Shifty Station

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Shifty Station

Shifty Station

Introduced 4 August 2017
Total BP
Features Variable layout
Enemy Spawn
We made a special stage for this Splatfest!
You helped make the stage? That's amazing, Marina!

Shifty Station is a multiplayer stage in Splatoon 2. It is only available during Splatfests and has a variable layout. The layout does not change over the course of a single Splatfest.

List of Layouts

Layout Introduced Total BP Features Accessible enemy spawn platform?
1 4 August 2017 2,011p Moving platforms X
2 1 September 2017 1,885p Moving platforms X
3 9 September 2017 1,900p Inkrails, sponges X
4 13 October 2017 2,061p Rotating platforms
5 9 December 2017 2,455p Spinning spreaders
6 13 January 2018 2,027p Invisible platforms, a moving platform, Squee-Gs X
7 3 February 2018 2,390p Ink cannons
8 3 March 2018 2,770p Containment areas, launchpads X
9 24 March 2018 2,199p Grapplinks
10 21 April 2018 2,185p Ink switches
11 18 May 2018 2,300p Weight-sensitive platforms, sponges
12 21 July 2018 2,593p Breakable tentacles, opening gates, sponges X
13 18 August 2018 2,360p Splat-Switches, sponges X
14 22 September 2018 1,783p Bounce pads
15 19 October 2018 2,188p Ride rails X
16 10 November 2018 2,297p Gushers X
17 15 December 2018 2,327p Dash tracks X
18 4 January 2019 2,254p Bounce pads, Flooders, sponges
19 9 February 2019 2,583p Free Splat Zones, sponges X

Version history

Version Adjustments
  • Fixed an issue on terrain that moves in Shifty Station which would occasionally move in a halting fashion.
  • Fixed an issue on terrain that moves in Shifty Station which would occasionally move in a halting fashion.

Layout 1: "Push"


Players spawn on either end of the stage, on raised platforms that lead down to sequentially shorter platforms connected by ramps. To the right is a large open area, and straight ahead is a small passage connecting the two halves of the map. In the gaps between each half of the map are two medium-sized platforms that periodically move side-to-side.

Total BP: 2,011p


Layout 2: "SlideLift"

Revised Map

Players spawn on either end of the stage, on raised platforms that lead down to to a central area. There are two small raised platforms on either side of the central area that periodically move up and down, and a large platform topped with a small inkable block in the middle that moves opposite the side platforms. Various walls are placed about the level to use as cover.

When this layout was re-used in May 2018, the small inkable block on the middle platform was removed, some walls were repositioned at the canyon of the spawn point and the tall wall near the spawn points became inkable on one side and significantly shorter, while the rest of the layout was identical to the original incarnation.

This shifty station contains a third variation that was never used in game.

Total BP: 1,885p



Revision titled "SlideLift 2"

  • S2 Splatfest Icon Raph.png Raph vs. Leo S2 Splatfest Icon Leo.png on 5 May 2018 for North America, Oceania, and Europe

Layout 3: "Sponge"

Revised Map

Players spawn on either end of the stage, on raised platforms that lead down to to a central area. To the right, there is a raised platform that is accessible via sponge. To the left, there is an Inkrail on an isolated platform that the player can jump to in squid form. Towards the center of the stage are two more Inkrails, which can be used to get on their corresponding platforms. Sponges, walls, and crates in the center area can be used for cover.

When this layout was re-used in May 2018, more sponges were added to allow greater movement to key areas. For example, a sponge was added alongside the left side ink rail platform to allow a route to the Inkrail that doesn't involve jumping. Some sponges had their sizes changed, as the centre sponges allowed to get on both towers, and the sponge near the right Inkrail was made into a cube. Also, the crates centrally placed in the platform just below spawn were rotated 90 degrees clockwise.

