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Murasaki, as seen in Splatoon 3.
Species Sea urchin
Hair color
Eye color Black
Gender Male
Location Inkopolis (formerly)
Maximum HP
Other forms
The drummer's a bit rough around the edges. They call him wild child for a reason. This youngster's sense of rhythm is uncanny, and when it matters most, his sticks are always there to lead the way with a wicked beat barrage. He really gives his all on stage—if you look closely you might catch him weeping during a drum solo.
— Live from the Squid Research Lab

Murasaki is a character in the Splatoon series. He is the drummer that has played in Squid Squad in Splatoon and currently plays for Front Roe in Splatoon 3. His drums role for both bands has been performed by the late Akira Tsuneoka.


Murasaki is a short, dark purple sea urchin with round black eyes and a small white wriggly mouth. His spikes are lighter towards the outside, and some of them also have green tips. In Splatoon, his outfit consists of a long olive green sweater with a white-circled blue U-shaped symbol, beige pants, and orange shoes with blue soles. In Splatoon 3, he seems to have grown up in size, and his outfit consists of a green sweatshirt with beige sleeves and the same symbol on it, a black undershirt, gray-blue baggy pants, and white sneakers with purple zigzag designs.


When he played in Squid Squad, Murasaki was portrayed as a person with a lot of energy and potential, even though he did not use a wide variety of techniques, with his drum fills simply being a repeated hit of the snare. [1] According to a live from the Squid Research Lab, though, he gives his best on stage, to the point of even shedding tears during his solos.



"Murasaki" comes from ムラサキウニ murasakiuni (purple sea urchin), the Japanese name for Heliocidaris crassispina, a species of sea urchin. The word 紫 murasaki (purple) is also a term that refers to the dark-colored soy sauce used as a dip for sushi.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese MURASAKI