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Species Octoling
Height 178cm (5'10")[1]
Hair color Plum Brown/Teal
Eye color Seafoam/Salmon Pink
Age 18[1]
Gender Female
Location Inkopolis Square, Deepsea Metro
For the Squid Sisters member with the same name in Italian, see Marie.
I know we talk a lot of smack on the show and all, but I just wanted to say thanks. For everything.

Marina Ida is one of two members of Off the Hook, a band featured in Splatoon 2. Along with Pearl, she hosts Inkopolis News, replacing the Squid Sisters from the first game. Her signature color is teal.

She is voiced by Alice Peralta.


Marina is an Octoling, the Octarian version of an Inkling. She has dark brown skin, silvery-teal eyes with reddish-pink pupils in the shape of an infinity symbol (like octopuses in real life), two eyelashes on each eye, very dark teal eyebrows that are constantly downturned in a "worried" expression, and a beauty mark at the left of her lips. She appears to be taller than most Inklings and Octolings. Like Pearl, and unlike other Octolings, her sharp teeth are in the center on both the top and bottom, instead of being asymmetrical. Her tentacles are a dark shade of purplish-brown with teal edges. They are long and worn down past her waist, and her fingers are pointed and teal at the tips, giving somewhat the impression of painted nails. Her outfit consists of a sleeveless black top covering her chest with a large, mostly unzipped silver zipper with an infinity-shaped hole resembling an 8 and a high collar, leaving her midriff visible, showing a teal navel piercing. She has black shorts with a diagonal waistline and slanted deep teal lines over teal tights, black fingerless gloves, and black boots with big undone silver zippers with 8-shaped holes like the one on her top. She wears large black headphones with teal rings on the sides of them; her ears, which are slightly bigger than those of the average Octoling, are usually covered by these headphones. During Splatfests, the teal on her design changes to match the color of the team she chose, except for her eyebrows.

In the Octo Expansion, Marina wears a more hip-hop attire than her pop stage outfit. She wears a white bandana that is wrapped around her head with light gray designs, a long, silver chain necklace with an 8 symbol pendant (similar to her zippers from her stage outfit) around her neck, a black wristwatch and black chain bracelet on her right arm, a white turtleneck crop top, seafoam colored capris, and silver bowed, gray-white shoes. She also retains her headphones. The gear items given out by the Marina amiibo are replicas of Marina's Octo Expansion outfit, namely the Marinated Headphones, Marinated Top, and Marinated Slip-Ons.

As an Octoling warrior, Marina's tentacles were shoulder-length and she wore the Octoling Goggles, Octoling Armor, and Octoling Boots with Elite Octoling seaweed on the sides of her head, first shown in Marina's chat room and again on the back of the Splatoon 2 Live in Makuhari -Tentalive- limited-edition slipcover.

During the Final Fest, she wore a metallic dress with an eight cut at the chest and very long sleeves that turned into gloves, and matching boots that were higher than the hem of the dress. She also had two diamond shapes painted on her face and a different pair of headphones, with diamond shapes instead of circles.

Personality and traits

Marina is more reserved than her bandmate Pearl. She speaks in a sweet, gentle manner, and can get very sassy in response to others teasing her, though she often acts quite shy as well. While she is reserved, she does not appear to be concerned about expressing herself. She seems to be slightly forgetful at times and has been observed to forget the news she and Pearl are broadcasting. Her timidity shows when she sees an Inkling watching her through the window; when she notices them, she smiles awkwardly and waves. This behavior likely comes from the fact that many believe her to be an Inkling even though she learned the Inkling language recently and that she looks very different from the Inklings; her Octoling-like appearance was said to simply be a new fashion trend before Agent 8 came to Inkopolis Square.

Marina has demonstrated a high level of intelligence, noted by Pearl in the Octo Expansion. This is demonstrated with the Shifty Stations, a series of stages created by Marina for Splatfests using advanced Octarian technology, with the mechanics from Octo Canyon appearing in them, as well as floating rocks. She is also capable of hacking Kamabo Corporation, allowing Agent 8 to pass a test using the data collected from their previous attempts, and can hack their CQ-80 device to show her chat room or release a distress signal. In the final battle of the Octo Expansion, she is able to use her laptop to analyze the NILS Statue in a few seconds, learning about the strength of its cannon and its use of sunlight to charge up power.