Total BP: 1,900p



Revision titled "Sponge 2"


Layout 4: "Windmill"

Revised Map

Players spawn on either end of the stage, on raised platforms that lead down to to a central area. Each side has rotating platform that the walls of it can be covered to climb on it and not fall to the abyss. At the center, there's a big wall and 2 uncoverable rotating platforms, and only can be crossed to the other side by going through the rotating platforms.

When this stage was re-used during the Sanrio Splatfest tournament, the central revolving doors were skewed with the left one (per player point of view) moved closer to the spawn. The middle has also been opened up, allowing free movement from one side to the other. The right side of the spawn point has also been expanded.

Total BP: 2,061p



Revision titled "Windmill 2"


Layout 5: "NuriNuriBar"



Players spawn on either end of the stage, on raised platforms that lead down to to a central area. Each side has uninkable ramp near spawn and spinning spreader with their ink color. At the right side of each spawn point there's an area to paint and an uninkable spinning spreader on the wall that leads to bigger platform. At the left side of each spawn point there's long paths that lead to the center where's there's platform with a wall and a box on the left. At the center, there's a large spinning spreader with each team's colors that can be climbed on that stops spinning at the 15 seconds left mark.

Total BP: 2,455p


Layout 6: "Transparent"


The spawn point for each team is on a raised invisible platform which ramps down to a wider open area. These areas connect via more invisible inclines to a central area dominated by a platform that rises and sinks back into the floor periodically. This platform's walls are also invisible, and each time it sinks into the floor all ink on the walls disappears. To the sides of the central area are two smaller "courtyards", in the middle of each of them is an invisible block with ink-able top flats which is constantly circled by long, flat Squee-Gs, shaped like Spreaders which wipe off all ink (leaving the top inked but cleaning the walls of the block).

Total BP: 2,027p


Layout 7: "Canon"


This layout is made of a valley between two inclines. The spawn points are at the top of each incline, with an Ink Cannon (the same as Salmon Run) atop a steep, uninkable cliff on the right side just below the spawn. The cannon nest is flanked by a tall wall, so that an enemy climbing up the slope to reach it has go almost all the way up to the spawn point to get behind the cannon.

The stage is dotted with small walls that can be used for cover. The center of the stage has a small hill with another Ink Cannon on it. The base cannons cannot reach each other, but they can reach and be reached by the center cannon. To the sides of the central hill are two tall blocks which can only be inked / climbed from the closer team's side, and can serve as sniper's nests overlooking the center.

When an Inkling is occupying a cannon, the are positioned on top of the sphere which makes up the cannon's body. This means that high-accuracy weapons such as Chargers have to aim a little above the cannon to hit the Inkling inside it. When an Inkling leaves the cannon they are dropped behind it relative to the way they are currently facing. In the case of the base cannons, if facing backwards, the Inkling will fall down the cliffside, allowing for a quick escape if flanked.

Total BP: 2,390p


Layout 8: "Kakutei"


This layout contains a large center area with a glass dome suspended above it. There are also two glass boxes on each side of the stage. These three serve as containment chambers.

When the remaining match time is 1:50, a warning will appear saying the side areas are about to seal off. At 1:40, the boxes will descend to seal off the side areas, preventing access to them for the remainder of the match, finally closing entirely at 1:30. Two platforms at the large center area will also descend to ground level, making more room for combat and inkable turf. At 0:55, another message will appear, warning the center area is about to close. At 0:50, the central dome will start descending and by 0:45 it will seal off the center area, finally closing entirely at 0:40. Shortly after descending, a launchpad will appear in the secluded areas, to allow players to get out, only if players from one team remain in those areas, with the color of the launchpad matching that team.

Players can Super Jump to the secluded areas if a teammate or a Squid Beakon is inside. Tenta Missiles and the Sting Ray can penetrate the glass barriers, but not the Ink Storm.

