Agent 3 (Splatoon 3)

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Agent 3

Inkling Agent 3 with the Survival Suit
Species Inkling or Octoling
Hair color Variable (Splatoon 3, Return of the Mammalians)
Eye color Any
Age At least 14
Gender Any
Relations Smallfry (companion)
Location Alterna, the Splatlands, Splatsville, Inkopolis Plaza (Splatoon 3: Expansion Pass)
Maximum HP
Other forms
This article is about the player character of Splatoon 3. For the recurring character who debuted in Splatoon, see Agent 3 (Splatoon).
The Captain was Agent 3 before you were Agent 3, Agent 3. Nothin' complicated about it.

Agent 3 is the codename given to the player character of Splatoon 3 by Cuttlefish in the Crater. This makes them and Smallfry the newest members of the New Squidbeak Splatoon. They notably share the title with the series' first playable character from Splatoon. This is due to the previous Agent 3 being promoted to Captain, leaving the position of Agent 3 open for recruits.


Agent 3 can have a variety of appearances, depending on the player's choice of species, style, skin color, eye color, eyebrows, and hairstyle. They wear a new version of the Hero Suit, of two types; A normal one and a survival one. Although having different appearances, both versions of the suit feature a backpack to store Smallfry. This Agent 3 is also the first playable character in the series that can be either an Inkling or an Octoling.


Early life

Not much is known about Agent 3 before the events of Splatoon 3 except that they are a Splatsville youth who earn a living salvaging scraps with their companion Smallfry while enjoying the thrill of Turf Wars.

Splatoon 3

After a chance encounter with a retired Cuttlefish in The Crater, who was investigating the location, they are appointed "Agent 3" and receive the Hero Suit.[1]

Agent 3 then progresses through the missions of the Crater, fighting Fuzzy Octarians, retrieving Zapfish, and cleaning the Fuzzy Ooze with Smallfry by letting it eat the attached Fuzzballs at the cost Power Eggs collected through the missions.

After reaching the center of the Crater, DJ Octavio appears, who found out about Cuttlefish's location through his contacting the New Squidbeak Splatoon. Through a misunderstanding about who is responsible for the recent disappearance of the Octarian army, and who stole the Great Zapfish, DJ Octavio engages Agent 3 in a fight. Upon being defeated, Octavio tells Cuttlefish and Agent 3 that he did not steal the Great Zapfish this time, but before they can continue, the ground beneath them collapses as Fuzzy Ooze flows out. A tentacle-shaped piece of Ooze takes Cuttlefish away from Agent 3, who loses their Hero Suit and Power Eggs in the fall.

Agent 3 and Smallfry in Alterna.

When Agent 3 wakes up, they find themself and Smallfry in Alterna and are greeted by the New Squidbeak Splatoon, comprised of Agent 1, Agent 2 and the Captain (who was the previous Agent 3).

Needing Power Eggs to clean Fuzzy Ooze again, Agent 3 enters a Kettle to a mission and is greeted by a robotic assistant named O.R.C.A., who helps guide them through Alterna. At the end of Site 1, Future Utopia Island, Deep Cut appears, explaining that they are the only ones who are allowed to loot Alterna for treasure.

Agent 3 explores the sites of Alterna, while completing various missions, collecting Power Eggs, and cleaning Fuzzy Ooze while being able to upgrade and restore their Hero Gear with Upgrade Points and Sardinium. At certain locations, they are confronted by each member of Deep Cut, who guards one of three treasures. After each victorious battle, the New Squidbeak Splatoon can briefly contact Cuttlefish, finding out that Mr. Grizz is the one who kidnapped him and they are located in the center island with the rocket, Alterna Space Center, which is an inaccessible area covered by a large amount of sharp fuzz. Agent 1, Agent 2, and the Captain assemble the treasure into a lawn mower-like tool, which the Captain uses to cut off the fur near the rocket at Alterna Space Center so the team can go there and save Cuttlefish. They get hurt in the process and the tool breaks down after use. Soon after this, Deep Cut appears again, trying to take back the treasure, which Agent 2 gives them without hesitation, as they don't need it anymore. In response, Deep Cut names Agent 2 their new boss, teaming up with the Splatoon.

While traversing the space center, trying to reach the rocket, Agent 3 and the party overhear that Mr. Grizz plans to use Cuttlefish and the Golden Eggs to 'restore the balance of the world' and that Deep Cut plans to sell the treasure for those in need in Splatsville. When Agent 3 reaches the rocket, called The Spirit Lifter, they go to the top through the inside, finding the Great Zapfish being used as a power source. When reaching the top, they and the New Squidbeak Splatoon find Cuttlefish dried up and lifeless, as a result of being dehydrated by Mr. Grizz, who appears before them, revealed to be a grizzly bear. He escapes on the rocket, aiming to spread Fuzzy Ooze all over the world.

The Captain drops a tear on Cuttlefish's body, which makes him come to his senses. With the help of Deep Cut, Agent 3 and Smallfry can reach the rocket. There, Agent 3 and Mr. Grizz engage in a fight. After having some of his Fuzzballs splatted, Mr. Grizz knocks Agent 3 and Smallfry out from his rocket as he absorbs the Fuzzy Ooze and plans to send it to Earth himself.

DJ Octavio, appears in his modified Octobot, catching the two. Together with him, the Squid Sisters and Deep Cut play the Calamari Inkantation 3MIX, causing Smallfry to transform into Hugefry. They then fight Mr. Grizz as DJ Octavio and Agent 3 vacuum the Fuzzballs on Mr. Grizz's body while Hugefry confronts him one-on-one. After vacuuming the ooze, they blast the ink back at him, resulting in his defeat. Emerging victorious, DJ Octavio, Agent 3, and Smallfry return to Earth together.


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  • Most promotional artwork and screenshots depict Agent 3 as a feminine Inkling with the Megalobraid hairstyle, although some promotional screenshots and the cover artwork for The Art of Splatoon 3 depict them as a feminine and masculine Octoling, respectively. A depiction of masculine Inkling Agent 3 can be found in SplatNet 3. This is more variable than the second game, which had most official artwork pieces and promotional material depicting a female Inkling as Agent 4.
  • Agent 3 is the first and only character in the series who can be either an Inkling or an Octoling, depending on the player's choices.


Members of the New Squidbeak Splatoon are referred to by numbers. Due to the former Agent 3's promotion to captain, the position of Agent 3 was open for recruits. Agent 3's real name is never revealed as it is initially dependent on the name of the player's username.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 3号
Number 3
Netherlands Dutch Agent 3 -
CanadaFrance French Numéro 3 Number 3
Germany German Nr. 3 Number 3
Italy Italian Numero 3 Number 3
Russia Russian Агент 003
Agent 003
Agent 003
SpainMexico Spanish Agente 3 Agent 3
China Chinese (Simplified) 3号
3 Hào
Number 3
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 3號
3 Hào
Number 3
South Korea Korean 3호
No. 3
 Internal Sangou [2] Romanized Japanese name.