In Japanese, Marina's speech is occasionally rendered in katakana, indicating an accent of some sort. Unlike DJ Octavio, she does not speak completely in katakana. However, in the Splatune 2 and Octotune liner notes, her lyrics are entirely in katakana, which is supposed to show that her singing is in a different language.[2]

Marina is shown to be an enthusiast regarding all sorts of technology, befitting her background as an Octarian engineer. She is portrayed as being obsessed with the machinery found in various stages, such as Sturgeon Shipyard, Port Mackerel and the bucketwheel excavator in Piranha Pit. She often utilizes similar machinery in the Shifty Station layouts she designs. She does not like being considered a 'nerd' in this regard. She is very excitable when it comes to machinery.


Early Life

Marina meeting Judd, having just defected from the Octarian army.

Marina was born into "the oppression of Octarian society" as she would later describe it and began to be trained as a combat engineer from a very early age. She graduated from elementary training at the age of 9 after skipping multiple grades and for the next few years went on to play a part in designing the Flooder and enhancing the Great Octoweapons. During the events of Splatoon, she had received multiple commendations as part of DJ Octavio's wasabi supply unit. As a high-ranking member, she was known throughout Octarian society and was recognized by Agent 8 despite them never meeting personally.

During Splatoon, Marina was present in the audience of Agent 3's battle against DJ Octavio but deserted the army and Octarian society shortly after hearing the Squid Sisters sing the Calamari Inkantation. According to witnesses, her only comment was "This changes everything." She escaped to Mount Nantai, where she did not even understand the Inkling language.[3] While there, she met an Inkling named Pearl, who was practicing singing. Learning about Inkling culture and customs, Marina attempted to find Pearl again. When she did, she showed Pearl her musical abilities through her demo of Ebb & Flow and Pearl immediately agreed to them starting a band that they decided to call Off the Hook. They released Ebb & Flow as their first single, which was a hit. By the time of their fourth single, around nine months after the events of Splatoon, they had become popular enough to take over hosting Inkopolis News from the Squid Sisters.

Splatoon 2

By the time of Splatoon 2, Off the Hook had become famous in Inkopolis Square for their music and for presenting Inkopolis News, in which Marina had a similar relationship with Pearl as Marie had with Callie. Their work included hosting Splatfest events, announcing the themes and singing and dancing to Color Pulse for the event's duration. Across all regions, Marina and Pearl won 29 Splatfests each.

Although Pearl and Marina did not make appearances during Octo Canyon, they were the first to break the news of Callie and the Great Zapfish's disappearances. They also announced their rescue on Inkopolis News, fulfilling a request by "Freshly Fried Boy" to play Fresh Start over the credits.

Octo Expansion

Marina had a major role in the Octo Expansion, where she and Pearl stumbled upon Cap'n Cuttlefish and Agent 8 by overhearing their radio transmission. Learning that they were trapped in the Deepsea Metro, attempting to escape to Inkopolis, they promised to help them out. The three acted as Agent 8's guides during the tests, while they also talked in Marina's chat room, where Marina was known as "DJ_Hyperfresh". This chat room was used by the group to learn about their respective pasts. When discussing with Cuttlefish about Marina's technological achievements, Pearl finally discovered her history as a member of the Octarian army, and despite being deeply shocked, she promised to remain friends with her.

After Agent 8 collected all four thangs and escaped from the Deepsea Metro, Off the Hook finally met them and Cap'n Cuttlefish in person after their battle with a brainwashed Agent 3, using a fleet of helicopters to carry them away. When the Telephone revealed its true nature as Commander Tartar to destroy Inkopolis, Marina came up with the plan necessary to defeat it - having Agent 8 detonate her prototype hyperbombs to cover the NILS Statue in ink, with Pearl using her Princess Cannon to finish it off. With the threat averted, the group returned safely to Inkopolis Square.


