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This article is about the member of Off the Hook. For the Squid Sisters member with the same Italian name, see Marie.

Species Octoling
Height 178cm (5'10")[1]
Hair Color Black/Teal
Eye Color Silver-teal/rose-pink
Age 18[1]
Gender Female
Location Inkopolis Square
Don't get cooked... Stay off the hook!
— Off the Hook's catchphrase.

Marina is one of two members of Off the Hook, a band featured in Splatoon 2, along with Pearl, that hosts their own television show, similar to the Squid Sisters from the first game. Her signature color is teal.


Marina is an Octoling, the Octarian version of an Inkling. She has dark/brown skin, silver eyes with a teal tinge and reddish-pink pupils in the shape of an infinity symbol, two eyelashes on each eye, and a beauty mark at the right of her lips. Like Pearl, and unlike other octolings and inklings, she has one sharp tooth in the middle at the top her teeth instead of the usual two. Her tentacles are black with teal edges, which are long and worn all the way down reaching past her waist, and her fingers are pointed and teal at the tips, giving somewhat the impression of painted nails. Her outfit consists of a sleeveless black top covering her chest with a large, mostly undone silver zipper with an infinity-shaped hole and a high collar, leaving her midriff visible, showing a teal navel piercing. She has black shorts with an assymetrical/diagonal waistline and slanted deep teal lines over teal tights, black fingerless gloves, and wears black boots with big undone silver zippers that haves infinity-shaped holes, like the one on her top. She appears to have on large, black headphones with teal circles on the sides of them. Her teal color will change depending on the Splatfest team she chooses, except for her eyebrows.


Marina is more reserved than her partner, Pearl. She speaks in a calm manner, and can get very sassy in response to others, though she appears to be shy as well. While she is reserved, she isn't worried over expressing herself, given her visual design. She seems to be pretty forgetful at times and has been observed to forget the news she and Pearl are broadcasting. Her timidity shows when she sees an Inkling watching her through the window; when she notices them, she smiles awkwardly and waves.


The second Sunken Scroll.
  • It is possible that Marina was an Octoling trooper prior to the events of Splatoon 2. This is evidenced in Scroll 2 off the Sunken Scrolls, which depicts Agent 3's climactic fight against DJ Octavio in Splatoon. The picture shows various Octarians and Octolings cheering on in the background, one of which is Marina wearing Octoling Gear with her goggles off. She may have been an elite octoling due to her black tentacles. It is believed that she was a music lover back then, as she is now. If this is true, it could be that Marina thought it was a concert of some sort. Nintendo has confirmed that DJ Octavio tried to cover up his defeat against Agent 3 as a concert.
  • It is confirmed that Marina is 18 according to Nintendo's Splatoon Twitter and the Splatoon 2 art book.
    • Marina refers to Pearl with the honorific "senpai" in the Japanese version of the game, which is an honorific used to address somebody of an elder social rank in a field or trade.
      • This implies that Marina may be either be younger than Pearl or less familiar or experienced in the Inkopolis industry and looks up to Pearl as a mentor or a respected figure who came before her. The Splatoon 2 artbook reveals Pearl is 3 years older, despite being shorter than her.
  • Ironically, her eyebrows don't change color, like how Pearl's crown doesn't change color, and unlike how the Squid Sisters main colors completely change. The reason for this is unknown.
  • Her tentacles are shown to change to completely one color, as shown in the most Splatfest promo arts. The same likely goes for the Squids Sisters.
  • The infinity-shaped holes in her zippers are vertical instead of horizontal like her eye pupils.
  • Unlike Pearl and the Squid Sisters, she doesn't wear a hat-like accessory and has headphones instead.
  • Her toes are her main color at the tips like her fingers as shown in the Agility vs Endurance Splatfest artwork.
  • According to Pearl, Marina owns a motorcycle.
  • Marina mentions she prefers to use the Splat Brella on Humpback Pump Track.
  • Marina shares a name with Marina from Animal Crossing, who also happens to be an octopus.


Splatfest Promotional Art


Concept art

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
FlagJapan.svg Japanese イイダ
A common surname; from Iidako (Japanese for Webfoot octopus)
FlagNetherlands.svg Dutch Mariana
FlagFrance.svg French Coralie From coral
FlagGermany.svg German Marina
FlagItaly.svg Italian Nori Nori is a japanese type of seaweed
FlagRussia.svg Russian Мариша
FlagSpain.svg Spanish Marina

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