Time English message Japanese messagenote Dutch message NOA French message NOE French message
1:50 Stage-1 containment imminent! 左右のカクリがはじまる!
Sayū no kakuri ga hajimaru!
(Sides isolation will be initialized!)
Indammingsfase 1 op komst!
(Containment phase 1 upcoming!)
1re restriction d’accès imminente...
(The first restriction of access is imminent...)
1:40 Commencing stage-1 containment! 左右のカクリを開始!
Sayū no kakuri o kaishi!
(Sides isloation start!)
Indammingsfase 1 begint!
(Containment phase 1 begins!)
1re restriction d’accès enclenchée!
(The first restriction of access engages!)
0:55 Stage-2 containment imminent! 中央のカクリがはじまる!
Chūō no kakuri ga hajimaru!
(Center isolation will be initialized!)
Indammingsfase 2 op komst!
(Containment phase 2 upcoming!)
2e restriction d’accès imminente...
(The second restriction of access is imminent...)
0:50 Commencing stage-2 containment! 中央のカクリを開始!
Chūō no kakuri o kaishi!
(Center isolation start!)
Indammingsfase 2 begint!
(Containment phase 2 begins!)
2e restriction d’accès enclenchée!
(The second restriction of access engages!)
0:40 Containment complete! 全エリアのカクリ完了!
Zen eria no kakuri kanryō!
(All areas isolation complete!)
Indamming voltooid!
(Containment completed!)
Restriction d’accès en place!
(Restriction of access in place!)
Time German Italian Russian NOA Spanish message NOE Spanish message
1:50 1. Eindämmung steht bevor!
(1. Containment arises!)
Contenimento livello 1 imminente!
(Containment level 1 imminent!)
Берегитесь ловушек по бокам!
Beregites' lovushek po bokam!
(Beware of traps on the sides!)
¡Aislamiento inicial inminente!
(Initial isolation imminent!)
¡Se acerca el primer confinamiento!
(The first confinement approaches!)
1:40 1. Eindämmung beginnt!
(1. Containment begins!)
Inizio contenimento livello 1!
(Start containment level 1!)
Ловушки опускаются!
Lovushki opuskayutsya!
(The traps go down!)
¡Aislamiento inicial en curso!
(Initial isolation in progress!)
¡Comienza el primer confinamiento!
(The first confinement begins!)
0:55 2. Eindämmung steht bevor!
(2. Containment arises!)
Contenimento livello 2 imminente!
(Containment level 2 imminent!)
Берегитесь ловушки в центре!
Beregites' lovushki v tsentre!
(Beware of the trap in the center!)
¡Aislamiento final inminente!
(Final isolation imminent!)
¡Se acerca el segundo confinamiento!
(The second confinement approaches!)
0:50 2. Eindämmung beginnt!
(2. Containment begins!)
Inizio contenimento livello 2!
(Start containment level 2!)
Ловушка опускается!
Lovushka opuskayetsya!
(The trap goes down!)
¡Aislamiento final en curso!
(Final isolation in progress!)
¡Comienza el segundo confinamiento!
(The second confinement begins!)
0:40 Eindämmung abgeschlossen!
(Containment completed!)
Contenimento completato!
(Containment completed!)
Все ловушки опустились!
Vse lovushki opustilis'!
(All traps have descended!)
¡Aislamiento finalizado!
(Isolation finished!)
¡Confinamiento completado!
(Confinement completed!)

Total BP: 2,770p


Layout 9: "Hikiyose"


This layout contains many obstacles and ramps, making walking around the floor very difficult and providing limited visibility. Above many of the raised platforms, there are floating Grapplinks, which allow players to quickly travel along the higher areas. The central area is a high, narrow bridge over a gap, that can only be scaled via a ramp from each team's left flank, a wall on each side near the middle, or using the Grapplinks. It stands between two canyons that separate it from the team base areas. Throwing a bomb or Point Sensor, or using the Sting Ray links the player to the Grapplink. Sting Rays run out immediately once teleported there.

Blocking the right flank of each team's canyon, right before the center area, is a tower with a triangular roof, that seems to be taken from Camp Triggerfish.

