Color Pulse

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Color Pulse
S2 Band Off the Hook.jpg
Performer Off the Hook
Album Splatune 2
Game Splatoon 2
Heard in Splatoon 2 Inkopolis Square (Splatfest only)
Squid Beatz 2
Vocals Rina Itou
Pearl (in-game)
Marina (in-game)
Length 3:11
3:29 (Splatune 2 and Octotune)
BPM 122
Genre Pop
Key signature C major
Track list no. 1 (Splatune 2 Disc 2)
13 (Octotune Disc 2)
2 (1st Concert, Octotune Disc 2)
Audio file

Color Pulse is a song performed by Off the Hook.


Color Pulse is an energetic pop song, prominently featuring Pearl rapping whilst Marina sings. After the intro, Marina sings as Pearl intercuts with a few lines, before rapping her verse, whilst Marina harmonises in the background with the same lines as the first section. Marina then sings a section, which she repeats with the final line slightly changed before the song is looped again. During Splatfests, Off the Hook performed this song at Deca Tower in Inkopolis Square. It could also be heard in Squid Beatz 2 after hearing it during a Splatfest.


The booklet included with Splatune 2 gives the official lyrics for Color Pulse. The lyrics are nonsensical; the Japanese hiragana simply gives the pronunciation.

Color Pulse Lyrics

Rasta ruminai yonabiarubawe
Nyunennai wiramoranirakurai
Rasta riposei nyuzetarahankista
Monin nyunennai

Wasaponnatai za nemora tashiniraomaigemora

Kinahenzagon nenon iriyou
Mirimamirimahoukou kouchaichaichai
Watsatsanemora tashiniraomaigemora
Kanishirayou kanishirayou matsumeramouganagana baibai

Watsatsanemora kanishirabaibaigemora
Wasaponnachenira gana bai

WOW wikanirasta ninokurai (janpai!)
Pikaporabari ninohai (tannai!)
Onyasai yaustau buroinowa (raihai!)

WOW wikanirasta ninokurai (janpai!)
Pikaporabari ninohai (tannai!)
Tiryugai spraen praen yuwobira (raihai!)

ラスタ ルミナイ ヨナビアルバウェ
にゅねんない うぃらもらにらくらい
ラスタ リポセイ ニュゼタラハンキスタ
もにん にゅねんない

わさぽんなたい ざ ねもら たしにらおまいげもら

きなへんざごん ねのん いりよう
みりまみりまほうこう こうちゃいちゃいちゃい

わつぁつぁねもら たしにらおまいげもら
かにしらよう かにしらよう まつめらもうがながな ばいばい

わつぁつぁねもら かにしらばいばいげもら
わさぽんなちぇにら がな ばい

WOW ウィカニラスタ ニノクライ (じゃんぱい!)
ピカポラバリ ニノハイ (たんない!)
オニャサイ ヤウスタウ ブロイノワ (らいはい!)

WOW ウィカニラスタ ニノクライ (じゃんぱい!)
ピカポラバリ ニノハイ (たんない!)
ティリュガイ スプラエン プラエン ユウォビラ (らいはい!)

Other versions

Inkopolis News (Splatfest)

This version has the vocals and a lot of the instruments taken out for a simpler version. It was played immediately after the player pressed Button1 ZL.png and Button1 ZR.png on the start screen during a Splatfest and played during Inkopolis News, replacing the regular Inkopolis News song. After the news segment ended, the regular song started to be performed.

Color Pulse (Live)

During live performances, an extended version of Color Pulse is used. Although each performance is slightly different due to the live bands, they retain the same strong structure. The main difference from the regular version is a new break from Marina, as she scratches the beat on her set containing samples of various Inkling sound effects, and immediately afterwards a new melody is subtly laid on the beat. It now has a definite ending to the song, repeating the intro. A recording of this version from their first live concert at Haikaraibu at Tokaigi 2018 can be found in Octotune.

Samples and interpolations

Splatfest theme announcement jingle

An short altered section of Color Pulse was played when an upcoming Splatfest was announced.

Splatfest final result jingle

A similar shortened section of the intro was played when the winners of a Splatfest were announced.

MC.Princess radio theme

When Cap'n Cuttlefish first receives communication from Off the Hook in the Octo Expansion, the music that plays while Pearl is speaking contains the first note of Color Pulse at the start.

The Plan

The Plan at one point samples the segue from the introduction to the main part of Color Pulse.

Hyperbomb sound effect

Shooting a hyperbomb plays the first notes of Color Pulse when activated, with the glissando replacing the normal audio cue for standard S2 Weapon Sub Suction Bomb.png Suction Bombs, and the actual explosion serving as the orchestra hit.

Into the Light

Main article: Into the Light

As another song by Off the Hook, near the ending of Into the Light, the tune of Color Pulse plays before returning to the main melody.


  • Although the name of City of Color was changed to City of Colour in Europe to suit regional spelling differences, Color Pulse is not renamed Colour Pulse for European regions.



Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
FlagJapan.svg Japanese ウルトラ・カラーパルス Ultra Color Pulse


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