands Dutch Mega-Octopod Mega Octopod
Russia Russian Бомбоног-гигант
Giant bomblegs
China Chinese (Simplified) 大容量章鱼弹舱兵
Dà róngliàng zhāngyú dàncāng bīng
High-capacity octopus bomb bay trooper