Total BP: 2,199p


Layout 10: "Denden"


This layout is laterally-symmetrical like Saltspray Rig. It contains many ramps and long narrow corridors. The spawn points are located near each other but separated with a tall glass wall that extends all the way to the center (however, splats against the junction where this wall meets the floor may cause a small amount to leech to the other side). From spawn, is a downhill that leads to the center where are three Ink Switches are placed. The center one rises an uninkable wall in the middle while the two others lift climbable platforms on each side respectively. The platforms, when raised, allow full access to that side's respective home base.

Team Alpha (Pearl's team) always spawns on the right side, while Team Bravo (Marina's team) always spawns on the left.

However, when the same team is fighting each other in Splatfest, the rule above won’t affect spawn positions, so there is a possibility to spawn on either side.

Total BP: 2,185p


Layout 11: "Scale"


The main mechanic of this stage is a large double balance beam scale with a large pad near each spawn point and a pair of smaller pads near the center. The pads are balanced against their same-sized counterparts and are not connected between them. The scales tip based on the number of Inklings and Sub Weapons on them, with the heavier side lowering and the lighter side raising accordingly. While moving up or down a pattern on the top of the pad will glow light blue and a grinding metal sound effect will be heard. Between each spawn point and the larger pads is a lower area with many horizontal and vertical grates and a sponge that can be used to climb back on the left flank. The smaller pads in the middle are each flanked by a pit hazard on the left side and a short ramp providing cover on the right.

  • Sub weapons also affect platform weight. Their weight is half that of an Inkling, which makes the platforms go down by half the distance they would when unbalanced by the weight of an Inkling.
  • Swimming on a wall of the platforms counts as being on the platform, and will affect it whether the character is ascending, descending or swimming at a set height.
    • Accordingly, S2 Weapon Sub Suction Bomb.png Suction Bombs and S2 Weapon Sub Sprinkler.png Sprinklers (when placed on the walls of the platform) affect the balance by half an Inkling's weight.
  • Certain parts of the bottom areas of the moving platforms are covered by uninkable walls taller than the maximum jump height, so when fully raised, the platforms can only be climbed from certain directions.

Total BP: 2,300p


Layout 12: "Takoashi"


This layout's main mechanic revolves around tentacles that stick out of the floor. There are three octopus tentacles and three squid tentacles, even during Team Octopus vs. Team Octopus or Team Squid vs. Team Squid matches. The octopus tentacles resemble those that are seen in boss battles, and the squid tentacles resemble a larger version of the Squid Bumpers seen in the Shooting Range.

Each team's spawn point is on a raised platform with a lower area in front and to the right and a walkway going off to the left. Past the lower area are a wall numbered 3 on the left, a ramp to a raised platform in the middle, and a tall, uninkable wall to the right. Beyond these is a large courtyard divided by both teams' number 1 walls and an S-shaped inkable platform between them. On each team's side, the number 1 tentacle is on the right, near the S-Shaped platform. Further to the right of each team's side is a small pit hazard and a blocked-off area containing the team's number 2 tentacle. To the left of the team's side of the center is their number 2 wall, and beyond it a small enclosed area. This area contains the team's number 3 tentacle and can be reached by following the left walkway from the team's spawn. The number 2 wall is flanked by a raised platform with Sponges at each end, allowing friendly team members to go around the wall without opening it.

The background of this layout features drinking jars with straws filled with a clear liquid. The background also has fireworks going off, some of them in the shape of the S2 Icon Inkling Squid Green.png squid and S2 font - octopus glyph.svg octopus icons from the game can be seen in the sky, colored to match the teams currently playing.


Players can splat their enemy team's corresponding numbered tentacles (denoted by the Inkling language numbers 1, 2 and 3). Doing so will lower a barrier with the same number, giving access to other areas, displaying a message and playing the "objective captured" / "objective lost" sound effect from Ranked Battle. Each tentacle is connected to a certain barrier and they do not heal damage or regenerate once splatted. There is a lighted path on the floor leading from each tentacle to the gate it opens, and once the tentacle is splatted, the lights turn off as the gate opens.

