Inkopolis Tower

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Inkopolis Tower base.jpg

Inkopolis Tower is a large tower in Inkopolis where players can access the Battle Lobby and play in online matches.


Inkopolis Tower is a large, green tower in Plaza based on the real-life Tokyo Tower. Located next to Booyah Base and behind where Judd stays, Inkopolis Tower is the largest and most well-known landmark in the plaza. It takes on a large, curved A shape with four legs leading into a wide base, which narrows as the height increases. It is supported by a pattern of triangular beams, and is decorated with a large icon that is used in both the SquidForce logo and the Turf War symbol. Resting on top of the tower is a wide, cylindrical observation deck surrounded by satellite dishes of various sizes. Multiple jellyfish can be seen operating controls from inside the deck, although their function is unknown.

Under the tower is the Battle Lobby, a cylindrical room where Inklings can access online multiplayer modes such as Turf War and Ranked Battle. The Battle Lobby is sealed by a sliding door, surrounded by wide screens showing depictions of each stage. Two large speakers also rest in front of the tower, providing musical ambiance for the plaza.

Before the Octarians stole the Great Zapfish, it curled around the tower, providing energy for Inkopolis. However, even after it was stolen, Inkopolis was able to retain most of its electricity supply and function normally. Once Agent 3 rescued the Great Zapfish and returned it to Inkopolis Plaza, it could once again be seen resting on the tower. Inkopolis Tower appears is the Callie vs Marie promo artwork.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
FlagJapan.svg Japanese イカスツリー
Ikasu Tsurī
Cool Tree (a reference to the Tokyo Skytree, and a play on ika, 'squid')
イカス ikasu is the reverse of the スカイ sky in "Skytree".
FlagGermany.svg German Tintenturm Ink-tower
FlagItaly.svg Italian Torre di Coloropoli Coloropoli (Inkopolis) Tower
FlagSpain.svg Spanish (NOE) Torre de Cromópolis Inkopolis Tower