Hagglefish Market

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Hagglefish Market

Hagglefish Market

Introduced Launch
Total area 2621p
Features Inkrail, Sponge

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Hagglefish Market is a multiplayer stage in Splatoon 3. It takes place on a busy pier with jellyfish vendors selling many types of seafood and goods.




  • There are several stacks of cardboard boxes on the stage, which will scatter when hit by players.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ヤガラ市場
yagara ichiba
Cornetfish Market
Netherlands Dutch Boter-bij-de-vismarkt Immediate payment market[a]
France French (NOE) Marché Grefin Grefin Market, from aiglefin (haddock)
Germany German Schnapperchen-Basar Snapper Bazaar[b]
Italy Italian Mercato Fruttato Fruity Market
Russia Russian Рынок «Свисторыб»
Rynok «Svistoryb»
Market «Whistlefish»
Spain Spanish (NOE) Mercado Lenguado Solefish Market
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 煙管魚市場
Yān guǎn yú shì chǎng (Mandarin)
Smoke Pipe Fish Market
South Korea Korean 대치 시장
Daechi sijang
Cornetfish Market
Portugal Portuguese Hagglefish Market Same as English


  1. From boter bij de vis (literally, "butter with the fish") meaning immediate payment at the moment of sale, and markt ("market").
  2. Schnapperchen is a fusion of Schnäppchen (bargain) and the fish Schnapper ("snapper").