The tentacles do not need to be splatted in any particular order, as number 2 is accessible from the start, and number 3, while hidden behind the number 2 gate, can still be accessed using long-ranged weapons and ones that provide more mobility, such as S2 Weapon Special Inkjet.png Inkjet or S2 Weapon Special Sting Ray.png Sting Ray; or by standing on a Sponge and having it be expanded by an enemy team member.

The first tentacle will suffer 600 damage before being splatted, the second 3000, and the third 2000. Certain weapons do more damage to the tentacles, with the game applying the same damage multipliers as when attacking tentacles in Octo Expansion boss fights. The tentacles are unaffected by S2 Ability Object Shredder.png Object Shredder. No additional damage will be dealt.

Gate Opened English message Japanese message Dutch message NOA French message NOE French message
Ours We opened gate #! 第◯ゲートがひらく!
Dai ___ gēto ga hiraku!
(Opened gate #!)
Poort # gaat open!
(Gate # goes open!)
On a ouvert la porte #! (We opened gate #!)
Theirs They opened gate #! 第◯ゲートがひらかれる!
Dai ___ gēto ga hirakareru!
(Gate # has been opened!)
Ze openen poort #!
(They open gate #!)
Ils ont ouvert la porte #! (They opened gate #!)
Gate Opened German message Italian message Russian message NOA Spanish message NOE Spanish message
Ours Tor # öffnet sich! ¡Abrimos la puerta #!
(We opened gate #!)
¡Se abre el portal número #!
(Gate number # is opened!)
Theirs Gegner öffnet Tor #! ¡El rival abrió la puerta #!
(The rival opened gate #!)
¡Portal número # abierto!
(Gate number # opened!)

Total BP: 2,593


Layout 13: "NuriSwitch"


This layout's main mechanic revolves around Splat-Switches. There are 2 switches on each team's side which begin in the enemy's color, and one in the center which begins in a neutral state. The two switches in each team's side control a gate, moving it to a closed position when in the defending team's color, and the central switch controls two platforms in the central area - when it is inked, the platform closer to the owner's color will rise from ground level, making it inaccessible since its walls are uninkable.

Each team's spawn point is on a raised platform with a small walkway leading forward. To the right are two lower-leveled areas with staircases leading between them. The lowest of these two levels is split by a wall. The first Splat-Switch is in front of this wall, and the gate it controls is in its middle. Ahead of these two areas is a longer wall separating them from the center of the stage. The second Splat-Switch is on top of this wall, and the gate it controls is adjacent to it (so that when the gate opens it hides the Splat-Switch from the center). To the left is some grating leading to the center from a different angle. The center area is a large, flat, open area, with the central Splat-Switch in its epicenter, with small boxes usable for cover on either side. On each team's right side is a Sponge Block. On the left side is the rising platform, with another small box on top. When the moving platform is raised, it is leveled with the wall on the closer side, allowing players on it to access the base even without opening the gate.
Total BP: 2,360p


Layout 14: "Trampoline"


Players spawn on either end of the stage, on raised platforms that lead down to sequentially lower platforms with boxes and a bumper. This areas can be accessed by falling through grates, jumping on bounce pads or falling from one raised platform to a lower one. In the center, is a raised platform with boxes in the middle that can only be accessed by jumping on the bounce pads from each side, and grate bridges from the sides of the center. The bounce pads are placed above pit hazards, providing access to higher areas at the risk of falling off the stage.
Total BP: 1,783p


Layout 15: "RideRail"


This layout contains Ride rails that lead to the middle which is the only way to get to the center.
Total BP: 2,188p


Layout 16: "Kanketu"


This layout contains Gushers.
Total BP: 2,297p


Layout 17: "Dash"


This layout contains Dash tracks.
Total BP: 2,327p


Layout 18: "Dozer"

Map - The inked areas show the paths of the Flooders

This layout contains Flooders.
Total BP: 2,254p


Layout 19: "Quick"