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Fictional Band Song Name Audio
S2 Icon Marina 2.png
Ebb & Flow (Demo)


  • Her tentacles are shown to be able to change completely to one color, as shown in most of the Splatfest promo art and in-game during the Fam vs. Friend Splatfest. The same is true for the Squid Sisters.
  • The infinity-shaped holes in her zippers are vertical instead of horizontal like her eyes' pupils, giving them more of an "8" shape.
  • Unlike Pearl and the Squid Sisters, she does not wear a hat-like accessory and has headphones instead.
  • Her toes are colored at the tips like her fingers, as shown in the Dexterity vs. Endurance Splatfest artwork.
  • In Splatfests, Marina's eyebrows do not change color, like how Pearl's crown does not change color. However, the Squid Sisters' main colors completely changed. The reason for this is unknown.
  • Marina's outfit in the Octo Expansion, particularly her bandana, resembles rapper Tupac Shakur.
  • Marina's in-game model does not have any ears, due to them being always covered by her headphones.
    • In Splatfest artwork, such as that of Tsubuan vs. Koshian, it is revealed that she officially has small, round ears like the enemy Octolings' but slightly bigger. Her ears are also smaller than the playable Octolings' due to her being based on a webfoot octopus rather than a dumbo octopus.
  • Out of all the hostesses of the Splatoon series, Marina is the only one with headgear that does not represent an underwater creature.
  • Marina's Japanese surname (that she is commonly referred to as) is Iida, which is a common surname in Japan but also short for Iidako, Japanese for webfoot octopus. This could mean that Marina is that species, as Pearl and the Squid Sisters all have Japanese names that are puns on squid species.
  • In promo art for the Fries vs. McNuggets and Hero vs. Villain Splatfests, Marina is shown wearing glasses.
  • Marina has the longest tentacles of any Octoling in Splatoon 2.
Personality and background
The second Sunken Scroll.
  • Marina can be seen in Sunken Scroll 2, which depicts Agent 3's climactic fight against DJ Octavio in Splatoon. The picture shows various Octarians and Octolings cheering on in the background, one of which is Marina wearing Octoling Gear with the goggles off.
  • According to Pearl, Marina owns a motorcycle.
  • Marina's weapon of choice, which has been referenced in Inkopolis News dialogue and the key artwork for Dexterity vs. Endurance, seems to be the Splat Brella.
  • Her preferred personal pronoun in Japanese is ワタシ (watashi), which is used mostly by women or during formal speech. The fact that she pluralizes it to ワタシら (watashi ra) rather than ワタシたち (watashi tachi) seems to indicate that she uses it to sound formal and not to sound feminine.
    • She usually speaks with formal variants and conjugations. When learning Japanese, the formal 丁寧語 (teinei-go) is usually the first taught to pupils, as is the pronoun わたし, since they are catch-all and useful in more situations. This might show that Marina has only recently learned the language she is speaking.
    • She also tends to make many malapropisms, further indicating that she only recently learned the Inkling language.
    • Marina's text mostly extends syllables with the ~ character, and her sentences often end with ♪. This makes it read as if she is singing her lines.
  • In the original and some localized versions of the Octo Expansion, Pearl reveals that Marina is a manga enthusiast that likes manga clubs.[4][5]
    • In a couple of localizations, Marina is said to be a comic enthusiast instead.[6]
    • In the Russian version, Marina is said to be waiting for an invite to an anime club.[7]
  • Marina is shown in various concerts to play a keytar with Squid Sisters and Off the Hook decals on the neck, which she does during the song Muck Warfare.
  • During the Off the Hook Concert at Polymanga 2018, Marina says at one point "I'M SO EXCITED! I think my hearts might explode!", revealing that she has multiple hearts. This is a reference to how real-life octopuses have three hearts.
  • Marina's full name, as revealed in Marina's chat room in the Octo Expansion, is a combination of her English name "Marina" and her Japanese name '"Iida". This is true in the Japanese version as well, though Marina's family name is Marine (pronounced "marin-eh"), instead. This effectively gives Marina (nearly) the same full name across both the English and Japanese versions.
    • The Italian translation also references this by making her full name Nori Marinis. The German version also uses the same name as in English.
  • In dialogue for Sturgeon Shipyard, Marina says to Pearl that the stage is one of her favorites and that all the heavy machinery there reminds her of her childhood (referencing her past as an Octoling engineer). Pearl states that Marina always gets a dopey smile when she announces the stage.
    • Pearl also notices that Marina uses sounds made by nearby boat motors in a track she made. In other languages, Marina states that heavy machinery creates great beats and has its charms.
  • In the Unicorn vs. Narwhal opening dialogue, she reveals that her landlord is a narwhal.
  • In Marina's chat room, it was revealed that Marina was listed as a "Gen 85 - Octoling combat engineer". The Japanese version makes it clear that "Gen 85" is supposed to be taken as "85th generation".
  • In one of her dialogues for Kelp Dome, Marina says her favorite vegetables are beets, a pun on beats, referencing to the fact that she remixes and creates beats as a DJ.
  • Marina refers to Pearl with the honorific "senpai" in the Japanese version of the game, which is an honorific used to address somebody of an elder social rank in a field or trade. This is due to Pearl having taught Marina about Inkling society and also might be because Pearl is three years older than her.
  • In Japan, Marina's fans are known as Iidachi (イイダチ), which is a portmanteau of Marina's name, Iida, and tomodachi (友達), the Japanese word for "friend." The English equivalent to this name may be "Marination," a portmanteau of "Marina" and "nation," as seen on the Marination Lace-Ups.
  • In English and Spanish, Marina shares a name with Marina from Animal Crossing, who also happens to be an octopus.
  • During a conversation about Blackbelly Skatepark, Pearl accidentally calls the stage a "map." Marina replies, "It's called a stage. Are you trying to get us fired?", subtly breaking the fourth wall.
  • Both Marina and Pearl subtly break the fourth wall during one of the dialogues for Blackbelly Skatepark. When Pearl says "Hey, kids - don't spend all your time in front of the TV! Go play outside!", Marina responds with "But how can they play video games if they're not in front of a TV?!", slightly breaking the fourth wall, since they are referring to the players rather than the Inklings in the audience.
    • This dialogue is also a reference to the Nintendo Switch since it is a hybrid console that can be played both in front of a TV and as a handheld.
  • If the player plays as Agent 8 and zooms into Off the Hook's room in Inkopolis Square, Marina and Pearl will show a more friendly pose than if playing as Agent 4, seeing as they know them.


