Cephalon HQ

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Cephalon HQ

Cephalon HQ is the fifth and final sector of Octo Canyon of Splatoon 2. The area holds 6 kettles and one boss kettle. It is an area of floating islands above a lake of Octarian ink. The only way to reach around the section is through moving platforms lit in blue, pink, yellow, and green. There is a large hole in the area that leads to Bomb Rush Blush, the final boss mission. However, the boss kettle is the only way to enter the mission. Jumping in the hole will cause the same effect as jumping into water.

Because of the very sparse ground and ease of falling to one's death, checkpoints are present in this sector of Octo Canyon.


  • Mission #22: Underground Expressway
    • Location: From the section's starting point take the blue-lit moving platform and jump off on an invisible platform that's surrounded by four pillars with pointy ends. From there the player has to navigate a series of invisible platforms, where the kettle resides at the end of the path.
Kettle location
  • Mission #23: The Octogalaxy
    • Location: From the section's starting point take the blue-lit moving platform and get off at the first blue light pole. Go through the grate and use all the Inkfurlers to reach the top of the raised platform. Once on top, two rotating cubes can be seen. The kettle is on one of the sides of the farther placed cube. Wait for the cube to rotate until the side the kettle resides in appears on top.
Kettle location
  • Mission #24: Transfer Junction
    • Location: From the section's starting point take the pink-lit moving platform and get off at the first pink light pole. Use the propeller to line up the platform's Dash track with the platform lying in front of it. When arriving on this moving platform, the player should wait until this Dash track is aligned with the one standing by itself. From there the kettle is found above and in front of the rotating cube.
Kettle location
  • Mission #25: Platform Madhouse
    • Location: From the section's starting point take the yellow-lit moving platform and get off at the first yellow light pole. Take the green-lit moving platform and get off at the first green light pole, where there is a checkpoint and Ink Switch. Get on the thin moving platform to face the other opposite side of the walls, and use the Ink Switch to be able to reach the inkable and climbable part of the wall. One of the walls can be climbed to reach a Ride rail that leads to the kettle.
Kettle location
  • Mission #26: Paradise Lanes
    • Location: From the section's starting point take either the yellow-lit or blue-lit moving platform and get off at the point that has both a yellow and blue light pole. From there activate all the Splat-Switches and navigate to the top of the moving platform, where the kettle can be accessed by activating the last switch.
Kettle location
  • Mission #27: Octoling Workout
    • Location: From the section's starting point take the pink-lit moving platform and get off at the second pink light pole. Use the propeller while dodging the Ink Piston and get on the next platform. There are some Bounce Pads that lead to the kettle which resides on a moving platform. Time the jump from the Bounce Pads with the platform's movement to land on it.
Kettle location
  • Mission 5B: Bomb Rush Blush
    • Location: After completing all of Sector 5's available missions, a giant circular platform will appear. From the section's starting point take the blue-lit moving platform to get across to the new platform, where the final boss kettle resides.



Go to the checkpoint that has both the yellow and green light pole. There is an invisible platform at the bottom of the broad side that has the green lightpole. Jump down there and destroy the orange crate that holds the Sardinium.

Sardinium location

Sunken Scroll

The sticker awarded for popping the balloons.

There is a green balloon circling around the tentacle rock structure at holds Mission 25. Ride the yellow-lit moving platform and pop the balloon, where the next set of green balloons appear along the path of the moving platform. The second ballon at the checkpoint with a yellow and green-lit light pole. The third is a set of two balloons near the next checkpoint, and the fourth is also a pair around the starting point of the section. The fifth balloon appears across the other side of the starting point and contains the Sunken Scroll, which ends up landing on an invisible platform. To get to it take the pink-lit moving platform and get off near the end of its path, where there is another invisible platform. Get on it and jump to the platform that has the Sunken Scroll.

Crust Bucket Ticket

Near the location of mission 27, the Ticket is in a crate on top of the forth Ink Piston pillar.


Netherlands Dutch

Marie's Quotes

For the general quotes, see Tentakeel Outpost.

"Je zorgt toch wel dat je voldoende eet, agent 4?"
(Surely you take care to eat enough, Agent 4?)
"Pannenkoeken of poffertjes? Wat zou jij kiezen, agent 4?"
(Pancakes or puffed pancakes? Which one would you choose, Agent 4?)
"Ik geloof dat ik een vleugje van Callies geur rook... Of misschien toch niet."
(I believe I smelled a whiff of Callie's scent... Or maybe not.)
"Agent 4... Als de strijd voorbij is, moet je echt eens naar een van onze concerten komen..."
(Agent 4... When the battle is over, you really should come to one of our concerts...)
"De Megavoltvis moet vlakbij zijn... denk ik."
(The Great Zapfish should be very near... I think.)
"Wat een aparte kleur... Is het water?"
(What an unusual color... Is it water?)
"Wat zijn de Octarianen hier eigenlijk aan het bouwen?"
(What are the Octarians actually building here?)
"Het is geen... vliegtuig, maar wat is het dan wel?"
(It isn't an... airplane, but then what is it?)
"Eens zien... De Tentakelthuisbasis. Joh, ik begin het ontcijferen van die Octariaanse krabbels al aardig onder de knie te krijgen!"
(Let's see... The Cephalon HQ. Boy, I already beginning to get the hang of deciphering those Octarian scribbles!)
"(Bah... Ik kan niet wachten tot ik van deze stank verlost ben...)"
((Bah... I can't wait until I am freed from this stench...))
"(Dat vieze water hier stroomt toch niet helemaal naar het Inkopolisplein, of wel?)"
((That dirty water here doesn't flow all the way to the Inkopolis Square, or does it?))
"(Ik hoop dat Callie gauw terugkomt...)"
((I hope that Callie returns soon...))

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese トーブ中枢司令部
Tōbu Chūsū Shireibu
Tove Central Command
Netherlands Dutch Tentakelthuisbasis Tentacle Home Base
Canada French (NOA) Céphalo QG Cephalo HQ
France French (NOE) Céphalo-QG Cephalo-HQ
Germany German Cephalopod-HQ Cephalopod HQ
Italy Italian Cephalon HQ -
Russia Russian Цефалон HQ
Tsefalon HQ
Cephalon HQ
SpainMexico Spanish Cuartel Céfalon Cephalon Headquarters

Translation notes

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