This layout contains Sponge Blocks and six "Free Splat Zones"
These zones operate like Splat Zones in that inking a certain percentage of them causes the entire zone to be filled with the team's ink
Total BP: 2,583p



  • Marina claims to have helped make the stage herself, which is shown by her symbol appearing on the stage image.
  • The stage seems to be set somewhere in one of Octo Canyon's domes or Deepsea Metro, as can be deduced by the decorations scattered throughout the stage types as well as the floating objects in the background.
  • Not all Shifty Stations actually shift. Layouts 3, 7, 9, 14 and 15 are static, and 10, 11, 12 and 13 only move when interacted with.
  • Layout 3 has been used for the most Splatfests, with a grand total of 5.
  • The internal code name for this stage in the game files is "Deli".
  • Layout 12, along with two future layouts featuring Ride Rails and Bounce Pads, were found in the game's data after the release of 3.2.0. This was the only complete layout that also had the stage model present. [1][2]
    • The same data miners later published a complete list of the Shifty Station layout code names (as of 3.2.2):
Layout File name Codename Used in Explanation
1 Deli02 Push S2 Splatfest Icon Mayo.pngxS2 Splatfest Icon Ketchup.png The moving platforms push players around
2 Deli01 SlideLift S2 Splatfest Icon Flight.pngxS2 Splatfest Icon Invisibility.png
S2 Splatfest Icon With Lemon.pngxS2 Splatfest Icon Without Lemon.png
The moving platforms serve as lifts (elevators)
Deli01_02 SlideLift_2 S2 Splatfest Icon Raph.pngxS2 Splatfest Icon Leo.png
Deli51 SlideLift_2 -
3 Deli03 Sponge S2 Splatfest Icon Fries.pngxS2 Splatfest Icon McNuggets.png
S2 Splatfest Icon Front Roll.pngxS2 Splatfest Icon Back Roll.png
S2 Splatfest Icon Sci-Fi.pngxS2 Splatfest Icon Fantasy.png
Sponge Blocks
Deli03_02 Sponge_2 S2 Splatfest Icon Mikey.pngxS2 Splatfest Icon Donnie.png
S2 Splatfest Icon Hello Kitty.pngxS2 Splatfest Icon Cinnamoroll.png
4 Deli00 Windmill S2 Splatfest Icon Vampire.pngxS2 Splatfest Icon Werewolf.png
S2 Splatfest Icon Agility.pngxS2 Splatfest Icon Endurance.png
S2 Splatfest Icon Warm.pngxS2 Splatfest Icon Cold.png
The rotating platforms resemble windmills
Deli00_02 Windmill_2 S2 Splatfest Icon My Melody.pngxS2 Splatfest Icon Pompompurin.png
5 Deli07 NuriNuriBar S2 Splatfest Icon Warm Inner Wear.pngxS2 Splatfest Icon Warm Outer Wear.png
S2 Splatfest Icon Film.pngxS2 Splatfest Icon Book.png
S2 Splatfest Icon Sweater.pngxS2 Splatfest Icon Sock.png
"Nuri Nuri Bar" is the Japanese name for Spreaders
6 Deli06 Transparent S2 Splatfest Icon Action.pngxS2 Splatfest Icon Comedy.png Invisible platforms
7 Deli05 Canon(sic) S2 Splatfest Icon Champion.pngxS2 Splatfest Icon Challenger.png
S2 Splatfest Icon Gherk-OUT.pngxS2 Splatfest Icon Gherk-IN.png
S2 Splatfest Icon Money.pngxS2 Splatfest Icon Love.png
Ink Cannons
8 Deli10 Kakutei S2 Splatfest Icon Flower.pngxS2 Splatfest Icon Dumpling.png
S2 Splatfest Icon Chicken.pngxS2 Splatfest Icon Egg.png
From 隔艇, "sealed area, bulkhead" in Japanese
9 Deli08 Hikiyose S2 Splatfest Icon Latest Model.pngxS2 Splatfest Icon Popular Model.png