For images of Marina and Pearl together, see Off the Hook/Gallery.



Dialogue expressions

The images' captions are their internal names in the game's news data files. See the category.




Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
FlagJapan.svg Japanese イイダ=マリネ
Iida Marine
Iida is a common surname; from Iidako (Japanese for webfoot octopus). Marine is short for "marination" and may also come from her English name. The double hyphen implies that the given name is first, rather than the family name.
FlagNetherlands.svg Dutch Mariana ten Takel Mariana is named after the Mariana Trench or Mariana Islands, ten is a Tussenvoegsel that is part of some Dutch last names and is a pun on tentakel (tentacle)
FlagFrance.svg French Coralie Octaria From coral and Octarian
FlagQuebec.svg French (NOA) Coralie Octaria From coral and Octarian
FlagGermany.svg German Marina Ida Same as English name
FlagItaly.svg Italian Nori Marinis Combined with Alga (Pearl) it forms Alga nori, a group of edible seaweeds, mostly used with Japanese sushi (Nori alone means the same thing as Alga nori)
FlagRussia.svg Russian Мариша
Марина Осьмуряш
Marina Os'muryash
Мариша (Marisha) is a diminutive form of Марина (Marina). Осьмуряш (Os'muryash) comes from осьминог (os'minog) - octopus.
FlagSpain.svg Spanish Marina Villaoctos Last name is based on the surname "Villalobos"


Language Name Meaning
FlagJapan.svg Japanese DJ E-DA From イイダ (Iida)
FlagNetherlands.svg Dutch DJ M-RI@NA From Mariana
FlagFrance.svg French DJ CORAÏ From corail (corals)
FlagQuebec.svg French (NOA) DJ CORAÏ From corail (corals)
FlagGermany.svg German DJ M-RINA From Marina
FlagItaly.svg Italian DJ No-Ree From Nori (Marina)
FlagRussia.svg Russian DJ РИШКА
From Мариша Marisha (diminutive form of Marina)
FlagSpain.svg Spanish DJ MRN From Marina


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