S2 Splatfest Icon Baseball.pngxS2 Splatfest Icon Soccer.png
S2 Splatfest Icon Salty.pngxS2 Splatfest Icon Sweet.png
"Hikiyose Point" is the Japanese name for Grapplinks
10 Deli09 Denden S2 Splatfest Icon Unknown Creature.pngxS2 Splatfest Icon Advanced Technology.png
S2 Splatfest Icon Pulp.pngxS2 Splatfest Icon No-Pulp.png
"Denden Switch" is the Japanese name for Ink Switches
11 Deli11 Scale S2 Splatfest Icon Raph.pngxS2 Splatfest Icon Donnie.png
S2 Splatfest Icon Hello Kitty.pngxS2 Splatfest Icon My Melody.png
The stage is a set of giant scales
12 Deli13 Takoashi S2 Splatfest Icon Squid.pngxS2 Splatfest Icon Octopus.png From 蛸足, "(Octopus) tentacle" in Japanese
13 Deli12 Nuri Switch S2 Splatfest Icon Mushroom Mountain.pngxS2 Splatfest Icon Bamboo Shoot Village.png
S2 Splatfest Icon Adventure.pngxS2 Splatfest Icon Relax.png
S2 Splatfest Icon Fork.pngxS2 Splatfest Icon Spoon.png
"Nuri Switch" is the Japanese name for Splat Switches
14 Deli14 Trampoline S2 Splatfest Icon Retro.pngxS2 Splatfest Icon Modern.png
S2 Splatfest Icon Tsubuan.pngxS2 Splatfest Icon Koshian.png
This layout contains Bounce Pads, called "Trampolines" in Japanese
15 Deli15 RideRail S2 Splatfest Icon Trick.pngxS2 Splatfest Icon Treat.png This layout contains Ride rails
16 Deli16 Kanketu S2 Splatfest Icon Pocky Chocolate.pngxS2 Splatfest Icon Pocky Gokuboso.png
S2 Splatfest Icon Salsa.pngxS2 Splatfest Icon Guac.png
S2 Splatfest Icon Eat It.pngxS2 Splatfest Icon Save It.png
This layout contains Gushers, called "Kanketsuen"* in Japanese
17 Deli17 Dash[3] S2 Splatfest Icon Hero.pngxS2 Splatfest Icon Villain.png This layout contains dash tracks, called "Dash pads" in Japanese
18 Deli18 Dozer[3] S2 Splatfest Icon Fam.pngxS2 Splatfest Icon Friend.png This layout contains Flooders, called "Octo dozers" in Japanese.
19 Deli19 Quick[3] S2 Splatfest Icon Boke.pngxS2 Splatfest Icon Tsukkomi.png
S2 Splatfest Icon Pancake.pngxS2 Splatfest Icon Waffle.png
This layout will contain Sponge Blocks and six "Free Splat Zones"
These zones operate like Splat Zones in that inking a certain percentage of them causes the entire zone to be filled with the user's ink[4]
(future) Deli04 Box - Unknown
(future) Deli20 DeliNuri[3] - This layout will contain four small and one large Splat Switches, called "Nuri Switches" in Japanese, which control ten moving Spreaders[5][6]
(future) Deli21 Painting[3] - Up until version 4.4.0, this layout appeared to be a testing map which is modified from the data for Kelp Dome[7]
In version 4.4.0, this was changed to a completely new layout with a single Ink Switch controlling 14 moving platforms[8]
  • Layout 14 didn't have the ambient sound playing in the background that can be heard in the other Shifty Station layouts in Recon mode.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
FlagJapan.svg Japanese ミステリーゾーン
misuterī zōn
Mystery Zone
FlagNetherlands.svg Dutch Wisselwereld Change world
FlagFrance.svg French (NOE) Plateforme polymorphe Polymorphing platform
FlagGermany.svg German Wandelzone Changer zone
FlagItaly.svg Italian Zona mista Mixed zone
FlagRussia.svg Russian Транстанция
FlagSpain.svg Spanish Área mutante Mutating area


Locations in Splatoon 2